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My Journey as a Writer

I didn't start out loving to write . In fact in grade school I grew to loathe writing assignments , becuase I had a huge lack of experince in writing , and I found it was much more easy for me to talk , and talk about things I was interested in, than to write 2 pages or more on some subject that I was just introduced to and couldn't care less about .

So I'd find ways to try to plod my way through my assignments . Then in high school , one of my friends was moving out of town , and she left me her email address before she left .

So I'd use my lunch periods to go to the library , get online and email her back and forth since at home we didn't have a computer at the time .

Eventually the gaps between the times my friend and I would talk be would wind up being so vast I would wind up having alot to say to her , so I'd discover I could write more and more , and it would be effortless and I wouldn't have to rack my brains to do it .

Now as it has been said , to become a good writer you must read with a voracious hunger to see how it is done . So I began checking out books from the school library , biographies of William Shatner and George Takei , Star Trek : Federation , the novelizations of numerous episodes and movies of Star Trek , and some books called something like "the Best of Star Trek" that had all kinds of interesting short stories about different ways fans would express their love of star trek .

Well eventually I wound up dropping out and getting my GED simply because I couldn't get my brain to comprehend Algebra no matter how hard I tried .

So that was about the time that my parents and I just weren’t getting along at all and reading and writing wasn’t really on my priority lists of things to do . So I stopped and just tried earning a living and tried living away from home for a time .

Eventually , I wound up losing my job and had to move back home .

So after a time I began walking around the city streets in the middle of the night just to try to quell my restless spirit by allowing my legs and mind to roam . Evnetually during these escapades I’d wind up in places like Denny’s or Ihop and I’d get a cup of coffee and hang out there while I got my second wind .

Also , with the brillance of my mind at the time I’d go inside 24 hour stores and wander around , and began doing this a lot , and eventually started shoplifting things . Nothing that could be resold for a profit on the black market , but stupid things like magazines , candy , DVDs, CDs and the like .

Well the more I did it the more complacent I got , and that made me care less and eventually I wound up getting caught by store security at a Kroger’s Grocery Store . I stuffed a Maxim and FHM mag down my pants and tried walking out with them and one of their undercover security gaurds caught me and they took me into the back office , took my photo , banned me from the store and called the cops . The police wrote me a ticket since it was my first offense (like a class C misdomeanor) and I wound up having to do like 13 days community service or something like that .

But some how the line of communication got crossed and I wound up with a warrant and and to spend time in lock up because I missed a day or two of community service .

So I spent 11 days behind bars with felons and hard timers down town.

The day of my trail arrived and my cout appointed attorney showed up and told me

“When you go before the judge plead “No contest” and you’ll be out by this evening .”

So that sounded great to me , because I hated life on the inside , so the time of the trail came that that’s what I plead , the judge gave me time served and I was released later on in the day .

What my court appointed atterny failed to mention was this , No contest is basically the same thing as pleading guilty .

So anytime after that any time I’d apply for a job , I’d never get a call back , because jobs don’t hire thieves .

So I was back living at home and unable to work .

And like I said my parents and I don’t always get along . Well there was one night my father and I were having words with each other and he was standing in my way , I asked him to move and he didn’t , so I pushed him out of my way with my left hadn which is my weak hand .

So my dad got pissed and told my mom to call the law to get me out of there for the night .

Well , here’s the thing my Dad was older than 60 at the time and the law sees my young self pushing a 60 year old man as injury to the eldery , which is a 3rd degree felonly .

So suddenly I find my self back at the dowtown jail with the spectere of a prison sentence constantly hanging over my head .

Well each day dragged by , days turned into weeks , and weeks into months , and still no word on a court date being set , my Dad would visit me each and every Sunday .

The only entertainment options when locked up are whats on tv which 9 time out of 10 would either be the cable channel BET which plays hip-hop videos all the time , which is great if you’re a fan of hip hop , but I can’t stand it . Or playing poker , spades , chess or whatever other games , and I soon discovered that I sucked at all of those games .

The other options were going out into the gym and shooting and under deflated basketball into a bent netless hoop . I became alright , but it just wasn’t what really spoke to me .

But I soon discovered , in my search for something to keep me from tearing the thick latex paint off the walls , that once each week trustees from the library would come down with a cart of book and put out about 50 or 60 books out on a windowsill looking into the gym for us .

So I’d always go and look for any Star Trek , and of course I’d never find any .

But I’d find books by Stephen King , I also read the LOTR trillogy , the Slience of the Lambs series .

I found that I really enjoyed reading and it was a great escape from my reality I was living behind bars .

Well eventually I found out that my Dad called the prosecuting attorney , and told her that he only wanted me out for the night and didn’t expect it to snowball into what it became and with his talk to her , the state dropped their case against me and I was released back into the free world .

So I came back home , and quit walking around in the middle of the night and getting myself into trouble .

Well a few years later we moved out of an aprtment complex in a bad neighboorhood after I heard 8 shoots from a sawed off shot gun out side my bedroom window and not 5 minutes later some one kicked open our front door and it wasn’t the cops , but some guy .

So we went looking through classifieds and kept our eyes peeled for other places to live elsewhere .

We eventually found a place , and my Dad and I rented a Uhaul Truck over a summer weekend and we got our stuff up from there and into the new apartment .

After about 6 months I decided to quit smoking because the state was going up on taxes for smokes a dollar a pack .

My dad soon after I quit smoking , took me to the pawn shop on a mission after finding a computer , partly as a reward and also partly as way to reconnect with my sister in law who we had lost contact with after her and my brother’s estrangement .

So I knew of myspace from some of my RL friends so I went and found it online and decided to create an account , this one . I was looking to maybe get lucky and be able to talk with celebrities from Star Trek , which I soon found wasn’t very likely , and to maybe find a girlfriend .

Along the way I began getting friend requests from Rpers of the Star Trek realm . The more I added the more I read their work the more I wanted to be a part of it but I had no idea how to get involved or how to start . So I began just trying small RPs with some Rpers until I started becoming comfortable with it .

Then , I decided it was time to create my character and Kor’Tar was born from that .

After a while I noticed something . Here I was writing , something I loathed doing when I was a child , but instead of moaning and groaning about it , I was relishing it . I’m still nowhere near as skilled as I’d like to be as a writer , but I am going to keep on doing it , because I can only improve with practice .

Other folks are blessed with skills that I wasn't such as athletics , I enjoy watching sports , but I am useless when I rty to play them . Some folks are blessed with musical talent , and I love music , but I can't play anything or sing to save my life .

I've found that I can write though . I've found that is what I enjoy doing . I can draw , though I am way out of practice with it . The only way a person will get good at what they enjoy doing is to take any freetime they might have and practice at their art like it is their second job .

I, being my lazy , procrastinating self , don't write as often as I should , but that comes with being a writer sometimes for me . sometimes everything I can say has been said . Then there are days like to day , when my mind is going 90 to nothing and it feels like i;ve got to get some of it written down before it all escapes me .

So while I continue finding my way as writer enjoy my journey along by my side as I find my way , one blog at a time .

Memories of the Futurecast Volume 8

Hello there once more my band of brothers and sisters . I realized that my previous blog entry , while enjoyable (if I do say so myself) was meant as a Halloween themed entry , and while I think I got it done and executed it well, I uploaded it on Sunday afternoon , and Halloween isn't till Saturday .... Yeah sorry bout that folks . *facepalm*

So , since that was the Halloween adventure of Kor'Tar and his crew I thought I'd post a tasty audio treat for you all .

Wil Wheaton , you know him , you love him , and some folks during the first and second seasons of TNG started "Die , Wesley, Die!" clubs to celebrate their insane hate of a 14 year old actor who was just reading the bad dialog he was given .

Hey, did you know that Mr . Wheaton is now a writer/actor? Yup he sure is ! You can find out more about his books at his blog .

He has been giving audio excerpts from his latest book called Memories of the Future, (and please note , I'd do one of those code things where I highlight the name of the book in blue so you can go to a site which sells it , but I don't know how to and it's listed at the top of WW's blog)

This week's episode he reads an excerpt from TNG's 8th episode called "Justice" .

This episode review works hard to earn it's EXPLICIT tag , so don't listen to this show around the kids unless your read to have "The Talk" with them , ifyouknowwhatimean .

It weighs in at about 28.5 MB if I recall correctly and has a runtime of about 30 minutes .

So enjoy ! Next week if not sooner there will be a new Kor'Tar and Friends blog for your reading pleasure !

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Dark Moon

Category: Writing and Poetry

A small rouge moon drifts , what light hits it , is absorbed causing the moon to be in perpetual state of darkness . On this moon the entity waits . It senses , it feels , a group of beings orbiting a world . Now is his chance , a chance to escape this prison , for a millenia or more since he was cast here , people had forgotten him , cast off the stories about him to myth and ledgend across the cosmos , but they shall learn to either worship and serve him or to perish . He senses the vessel carrying these puny creatures , all concerned with their own dull and plodding lives . He summons the energy and waits for the right time to lash out .

Kor’Tar and Terla made their way to the Kahless trasporter room when the deck beneath their feet lurched and threw them into the bulkhead causing all the lights in the cooridor to darken . Energy which looked like red lightning ran through all the computer consoles before leaving them darkened .

Kor’Tar and Terla impacted the floor , hard . Kor’Tar groped around in the dark for purchase and found the hand rail on the cooridor and lifted Terla and himself up . Kor’Tar opened one of the wall panel storage lockers and pulled out a light, a medkit , a portable power supply, and a magnetic door latch opener .

He turned on the light and shone it around him self and Terla . There was a nasty bump on her ridges forming which was bleeding , Kor’Tar healed it with the dermal regenerator .

“Are you alright ?” he asked .

“I’m fine , what happened?” She asked with a confused look .

“I haven’t a clue , but something has caused a power surge and made ship to lose all power in a matter of seconds , we’ve got to find our way to the Jefferies Tube , then make our way to the Engineering section , maybe we can restore secondary power once we are there .” He said .

As he did the back up power kicked in . Illuminating the cooridor to hlaf of what it had been before .

“Well , looks like the back up generators have kicked in after all , that saves us a trip . Let’s go to the brdge and see if they have any answers .” Kor’Tar said

They walked down the cooridor and they found engineering crewman Stacy Masda working on one of the bio-nueral gel packs .

“Crewman Masada , what happened ?” Kor’Tar asked her .

She put down her hydrospanner and picked up her tricorder and handed it to him .

“A highly disruptive EM field shorted out the ship’s systems , it has nearly fried the gel packs , but I have managed to restore 50 % power to the life support systems . Sensors , weapons , and the warp drive are currently offline though . ,” She reported .

Kor’Tar overlooked the data on the tricorder as he listened to her report and nodded handing it back to her .

“Very good , keep working on it crewman , I’ll head to the bridge and dispatch an engineering team to the affected sections .” He said .

“Aye sir!” she went back to working on the gel pack and the surrounding housing .

Kor’Tar and Terla turned and began heading back to the Turbolift but as they turned the corner they heard Crewman Masada’s voice .

“No , no , get away , back up NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Kor’Tar and Terla raced back to where she had been and found her curled up in the fetal position . Terla checked her for a pulse , there was none . She took a tricorder out from the medkit and scanned Masada , “Kor’Tar , if I read this thing right , she’s …dead !” She said with a bit of shock in voice .

Kor’Tar took the tricorder and read the scan for himself and confirmed the grim news .

“You’ve read it right , we need to take her body to sickbay and allow Dr. Binion to do an autopsy , we need to know what took a healthy 19 year old and killed her . ,” Kor’Tar said while looking down at the fallen crewman .

Doctor Binion reviewed the power level readings on his equipment , they were only at half power .

“Dammit , that’s gonna have to do for now . Where is that damn nurse at anyway? ” he said to no one in particular .

He turned back looking at the biobeds and saw body after body lined up on each bed , covered with a sheet , the biobeds had been empty the last time he checked .

He walked over to the nearest biobed and pulled back the sheet , and saw something he hadn’t expected . It was the mangled body of Ensign Saunders , the first patent he lost be when he was assigned to the hospital ship U.S.S. John Peter Smith during the early days of the Dominion War .

Every day he had to deal with more and more dead or barely living officers , it had a profound effect on him , even his wife said he wasn’t the same and she eventually filed for divorce and took their daughter with her when she moved out . Marcus eventually worked past his demons of the war , but looking at the dead Ensign with his cold dead eyes staring back up to him brought it all back to him again .

He walked over to the other bodies and pulled back the sheets , Lt . Regan , Crewman Xin , Commander Davidson , and Lt. J.G. Shipley . All cases he worked on during the first day on the front lines of the Dominion War .

He stood there with his hand over his mouth agape , when he heard the sickbay doors slide open he turned to see who was there , quickly while reaching for a phaser , he brought it up and aimed it .

Kor’Tar put his hands in the air , “It’s just me Marcus , Kor’Tar .” he said .

Marcus put down the phaser and looked at the biobeds behind him and they were empty once more.

“Sorry sir I’m just a bit jumpy , what can I help you with ?” He said meekly .

Kor’Tar and Terla carried in the body of Crewman Masada and placed it on the main biobed .

“I need you to perform an autopsy , I want to know what killed this young woman .” Kor’Tar said .

“I’ll have the results to you within the hour .” , he said .

“Thank you , Marcus , I’ll be on the bridge , call if you should need anything .” Kor’Tar said with concern for his old friend .

Billy O’Dell hid under the desk in the ready room , clutching the stuffed owl given to him by Nurse Joran so long ago . He faerd the sounds of disruptor fire , and photonic motars exploding around him . He heard they heavy footfalls of Jem-Hadar soilders and he peeked over the desk as he saw officers being slayed right and left by the Jem’Hadar .

He knew it was a flashback but this was one of the most vivid flashbacks he had seen in a long time , most would send him groping for a bottle of spirits to dull the sensations , but this one had him looking for cover and something to defend himself with , and a stuffed owl wasn’t going to do it . He looked around cautiously to make sure no one was watching .

“Sorry Mr. Hooters , I don’t have a choice .” he said to the stuffed bird .

He tore at the stitching in the back of the stuffed owl and reached inside the stuffing and produced a dagger in a sheath , he pulled the dagger out from the sheath and looked at his reflection in the high polsihed metal of the jagged blade .

He heard noises , footfalls coming toward the desk , they had found him he waited for the last possible moment then leaped out from under the desk screaming like a banshee and stabbing at the air like crazy .

Kor’Tar dodged the attack and grabbed Billy’s wrist and instinctively head butted him knocking him out cold . Kor’Tar took the blade and placed it back in it’s sheath .

Terla saw what had happened , “Are you alright?” she asked .

“Yes , I’m fine , but Billy is going to need something for a headache I’m sure . He’s had multiple flashbacks since the Dominion war , but they have never resulted in violence before .” Kor’Tar said looking down at Billy who was now half mumbling and half singing ….

“…searching for my lost shaker of salt , salt , salt . Some my say there’s a woman to blame , but I know , that it’s nobodies fault!”

He got interrupted by the sound of the intercom “Binion to Kor’Tar , come in!”

Kor’Tar hit the keypad on the desk “Kor’Tar here , report Doctor .”

“After examining Crewman Masada and running multiple tests I have determined that she was scared to death . He adrinialine , and muscel tension say that much and her neural activity was off the scale when she died , I think there is something at work here , that feeds off our fears . If you hadn’t come in and interupted me I most likely would have wound up dead . I was being subjected to memories which I thought were long dead and buried . We are all vunerable to these attacks sir . I advise caution , and not to give into fear , because that will only fuel the energy field’s patterns .” , Doctor Binion reported .

“Understood Doctor , Kor’Tar out!” he closed the channel .

Terla looked over at Kor’Tar, “What are going to do ?” she inquired .

Kor’Tar rose with a steely determination and walked out onto the bridge an opened a channel to all decks .

“We have been subjected to as many of you have been able to surmise , an energy field which can reach into your subconsious making you face old memories and terrible fears . It feeds off the engery of terror . If we are to survive this , do not give into your feeling of fear , but instead face what the energy field shows you with a brave face , we will make it through this , of that I have no doubt . Kor’Tar out !” Kor’Tar closed the comm channel and turned to look at Terla , but she was gone as was the bridge replaced by an island of bones on a river of blood with flames burning bright orange all around illuminating the smoke filled sky to a browinish amber hue .

A being , 8 foot tall , with cloven hooves , and bare muscular chest , a wide row of shark like teeth dripping with drool and a ridged forehead with large bony spikes along the edges, approached .

Kor’Tar looked at him and knew who he was right away , “Feklar , Master of Gre-thor . And here all these years I thought the story was a myth produced by clerics to push their own agendas onto the masses .” Kor’Tar said looking up at the snarling beast un-impressed .

“That was my greatest desption of all , convincing the masses I do not exsist so they can do my bidding without question .” Feklar growled .

Kor’Tar stared into the black eyes of the beast , “Well it is obvious to me you exisist , you are standing before me , but I thought Kahless , if I recall the myth correctly defeated you and cast you down to the fires of Gre’thor to stay for all eternity.”

“You recollection of the writings are accurate Kor’Tar, son of B’RoQ , but as all religious tombs do , some very important parts were left out by the authors . You see , I have many names and many faces , Satan , Lucifer , Beelzebub , Roktarin , El nalli , Brodunn , and the list goes on and on . I have presented myself to many cultures throughout the eons , some have worshipped me like a god , and some refused to , to them I caused great torment , as I will your crew now!” He said as flames appeared in his eyes and his hands began to glow red emiting red lightning to the sky causing hot coals to rain down from the clouds . Black and red dragons circled above his tall spikey head

Kor’Tar looked him straight in the eye, unflinching , “You know , Feklar , the reason people stopped believeing and worshipping you is for the simple fact , we don’t need you. We have found that good and evil isn’t as simple as what is written in a book but how each individual handels the day to day tasks .” as Kor’Tar talked the flames began to die down and the river of blood dried up , and the bones of the island turned to dust .

Feklar began shrinking “No , you will worship me , you have no choice for I am your master heed my words or face my wrath!”

Kor’Tar looking at Feklar , “I will not offer you my worship , only pity , for a sad little being that needs such constant validation .”

Feklar shrunk more at this and was shrinking faster still , “I warned you , now face my wrath P’TaQ!” Feklar outstreacthed both of his clawed arms and fired a red electric pulse at Kor’Tar , which kor’Tar rolled out of the way from , pulling his phaser and firing it at him .

“Go…to …HELLL!!!!” he said as the bright orange beam hit Feklar and vaporized him as he screamed his dying breath , “AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

As Feklars body desintergrated the vision of Gre-thor soon melted away , replaced by the reality of the bridge of the Kahless and his lover and crew looking at him .

The power came back on fully , and all the systems responded in fully operational condition .

Lt. Commander Terrell looked at the console in front of her , “All power has been fully restored , sir what happened ?”

Kor’Tar looked wistfully at the viewscreen then at Terla , “I’m not sure , but whatever it was , I doubt we’ll be hearing from it any time soon .”

Kor’Tar heard the sound of the Ready Room doors open and out came Billy rubbing a bump on his forehead , Kor’Tar looked at him and said with a smirk , “Morning glory , you like hell !”

“Ugh , it feels like a helicopter used my face for a landing pad .” He said rubbing the goose egg on his forehead .

“You’d better have Marcus take a look at that . I’ll see you all later , Terla and I need to get back home .”

The moon left orbit of Qo’Nos and was reinfused with it’s cargo . The entity was enraged , but was now trapped once again . It’s energy depleted , his worshippers gone . He waits as the moon makes it’s way through the cosmos once more .

Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)

Category: Writing and Poetry

The sound of the comm signal from Terla’s console in her bedroom awoke Kor’Tar out of a blissful sleep . He carefully took his arm off of Terla’s shoulders , and placed the blanket around her so she wouldn’t chill . Kor’Tar was putting on his uniform pants and shirt when the chime of the comm rang again .

“Grrrowl . I’m coming dammit!!” He said with an annoyed glare at the flashing screen .

Kor’Tar rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat his large frame down in the chair at the desk and activated the screen . Commander O’Dell appeared .

“Commodore Kor’Tar , the Kahless is now in orbit . We are ready to receive the Romulan refugee …..” He trailed off and noticed the look on Kor’Tar’s face , “Uh….I’ve caught you at a bad time , haven’t I?” He said with uncertainty and just a hint of fear .

“It’s quite alright Billy , we’ll signal for you in one hour to beams us aboard . Kor’Tar out!” He said cutting off the screen .

He rubbed his face wearily and turned on the over head lights , illuminating the once darkened quarters . He walked over to Terla and gently shook her shoulder .

“Terla …it’s time to wake up , we need to get ready so we can drop off the Romulan and I can give you a tour of the Kahless .” He said quietly to her as he shook her shoulder .

She rolled over and mumbled something unintelligible , making no apparent moves in getting up .

Kor’Tar was getting frustrated at this then had an idea . He went down to the foot of the bed and grabbed the bottom of the sheet and blanket , he took a deep breath and in one hard tug pulled them both off of Terla’s nude body . She groaned as she woke up and looked around for the blanket and sheet and saw her lover there at the foot of the bed clutching both in his hands with a wicked smirk on his face .

“P’TaQ! Give those back!” she shouted .

Kor’Tar walked over to the closet and pulled on her uniforms out and tossed it to her .

“I have a better idea , get dressed , and we’ll transport the Romulan to the Kahless and I’ll give you a guided tour …..” he walked over to her and held out the uniform to her , “including the Captain’s Quarters if you wish .”

She yanked the uniform from his hands and began putting it on , “Very well , I have never been aboard a Federation vessel before , it should prove to be an interesting diversion .”

She pulled on her boots and clasped her belt and stood from the bed , “I am ready , take me to your starship .” Terla said after giving Kor’Tar a kiss .

“In just a moment .” Kor’Tar pulled out his hand held communicator , “Kor’Tar to the medical center , is Sub-Commander Taurin ready ?”

“Yes , is recovered and in some fresh clothes and is ready for transport .” Doctor Kemra replied .

“Thank you , doctor . Please inform him to standby , Kor’Tar out .” He closed the channel and pulled out his Starfleet comadge from a pocket .

“Kor’Tar to the Kahless , lock on to my signal , the Klingon female to my right and the Romulan who is currently being held at the medical center .”

“Aye sir , I have a lock on all three signals .” Chief Sulu replied .

“Energize.” Kor’Tar commanded .

The annular confinement beam lit up the area around Kor’Tar and Terla and the sound of the hum of transport as they were taken from the surface into the transporter room of the Kahless along side of Taurin .

Commander O’Dell, Dr. Binion, and Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Terrell were there to greet them .

Kor’Tar stepped down off the transporter platform with Terla in hand “Commander Billy O’Dell , Doctor Marcus Binion , Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Terrell allow me to she who is my mate , Terla .” he said proudly .

The Doctor , Commander, and the Lt. slightly bowed , and said in unison, “Ma’am .”

“Taurin , if you’ll go with Doctor Binion he’ll give you a customary exam , then someone will show you to your guest quarters .,” Kor’Tar said to the Romulan who nodded and left with the Doctor .

Commander O’Dell watched as as they left, “Sir , could I talk with you alone for a few moments?”

“Yes , Commander Terrell , take Terla on a tour of the ship , I’ll join you both shortly .,”

The security chief nodded , “Aye sir . This way ma’am .”

They both left as Kor’Tar and Commander O’Dell left for the ready room .

“What’s on your mind Billy?” Kor’Tar asked as he sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk in the ready room .

Billy poured himself a cup of Raktengo, “Would you like a cup?” he asked .

“Sure , I’ll have one .” Kor’Tar replied .

Billy poured one for the Klingon and handed it to him then took a long sip off his .

“Sir , sometimes , I feel uncertain sitting in the captain’s chair . Like there is some big catastrophe just waiting on me to make it happen .” He said looking out the window .

Kor’Tar stood from his chair and joined him in gaze out at Qo’NoS and took a sip of his coffee .

“Billy, you know what makes a starship commander a good one ? It isn’t his hours of training and study , it’s his instinct . And when you feel like you don’t have all the answers , which will happen , a lot . That’s when you ask your subordinates for their opinions , because that is one of the reasons they are there is to help you as their commander find the answers . How have your flashbacks been ?” Kor’Tar asked .

“They still come to me at the worst times , sometimes triggered by a sight , smell , sound , then I’m back there at the outpost while being raided by Jem’Hadar .” , Billy replied looking out the window coldly .

“Billy , I know how you feel about counselors , but Starfleet Medical has treatment programs for officers in your condition . You should at least give it a try .” Kor’Tar said looking at his XO with concern .

“I’ve been thinking of arranging an appointment with John for awhile now , but I’ve been procrastinating .” Billy admitted .

Kor’Tar reached over the desk to the comm panel and hit the button “Kor’Tar to Counselor Styles , when do you have an open spot in your schedule ?”

“I have one now , sir . Why do you ask?” , John responded .

“Good , come into the Ready Room , you patient is waiting .” , Kor’Tar said with a gleam in his eye looking over at billy while he slumped in his chair defeated . “You can thank me later !” Kor’Tar said .

Doctor Binion finished his scan of the Romulan , “You are healthy and the leg has healed fully . Nurse Joran , would you show Taurin to the guest quarters please?”

A slender young Orion female in a uniform two sizes too small slunk her way up to the biobed , licking her green lips .

“Yes Doctor “ she said in a breathy voice as she eyed the Romulan up and down as she took him by his arm into the corridor .

Taurin , had never met with an Orion though he had heard plently of tales of them from various sources over the years , his palms began to sweat and his heart began to pound .

“So….. your an Orion?” , he asked nervously .

“Yes , what of it ?” she inquired breathly licking her lips as they walked and slightly unzipping the collar of her uniform .

“Is it true what they say about Orion females , being able to drive men crazy with their pharomonal output ?” He asked .

“I don’t know , I’ve never noticed . Do you feel an effect of some kind?” D’raako asked leaning up against the wall next to the threshold of Taurin’s assigned quarters while rubbing her neck and clavicle breathing heavily .

Taurin replied by kissing her hard , and she kissed him back as they both intertwined their arms and legs as the door to the guest quarters closed behind them .

Kor’Tar caught up with Terla and Commander Terrell in one of the science labs , “I’ll take over from here Lisa , dismissed . ,” He ordered .

“Aye sir , it was a pleasure meeting you ma’am !”, Lisa said .

“Likewise Commander!” , Terla said in response .

Terrell left as Terla watched her leave , “She is a woman of honor , and she as the rest of the crew also , speaks very highly of you . I have seen much of this ship , engineering , the cargo bays , shuttle bays , the science labs …”

“Ahh , then you have not seen the Holodecks or bridge yet?” Kor’Tar asked .

“No I haven’t , take me to them .” Terla said .

“Right this way , Holodeck 3 is just around the corner .” Kor’Tar said with a smile on his face .

They arrived in front of the large holodeck doors and Kor’Tar hit one of the controls on the arch panel and brought up a program .

The doors opened into a jungle environment with heavy fog with streaks of sunlight breaking through the canopy of trees above . Two Bat’Leths appeared on a rock beside them .

Kor’Tar picked both up and handed one to Terla , they both brought them to the ready as they slowly walked through the overgrown forest .

Kor’Tar heard a rustling over his shoulder and a large humanoid creature in armor with a bone skull with sharp teeth attacked him swinging a large tribal axe at him , korTar blocked the axe with his bat’leth and began fighting with the creature .

Terla was about to help when a second creature came at her with a broadsword .

Kor’Tar struggled against the creature for a minute but found an opening and sliced the creature in two at the torso causing glowing green blood to spill and the two halves to fall and then disappear , leaving only the axe . Kor’Tar picked it up and threw it to Terla , who’s bat’leth had now been split in two by her creature’s attack.

Terla caught it and quickly defeated her foe by slicing it’s head off with the axe . She crouched over the body and howled into the air as she threw it down .

“This is a good program!!” she growled through her teeth .

Kor’Tar finished the tour up on the main bridge , Terla looked over the layout and went directly to the Captain’s chair which was vacant and sat down .

“Such power at your command , I do not see how you keep going insane with all the weaponry you have at your control .,” She said as she rubbed the armrests with her hands.

“It can be a challenge at times .” Kor’Tar said as he heard the doors to the Ready Room open

“OUT!!” Billy screamed at John .

John backed out slowly , “Billy , just put down the stuffed owl and talk to me .”

“You leave Mr . Hooters out of this!!!” he said while covering the ears of the stuffed bird.

Kor’Tar looked over at Billy , “You alright ?”, he asked .

“Yeah , I’m good ….” He pointed an accusatory finger at John , “But he wants me to get rid of Mr. Hooters!”

“There’s no telling what kind of diseases are on that thing , and no telling what kinda germs are on that filthy thing , it is biohazard !” John said .

“You quit talking about Mr. Hooters like that , you’ll hurt his feelings!!” Billy said still covering the Owl’s ears .

“Have you two got a handle on this ?” Kor’Tar asked as Terla chuckled at the display .

“Yes , as long as I can keep Mr . Hooters !” Billy said defiantly .

Kor’Tar sighed and rolled his eyes , “John , It seems to be a good coping mechanism for him and he isn’t harming anyone by doing it . I say let him keep Mr. Hooters .”

Billy replied by sticking his tounge out at John . “Nyaaahhh!” .

Kor’Tar shook Billy’s hand , “We’re heading back down to the surface now , I’ve still got two weeks of leave left , and I’d like to take advantage of them while I still can .”

“Good sir , if you decide to call again we’re going to be in the sector !”

Down is the guest quarters the Romulan woke up sore and satisfied , he hadn’t been prepared for the voracious sexual appitie of the Orion nurse . He quietly tried to ease himself out of the bed without waking her , but he failed as she stirred and her eyes opened .

She jumped on top of him , “Where do you think your going ?” , and she kissed him hard.

He looked up helplessly at the ceiling as he kissed her back thinking “Help me!”

Let the Four Winds Blow

Category: Writing and Poetry

Five hours of surgery , and 2 blood transfusions later , the Klingon surgeon closed up the Romulan who was now resting and took off his gloves , mask and scrubs and walked into the waiting room .

Kor’Tar was standing near the window , looking down to the rooftops of the shorter buildings and across the way to the other high rise buildings of First City . Terla had gone from pacing , to sitting ,to staring out the window with Kor’Tar , and back to sitting once more .

A Klingon officer had handined him a PADD with the files downloaded off the wreckage of the Romulan escape pod , Kor’Tar studied the report carefully and discussed it with Terla , then he continued staring out the window .

Kor’Tar saw the reflection of the surgeon in thw window , and turned to greet him .

“Doctor Kemra , I take it you have news to share?”

Kemra took a deep breath “Yes, but you know I don’t like this Kor’Tar .”

Kor’Tar gave him a stern look , “The Empire employes you for your surgical skills , not your opinions! Report!”

The doctor nodded , “He is stable now , we have used a bone splicer which sample the Romulans DNA and fused the break , and we have used his own muscle tissue to the repair the damge to the muscels and tendons . We cloned two pints of blood and gave him a transfusion , he is now resting comfortably . He is awake but seems to have undergone a lot of emotional toil . Seems to be rather frail and malnourished for a Romulan of his young age .”

“Considering his home planet was destroyed by a super nova only months ago, that’s understandable . Do you think he can answer some questions?” , Kor’Tar asked .

“I imagine so , he seems lucid enough .” The doctor replied .

“Thank you , Doctor . come on Terla , let’s go ask this Romulan some questions .” He said over his shoulder .

She stood and walked with Kor’Tar to the room assigned to the Romulan officer . He was sitting on the hospital bed with a computer wall terminal above his head showing his vital functions . He was clothed in a blue hopital smock and was under a blanket . Eating a small post surgery meal

Kor’Tar looked in on him and knocked on the doorframe , “Hello , I see your doing better . Do you feel up to talking a bit ?” Kor’Tar asked .

The Romulan put his meal on his tray and washed what he was hungrily chewing down with the water provided for him .

“Yes , I imagine you have a few questions for me .” the small scrawny Romulan replied .

“A few yes . From the files we downloaded from your escape pod we have learned that you are Sub-Commander Taurin , of the Valdore Class Warbird Tomalok . You were a husband and father , till Romulus was destroyed 5 months ago . Now what I’d like to know is what happened to your starship , and why it was so deep in Klingon territory ?” Kor’Tar asked while standing at the Taurin’s bedside with his arms crossed .

“Isn’t it obvious? He is a spy!” Terla barked angrily .

Taurin cowered as she spoke .

Kor’Tar glared st Terla , “You will be silent or you will wait outside!” he warned .

“Very well.” She growled as she sat down .

“Please sir , I will answer you questions , but keep her away from me , she hits very hard.” Taurin said with a slight quiver in his voice .

Kor’Tar nodded , “You have my word you are safe . Now the questions .”

Taurin took a deep breath as he fiddled with the plastic spork from his dinner tray , “The Tomalok was once a proud and powerful starship , it fought in many battles during the Dominion War , but with the destruction Romulus and the starbases around the planet . all that is left of the Romulan Empire is smattering of planetary colonies and starships , all of of repair facilities have been out of comission for months . With no repair , or supplies, each ship’s crew has been left to fend for themselves in the cold icy depths . The Tomalok was on a search mission for any natural reasources we could scavenge from passing asteroids and comets . Our deflector field failed , leaving us vunerable to space dust and asteriod impact . Our Commander decided finally to activate the auto destruct program . But the ship was in such poor condition that most of the escape pods launched too late or not at all and were destroyed before escaping the anti-matter explosion . My escape pod managed to escape but was severely damaged , the guadaince systems failed as did the navagation controls , I had no choice but to try to find a place to soft land . My family , my friends , my people are all nothing more than memories now . ” , Taurin said with a mourning voice .

Kor’Tar listened intently to Taurin’s statement and chose his words carefully before he spoke “You know , over a hundred years ago if an enemy alien was captured as you have been , he would have had to under go a session with a Mind Sifter which in most cases would leave the subject severely brain damaged afterwards . As little as 15 years ago if a Romulan escape pod had been descovered , it would have been taken apart and it’s pilot killed . But as someone much wiser than me once said , time changes everything . If you wish , I will contact the Federation and ask if they will offer you asylum . I’d look into the possiblity of a postion within the Klingon Empire , but there are still far too many Warriors with revenge on their minds , and with out an armed escort you’d most likely be killed within a day . So what do you think ?” Kor’Tar asked eyeing the Romulan .

“Given the options , I’d like for you to contact the Federation please .” Taurin said with a nervous glance at Terla .

“I’ll contact them for you shortly , come Terla .” Kor’Tar said as he and Terla left .

Terla waited for the door to the Romulan’s room to finish closing then she stopped Kor’Tar in his tracks by placing a hand on his chest .

“You , trust him and are just going to hand him over to the Federation ?” , She asked .

“It’s better than leaving him here , where his life would be in constant danger , the Federation will be able to offer him and the romulan survivors help the the Klingon Empire is unable , and sometimes , unwilling to do .” , Kor’Tar said .

“Kor’Tar , you are a wise and knowledgeable Warrior , and you are my mate , so I’ll trust your judgement , but I can’t help but feel this nagging sense of dread and hate when I look at this Romulan .,” she said .

“There are many that feel that way Terla , but as Admiral Callahan once taught me , bigotry is fertile ground for the ignorant and violent masses to wage wars based on ideological terms . People can go on and on hating each other for years if they choose to they will only wind up destroying themselves in the end , which we’ve seen many examples of through hisory . We can change what happens , but we have to be willing to try . ,” Kor’Tar looked at Terla as she studied him .

She leaned in and kissed him . “I’m willing to try Kor’Tar .”


Kor’Tar and Terla arrived at Terla’s apartment over looking the Captial . Kor’Tar sat at her computer station in the main living area and opened a subspace signal to the nearest Federation starship while Terla walked into her bedroom to shower and change .

Commander O’Dell who had been left in command of the Kahless appeared on the screen.

“Commodore! You’ve changed your mind and want us to come back and pick you up?” O’Dell said hopefully .

“Hey Billy , no I haven’t decided what I’m going to do just yet , but I need the Kahless to come back , we have a Romulan who is requesting asylum within the Federation .” Kor’Tar said to his XO .

“I’ll have the Kahless there in 8 hours , O’dell out!” The channel closed .

Terla walked out from her bedroom in a gray bathrobe and slippers .

“Eight hours , sounds like enough time to get in round two finally .”, she said as she untied the robe and let it fall to her feet .

She swayed her hips as she walked into the threshold of her bed chamber as she beckoned for Kor’Tar to follow .

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” he said with an armorous smirk as he ran into the bedroom .