Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bring it on Home

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The transporter room dissolved around Kor’Tar in a bright light and was replaced with the surrondings of deep woods at night during a downpour . Qo’noS , unlike Earth which had a weather modicfication network to dissapte approaching storm fronts , allowed the weather to run it’s natural course as nature intended . Kor’Tar always enjoyed that as he relished the rain , now soaking him . He walked up the stone walkway to the threshold of the old estate house , looking up at the old familiar angular building with tall spires with blinking red lights on the antennas on the top .

Kor’Tar keyed the old entry code into the keypad , a code he had known since being a small boy , and heard the beep and and the force field drop . The door slid open and Kor’Tar walked in setting his dufflebag and wet boots in the entryway . The door slid shut behind him . He looked around the seemingly empty living area . He heard noises coming from the kitchen .

“Mother? Is that you ?” Kor’Tar called out .

“Kor’Tar! I’m in the kitchen !” the elder female replied .

Kor’Tar walked in and saw his mother busy preparing a dish , “Is that…?”

“It is son, Rokeg Blood pie !” She interupted him .

Kor’Tar ‘s mouth watered , it had been ages since he had any home cooking .

“Mother, that is my favorite dish! The replicators have never quite done it justice .” Kor’Tar said looking over her shoulder as he grabed some of the native roots and began to peel and slice them .

“That’s because all replicators use recycled protien strands , instead of fresh ingredants .” Vemka said with a smile . She handed him a pot of water “Here , put this on to boil on the stove would you? “

Kor’Tar nodded and turned on one of the front heating units and place the pot of water .

Kor’Tar looked at the amount of ingredants and it seemed more than what was necessary for a dinner between him and her . “Are we expecting company ?” he inquired .

“I contacted your sister R’yal and your Uncle Korak and told them you were to be in town for the next few weeks . They are eager to see you again after all these years of being apart from each other , I thought it might do everyone some good see each other again .” , she said as she began adding the vegetables to the boiling water .

Kor’Tar began boiling the meat of a Rokeg to extract the copous amounts of blood contained inside . “That’s good, I’d like to see them both again .” He said .

Vemka stirred the boiling vegetables and finally had to address what had been on her mind since Admiral Callahan had contacted her by subspace .

“So …” she started unevenly , “…I hear you have taken the death of your mate Melota quite hard . So hard that you have been drinking too much blood wine and shirking your responsiblities to your subordinates ?”

Kor’Tar stared into the pot of Rokeg blood and saw his own haggard reflection in it and was silent for a long time . “That’s correct.” He finally said lowly .

Vemka turned the heat on the vegetables down to a simmer turned Kor’Tar around to face her . She took her son’s face in her hands and stared into his eyes , the eyes that were once happy and full of life were now as cold and distant as they were so many years before .

“Kor’Tar , you do realize that Melota did her sowrn duty to protect the Empire , knowing full well that that death was a possiblity . She died in honorable combat and is now in Sto Vo Kor with the honored dead , and I know that her death is as hard for you since the death of your father so long ago , but they both did their duty to the Empire . You have been around the Earthers for too long , you are allowing sorrow to overtake you . Instead of being in a constant unending cycle of sadness over her death and drowning your sorrows in the bottle , you should instead remember how she lived and the good times you had with her .” She took one more long look at him , “ You know you look just like your Father before he left the homeworld?” Vemka let go of her son’s face and saw his eyes search his memory of times he shared with his mate , as a small smile appeard on his mouth .

“Your right of course mother, Melota was a great Warrioress and died the death of a Warrioress, she will be remembered with honor .” Kor’Tar said finally in acceptance of what had happened .

“How do you think she would react seeing you drinking night and day and not fullfilling your responsiblilites ?” Vemka asked him .

Kor’Tar chuckled , “She’d most likely deck me and spit upon me telling me to quit whineing and snivvling like a Ferengi !”

“Melota was a woman of honor !” Vemka said with a laugh .

“So have you decided what your going to do ? Are you going to stay in Starfleet or retire your commission ?” Vemka asked as she combined the vegetablea and the Rokeg blood .

“I haven’t decided yet , I have spent many years in Starfleet , built a carreer for myself , but something always seems to be lacking . Something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it .” He said searching for an answer .

“If I were to guess I’d say your hearing the cry of the warrior , it has been known to pound in the ears and make the hair on a warrior’s neck stand on end , it is a powerful instinct .” Vemak said in reply .

The door at thr front of the house opened , it was R’yal and Uncle Korak . Kor’Tar and Vemka went into the living area to geet them . Kor’Tar hugged his sister tightly , and locked fists with his unlce and butted heads with aged Warrior .

“Kor’Tar! It’s good to see you again ! Something smells good !” , Korak said loud and bousterously as he headed into the kitchen with Vemka .

R’yal watched him walk out from the living room . “Brother , I heard about Melota , I am sorry for your loss , I know she meant much to you , as she did me .”

Kor’Tar gave her a confused look then it dawned on him , R’yal and Melota had been roomates at Klingon Warrior Academy , sometimes he thought that they knew more about each other than Kor’Tar knew about Melota .

R’yal looked around leaned in close to Kor’Tar’s ear so only he would hear her , “You should come down to the landing pad later , there is a member of my crew I’d like to introduce you to . She has no mate and comes from a well respected house .” Kor’Tar gave her a sideways glance , “Tomorrow perhaps , right now , I just want to eat dinner and sleep .” , Kor’Tar said wearily .

“As you wish brother , come on , I think dinner is now ready .” they both walked into the dining area where Korak was already sitting down at the table and Vemka was serving up the Rokeg blood pie .

They all enjoyed their dinner together and stayed up well into the night talking about memories, past battles , glory and honor , while drinking copius amounts of blood wine while the thunder rumbled and crashed from the rainstorm they were in the middle of .

Soon they realized that dawn was breaking so everyone staggered off to their respective rooms .

Kor’Tar layed down in his old bed and instantly passed out sleeping hard . R’yal checked in on him to make sure he was asleep and she headed off to her old room which was across the hall and sent a silent message to her ship’s gunner , Terla saying … “Come by later on today in the late afternoon, suggest a targ hunt with him, alone .”

She hit send on the message terminal and smiled at herself then turned the unit off and drifted off to sleep in her old bed , smiling at the plan she had for her younger brother .

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