Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Changing of the Gaurd

Kor'Tar made his way down the cluttered coridoors of the Kahless with a small package in hand . Walking around the repair teams and their equipment , Teydroc said his repair team needed 3 weeks at least to get the Kahless back in 100% operating conditions . Kor'Tar reaches the doors of his former first officer , T'Ruk and presses the door chime .

"Enter," came a reply from inside . Kor'Tar walks inside and notices T'Ruk kneeling in front of a lit candle and wearing her meditation robes , "Ahh, I see your busy , I'll come back in a little bit ." Kor'Tar said feeling as if he was intruding . T'Ruk snuffed the flame on the candle and allowed the wax to dry . "Actually I was just finishing up and was about to come and see you before I leave for the Memphis , as you can see I've packed everything except for my robes , candle , and IDIC wall hanging . " T'Ruk said in her cool logical way .

Kor'Tar looks around the quarters and notices how very spartan they appear even for her . "So I see. ," Kor'Tar pauses as if searching for the right words , "T'Ruk 2 years ago , when I was looking to fill postions for my crew , I knew I'd need a strong and logical first officer to help balance my sometimes....overabundance of emotions , which is why I chose to take you on over all the other potentional XOs . You did your duty with logical precision , and you have even taught your old commanding officer a thing or two , including the elusive nerve pinch . Any way I didn't come here to give you a lecture I came here to give you this as a small token of thanks for enduring this Klingon captain for as long as you have" Kortar says with a laugh as he hands her the small package .

T'Ruk opens the package and finds seeds for Plo'Meek roots and Vulcan incense sticks . "I thought you might enjoy these more than a painstick to the ribs! " Kor'Tar says with a laugh .

T'Ruk raises her eyebrow at the remark , "Humor , it is illogical , but I have become more accustomed to it over the years . Thank you for the gifts Commodore ."

T'Ruk removes her meditation robe revealing the new burgandy undershirt of her Captain's uniform . She folds the robe and places it in a duffle bag along with her IDIC tapestry , candle and gifts .

"Are you looking forward to you new command? I have always wanted to try out one of the Promethus class ships , that multi-vector attack mode is something to see , or so i have heard . " Kor'Tar says with a gleam in his eye .

"I only see the logic in the Admiral's decision , I have no emotions on the matter." T'ruk says in a matter-of-fact tone .

Kor'Tar smiles and nods, "Of course so. Would you like me to go with you to the transporter room? "

"If you wish to do so Sir " T'Ruk replied .

T'Ruk put on her jacket over her arm and put her duffle bag over her free arm , and took one last look at her quarters and left with Kor'Tar .

"So have you given any consideration to who you will assign for your crew?" Kor'Tar inquires as they walk from her quarters to the transporter room .

"Not yet , but I am in the proccess of reviewing the possible canidates " T'ruk responds .

"I'm sure you'll make the right chioces, Captain . " Kor'tar says with a smile .

"Ahh, here we are ." Kor'Tar says as they arrive at the transporter room . They head inside and all the senior staff of the Kahless are all waiting there for them and they all applaud for T'Ruk as she enters .

"Permission to disembark sir?" T'Ruk inquires . "Permission granted Captain T'Ruk!" Kor'Tar replies . T'Ruk raises her hand and gives the tradtional Vulcan greeting "Live long and prosper Commodore Kor'Tar !" she says looking him striaght in the eye. "Thank you Captain ." Kor'Tar says in reply .

"Lock on coroodinates to the Memphis's Tranposter room cheif Sulu . " Kor'Tar commands .

"Locked on sir . " , George replies


The transporter beam dissolves the Captain of the USS Memphis with a hum .

"Dismissed everyone " Kor'Tar says.

The senior staff files out from the transporter room and Kor'Tar's combadge chirps , "Commodore , a Klingon Bird of Prey has just entered Starbase 375 , it is the Gorkon's Fury . Captain Melota is on her way over . " reports Ensign Jones .

Kor'Tar smiles wide "Thank you Ensign ." He heads back into the transporter room .

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