Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dark Moon

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A small rouge moon drifts , what light hits it , is absorbed causing the moon to be in perpetual state of darkness . On this moon the entity waits . It senses , it feels , a group of beings orbiting a world . Now is his chance , a chance to escape this prison , for a millenia or more since he was cast here , people had forgotten him , cast off the stories about him to myth and ledgend across the cosmos , but they shall learn to either worship and serve him or to perish . He senses the vessel carrying these puny creatures , all concerned with their own dull and plodding lives . He summons the energy and waits for the right time to lash out .

Kor’Tar and Terla made their way to the Kahless trasporter room when the deck beneath their feet lurched and threw them into the bulkhead causing all the lights in the cooridor to darken . Energy which looked like red lightning ran through all the computer consoles before leaving them darkened .

Kor’Tar and Terla impacted the floor , hard . Kor’Tar groped around in the dark for purchase and found the hand rail on the cooridor and lifted Terla and himself up . Kor’Tar opened one of the wall panel storage lockers and pulled out a light, a medkit , a portable power supply, and a magnetic door latch opener .

He turned on the light and shone it around him self and Terla . There was a nasty bump on her ridges forming which was bleeding , Kor’Tar healed it with the dermal regenerator .

“Are you alright ?” he asked .

“I’m fine , what happened?” She asked with a confused look .

“I haven’t a clue , but something has caused a power surge and made ship to lose all power in a matter of seconds , we’ve got to find our way to the Jefferies Tube , then make our way to the Engineering section , maybe we can restore secondary power once we are there .” He said .

As he did the back up power kicked in . Illuminating the cooridor to hlaf of what it had been before .

“Well , looks like the back up generators have kicked in after all , that saves us a trip . Let’s go to the brdge and see if they have any answers .” Kor’Tar said

They walked down the cooridor and they found engineering crewman Stacy Masda working on one of the bio-nueral gel packs .

“Crewman Masada , what happened ?” Kor’Tar asked her .

She put down her hydrospanner and picked up her tricorder and handed it to him .

“A highly disruptive EM field shorted out the ship’s systems , it has nearly fried the gel packs , but I have managed to restore 50 % power to the life support systems . Sensors , weapons , and the warp drive are currently offline though . ,” She reported .

Kor’Tar overlooked the data on the tricorder as he listened to her report and nodded handing it back to her .

“Very good , keep working on it crewman , I’ll head to the bridge and dispatch an engineering team to the affected sections .” He said .

“Aye sir!” she went back to working on the gel pack and the surrounding housing .

Kor’Tar and Terla turned and began heading back to the Turbolift but as they turned the corner they heard Crewman Masada’s voice .

“No , no , get away , back up NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

Kor’Tar and Terla raced back to where she had been and found her curled up in the fetal position . Terla checked her for a pulse , there was none . She took a tricorder out from the medkit and scanned Masada , “Kor’Tar , if I read this thing right , she’s …dead !” She said with a bit of shock in voice .

Kor’Tar took the tricorder and read the scan for himself and confirmed the grim news .

“You’ve read it right , we need to take her body to sickbay and allow Dr. Binion to do an autopsy , we need to know what took a healthy 19 year old and killed her . ,” Kor’Tar said while looking down at the fallen crewman .

Doctor Binion reviewed the power level readings on his equipment , they were only at half power .

“Dammit , that’s gonna have to do for now . Where is that damn nurse at anyway? ” he said to no one in particular .

He turned back looking at the biobeds and saw body after body lined up on each bed , covered with a sheet , the biobeds had been empty the last time he checked .

He walked over to the nearest biobed and pulled back the sheet , and saw something he hadn’t expected . It was the mangled body of Ensign Saunders , the first patent he lost be when he was assigned to the hospital ship U.S.S. John Peter Smith during the early days of the Dominion War .

Every day he had to deal with more and more dead or barely living officers , it had a profound effect on him , even his wife said he wasn’t the same and she eventually filed for divorce and took their daughter with her when she moved out . Marcus eventually worked past his demons of the war , but looking at the dead Ensign with his cold dead eyes staring back up to him brought it all back to him again .

He walked over to the other bodies and pulled back the sheets , Lt . Regan , Crewman Xin , Commander Davidson , and Lt. J.G. Shipley . All cases he worked on during the first day on the front lines of the Dominion War .

He stood there with his hand over his mouth agape , when he heard the sickbay doors slide open he turned to see who was there , quickly while reaching for a phaser , he brought it up and aimed it .

Kor’Tar put his hands in the air , “It’s just me Marcus , Kor’Tar .” he said .

Marcus put down the phaser and looked at the biobeds behind him and they were empty once more.

“Sorry sir I’m just a bit jumpy , what can I help you with ?” He said meekly .

Kor’Tar and Terla carried in the body of Crewman Masada and placed it on the main biobed .

“I need you to perform an autopsy , I want to know what killed this young woman .” Kor’Tar said .

“I’ll have the results to you within the hour .” , he said .

“Thank you , Marcus , I’ll be on the bridge , call if you should need anything .” Kor’Tar said with concern for his old friend .

Billy O’Dell hid under the desk in the ready room , clutching the stuffed owl given to him by Nurse Joran so long ago . He faerd the sounds of disruptor fire , and photonic motars exploding around him . He heard they heavy footfalls of Jem-Hadar soilders and he peeked over the desk as he saw officers being slayed right and left by the Jem’Hadar .

He knew it was a flashback but this was one of the most vivid flashbacks he had seen in a long time , most would send him groping for a bottle of spirits to dull the sensations , but this one had him looking for cover and something to defend himself with , and a stuffed owl wasn’t going to do it . He looked around cautiously to make sure no one was watching .

“Sorry Mr. Hooters , I don’t have a choice .” he said to the stuffed bird .

He tore at the stitching in the back of the stuffed owl and reached inside the stuffing and produced a dagger in a sheath , he pulled the dagger out from the sheath and looked at his reflection in the high polsihed metal of the jagged blade .

He heard noises , footfalls coming toward the desk , they had found him he waited for the last possible moment then leaped out from under the desk screaming like a banshee and stabbing at the air like crazy .

Kor’Tar dodged the attack and grabbed Billy’s wrist and instinctively head butted him knocking him out cold . Kor’Tar took the blade and placed it back in it’s sheath .

Terla saw what had happened , “Are you alright?” she asked .

“Yes , I’m fine , but Billy is going to need something for a headache I’m sure . He’s had multiple flashbacks since the Dominion war , but they have never resulted in violence before .” Kor’Tar said looking down at Billy who was now half mumbling and half singing ….

“…searching for my lost shaker of salt , salt , salt . Some my say there’s a woman to blame , but I know , that it’s nobodies fault!”

He got interrupted by the sound of the intercom “Binion to Kor’Tar , come in!”

Kor’Tar hit the keypad on the desk “Kor’Tar here , report Doctor .”

“After examining Crewman Masada and running multiple tests I have determined that she was scared to death . He adrinialine , and muscel tension say that much and her neural activity was off the scale when she died , I think there is something at work here , that feeds off our fears . If you hadn’t come in and interupted me I most likely would have wound up dead . I was being subjected to memories which I thought were long dead and buried . We are all vunerable to these attacks sir . I advise caution , and not to give into fear , because that will only fuel the energy field’s patterns .” , Doctor Binion reported .

“Understood Doctor , Kor’Tar out!” he closed the channel .

Terla looked over at Kor’Tar, “What are going to do ?” she inquired .

Kor’Tar rose with a steely determination and walked out onto the bridge an opened a channel to all decks .

“We have been subjected to as many of you have been able to surmise , an energy field which can reach into your subconsious making you face old memories and terrible fears . It feeds off the engery of terror . If we are to survive this , do not give into your feeling of fear , but instead face what the energy field shows you with a brave face , we will make it through this , of that I have no doubt . Kor’Tar out !” Kor’Tar closed the comm channel and turned to look at Terla , but she was gone as was the bridge replaced by an island of bones on a river of blood with flames burning bright orange all around illuminating the smoke filled sky to a browinish amber hue .

A being , 8 foot tall , with cloven hooves , and bare muscular chest , a wide row of shark like teeth dripping with drool and a ridged forehead with large bony spikes along the edges, approached .

Kor’Tar looked at him and knew who he was right away , “Feklar , Master of Gre-thor . And here all these years I thought the story was a myth produced by clerics to push their own agendas onto the masses .” Kor’Tar said looking up at the snarling beast un-impressed .

“That was my greatest desption of all , convincing the masses I do not exsist so they can do my bidding without question .” Feklar growled .

Kor’Tar stared into the black eyes of the beast , “Well it is obvious to me you exisist , you are standing before me , but I thought Kahless , if I recall the myth correctly defeated you and cast you down to the fires of Gre’thor to stay for all eternity.”

“You recollection of the writings are accurate Kor’Tar, son of B’RoQ , but as all religious tombs do , some very important parts were left out by the authors . You see , I have many names and many faces , Satan , Lucifer , Beelzebub , Roktarin , El nalli , Brodunn , and the list goes on and on . I have presented myself to many cultures throughout the eons , some have worshipped me like a god , and some refused to , to them I caused great torment , as I will your crew now!” He said as flames appeared in his eyes and his hands began to glow red emiting red lightning to the sky causing hot coals to rain down from the clouds . Black and red dragons circled above his tall spikey head

Kor’Tar looked him straight in the eye, unflinching , “You know , Feklar , the reason people stopped believeing and worshipping you is for the simple fact , we don’t need you. We have found that good and evil isn’t as simple as what is written in a book but how each individual handels the day to day tasks .” as Kor’Tar talked the flames began to die down and the river of blood dried up , and the bones of the island turned to dust .

Feklar began shrinking “No , you will worship me , you have no choice for I am your master heed my words or face my wrath!”

Kor’Tar looking at Feklar , “I will not offer you my worship , only pity , for a sad little being that needs such constant validation .”

Feklar shrunk more at this and was shrinking faster still , “I warned you , now face my wrath P’TaQ!” Feklar outstreacthed both of his clawed arms and fired a red electric pulse at Kor’Tar , which kor’Tar rolled out of the way from , pulling his phaser and firing it at him .

“Go…to …HELLL!!!!” he said as the bright orange beam hit Feklar and vaporized him as he screamed his dying breath , “AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

As Feklars body desintergrated the vision of Gre-thor soon melted away , replaced by the reality of the bridge of the Kahless and his lover and crew looking at him .

The power came back on fully , and all the systems responded in fully operational condition .

Lt. Commander Terrell looked at the console in front of her , “All power has been fully restored , sir what happened ?”

Kor’Tar looked wistfully at the viewscreen then at Terla , “I’m not sure , but whatever it was , I doubt we’ll be hearing from it any time soon .”

Kor’Tar heard the sound of the Ready Room doors open and out came Billy rubbing a bump on his forehead , Kor’Tar looked at him and said with a smirk , “Morning glory , you like hell !”

“Ugh , it feels like a helicopter used my face for a landing pad .” He said rubbing the goose egg on his forehead .

“You’d better have Marcus take a look at that . I’ll see you all later , Terla and I need to get back home .”

The moon left orbit of Qo’Nos and was reinfused with it’s cargo . The entity was enraged , but was now trapped once again . It’s energy depleted , his worshippers gone . He waits as the moon makes it’s way through the cosmos once more .

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