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Immagrant Song

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The sun finally broke through the green skies of Qo’noS , quickly drying up the rains of the night before . Kor’Tar showered in his old childhood bathroom and put on his civilian clothes , he was putting on his Led Zeppelin T-shirt on when R’yal knocked on his door .

“Come in!” he said .

She came in and sat down on the bean bag chair in the corner of the room , “You recall me telling you about that gunner of mine last night? Her name is Terla , and she is on her way over in a few hours , I think you and her would enjoy each other’s company , which is why I have schedualed you and her some Targ hunting time in the woods on the other side of town .”

“You did what? “ Kor’Tar asked surprised .

“Two days and one night , all expenses paid , and please tell me your not going to be wearing that Earther get up of a t-shirt and jeans !” She said looking over his outfit.

“What’s wrong with my clothes?” Kor’Tar asked offended .

“Well to be frank, it’s not very ...Klingon , and will get you nowhere with a Klingon female .” She stated flatly .

“Ok , what should I wear to ‘help’ me with this female you have arragned for me ?” Kor’Tar asked somewhat annoyed .

“I’d advise you put on your Klingon uniform , but leave the targ fur sleeves off , you should show off your arms , that will show her you are a strong warrior, capable of many great deeds worthy of song and story.” She advised .

Kor’Tar rolled his eyes at her and went and changed into the old Klingon uniform hanging in his closet , He looked at himself in the mirror as he clasped the belt and put on the shoulder protection and the leather gauntlets . He took out the tie in his hair and let his long curly black mane of hair cascade down his shoulders and back .

He walked out from the bathroom and rehung his t-shirt and jeans in the closet . “Well?” Kor’Tar said asking his sister who was joined by his mother for their thoughts .

“Very handsome , Terla will be very pleased !” His mother said .

There was a knocking at the door .

“I’ll get it ! “ Uncle Korak called out .

Kor’Tar , Vemka and R’yal made their way out into the living room , Kor’Tar’s heavy Warrior Class boots clacking loudly with each and every step .

Korak was busy conversing with Terla , who was 6 ft 5 inches tall , with a porud high brow ridge , long brown hair flowing from the back of her head . wearing a tight female Klingon uniform with nearly painted on looking pants .

Kor’Tar caught himself staring at her atheletic body and looked at the wall shyly , but she caught him staring and stood on her heels and approached him . “Greetings Kor’Tar son of B’RoQ , I am Terla , daughter of K’Erhal .” She announced to him proudly as she eyed his muscular arms .

Kor’Tar smiled wide “Your house is an honored one , known for fighting many battles with many victories over the centuries!”

Kor’Tar went to the entry way closet and pulled out to fully equipped Targ hunt bags and handed one to Terla “Here you go , this has everything we’ll need for the trip , daggers , spears , scanners , food , water , blood wine, pillows, sleeping bags, and a tent for us to put up in the evening .” Terla put the satchel under her arm .

“We are now ready ! It was a pleasure to meet you all !” Terla said to Vemka , R’Yal and Uncle Korak . “Shall we go now ?” she asked Kor’Tar eagaerly .

“Lead the way!”, he said .

They both left from the house and began for hovercraft to take them to the woods at the otherside of town , Terla walking ahead as Kor’Tar walked behind her stealing a few quick glances of her rear . “Very nice” he thought to himself .

They loaded the hovercraft and got on board . Within 20 minutes they were on the other side of town at the Kras Nature Preserve in which held the Mount Kras and the wooded area in the foothills .

Kor’Tar pulled the hover crat into the parking area and stepped out taking a deep breath of the fresh air , with a slight cool breeze blowing . He walked over to the passenger side and opened up the hatch for Terla and gave her his hand to help her out .

They went and gathered their bags and pulled out the spears ,disruptors and daggers , along with their scanners and communicators aand began walking into the thick wooded foothills of Mount Kras .

They moved slowly through the brush and weeds keeping their eyes peeled for movement , when suddenly Kor’Tar stopped , and he eyed the ground carefully .

“Targ tracks , not more than 3 hours old , there is a targ in the area , keep sharp , I feel it is very nearby” he whispered to Terla .

They followed the tracks to a large old dead tree that had died of diesease from long ago , but it had fresh scratches by the base , Kor’Tar looked closely at the scratches in the trunk of the tree , “A targ has made these scratches , it was made by a male in heat to warn off the other males that this is his territory , come we must find a place to create a Targ blind.”

Terla follwed close behind Kor’Tar , each time they stopped she would non-chalantly rest her body against his back . Kor’Tar knew what she was doing but acted like he didn’t realize it . He found a spot and put up the Targ blind which prjected a holo image of the surrounding woods around them as the crouched behind it . Kor’Tar pulled out a small device and placed it to his lips and blew .

The sound of a Targ call echoed through the woods ….

“RRRRRRRRRRRaughhhhhhhhhhhhhh , RRRRRRRRRRRRRRaughhhhhhhhhhh”

There was no reply for the longest time until the heard a rustling at the edge of the woods and saw a large male Targ come galloping out roaring and grunting . Terla and Kor’Tar both got their spears ready and aimed and fired them , but the Targ was too fast and evaded being hit .

“Dammit!” Kor’Tar said hitting his knee in frustration .

Terla looked at Kor’Tar , with sypathectic eyes , “It’s ok Kor’Tar , it’s beginging to get dark , why don’t we take a break and put up the tent , and cook something to eat drink some blood wine , and talk? “ she said with a wicked smirk .

They found a spot and put the tent up unrolled the sleeping bags inside , and they gathered sticks and rocks to build a campfire . Kor’Tar set his disruptor pistol to the lowest setting and fired a pulse and the pile of sticks setting them aflame . They took out the grill frame and the raw leg or targ and put it up over the flame .

Kor’Tar opened the bottle of blood wine and took out the 2 cups and pour one for himself and one for Terla as the evening bird began singing the mournful tunes which echoed across the foothills . The blood wine , the smeel of the targ meat being grilled , and the good company relaxed Kor’Tar and Terla around each other more and more as they talked and flirted .

They ate their meal and then doused the fire and headed inside the tent , Kor’Tar and Terla both shivvered as the night temperature dropped .

“I’m so cold ,” she said aloud finally .

“So am I , I think these sleeping bags can connect together if you’d like to use body heat to stay warm .” He said with a wink to her .

“I was beginning to think you’d never ask !” she said with a laugh .

They quickly unzipped their sleeping bags and zipped them together into a large sleeping bag and got beneath it and began to snuggle each other . Kor’Tar and Terla looked at each other as they held each other’s bodies close .

“You know , all the sudden I realize , I’m not too sleepy , how about you?” Kor’Tar asked her .

Terla blushed slightly and removed her clothes and threw them outside the sleeping bag , “Your right Kor’Tar , I am not tired at all .” she said now pulling back the sleeping bag allowing Kor’Tar to veiw her now nude body .

Kor’Tar looked at her body up and down and saw what humnas call “goosebumps” raising all over her skin . “You know , for someone as cold as you claim to be you might need to find a way too keep warm while naked like that .” He said as he removed his clothes and threw them outside the sleeping bag .

“Oh I think we can figure out something to do to stay warm tonight” Terla said as she took and kissed Kor’Tar passionatley under the sleeping bag .


The escape pod hurtled out of control through space at high speed , bearing damage from it’s mother-ship’s destruction and being blown way off course by the damage taken to the navagation system , Subcommander Taurin tried desperately to adjust the course and at least get a fix on his position , but was met with static by every console . He slammed his fists in frustration “Dammit , come on!!” he shouted in vain .

The spinning of the pod changed as if it was going into a freefall , Taurin opened the iris of the viewport and saw the flames of re-entry into a planetary atmosphere and the surface of a planet going by underneath his small craft .

He held onto the sides to brace for impact .

Kor’Tar awoke to the sound of a sonic boom in the skies above him , and he wearily pulled on his trousers and boots , He kissed the slumbering Terla on her bumpy forehead and tucked the sleeping bag around her still nude body . He streacthed and looked at his chronometoer which read 0747 hours .

He walked outside the tent and made his way to a far away tree to empty his bladder , as he was zipping back up he noticed a glowing streak in the sky which was growing larger by the second .


The object impacted the dirt with a loud thud about fifty meters away . Terla was awaked by this and walked outside the tent still naked , “What in Kahless’s name was that?” she asked bleary eyed .

Kor’Tar shrugged , “I have no idea , but whatever it was it impacted right over there , lets get dressed and go see what we find .”

Terla wimpered and embraced Kor’Tar tightly , “But I was hoping for round 2 this morning!” she said stroking his pectorials .

Kor’Tar kissed her , “There will be plenty of time for that later , get dressed so we can go see what this is!”

“Ok , fine .” she pouted . she went and pulled her clothes on and threw Kor’Tar his uniform Vest , belt and shoulder gaurds , they both put on the disruptor pistols and daggers and they began walking in the direction of the crash site .

Kor’Tar with his pistol at the ready and Terla with her dagger in hand approached the small vessel .

“This looks like an escape pod , a Romulan one at that!” Kor’Tar said noting the bird of prey symbol and Romulan text beneath it .

Terla bristled at this as she read her scanner “There appears to be one survivor on board” , she touched the handel to the hatch and burned the palm of her hand “Ouch!” she yelped.

Kor’Tar healed her hand with a dermal regenrator and blew on the handel which was still red hot from re-entry . He took out a canteen full of water and poured on the handel , it sizzeled and steamed in response , and he carefully touched the handel , it was still hot , but no longer scortching . He took the handel in his strong hand and attempted to open it, but the handel wouldn’t budge . He used both hands and still no luck .

“Give me something we can use as a lever please ! “ Kor’Tar asked , Terla ran back to their tent and came back with the spears they had brought .

“Thanks! That just might work !” He said to her .

He took the spear and using the hull as a fulcrum got the latch to finally began to open with a loud metallic whine .

The hatch finally was able to be move back and the acrid smoke from inside the cabin escaped and burned Terla’s and Kor’Tar’s eye’s and throats . Kor’tar reached till he found a small Romulan fire extingusher and doused the flames in the conrol panels with white foam . Sparks were still spitting periodically from other panels but the fire seemed to be under control .

Kor’Tar and Terla spotted a small hunched figure in the back of the escape pod , it was a Romulan officer , with a torn and tattered uniform , disheveled hair , green blood oozing from a wound on his forehead , and it looked as if he hadn’t had a good meal in months he was so skinny and weak .

Terla took the blade of her dagger at put it to the Romulan’s neck , when Kor’Tar pulled her blade away from the small Romulan as he asked her “What are you doing?”

“I was about to put this animal out of his misery , and besides that he is a Romulan , what more reason do I need than that? Do you not recall Nerendra III ? Kithomer? The Klingon Civil War which was back by Romulans !” Terla said with her anger rising .

Kor’Tar took the blade from her hand and placed back in it’s sheath on her hip . “My father died defending Kithomer !”

“Than you , more than anyone deserve to make the kill!” Terla said almost shouting .

Kor’Tar looked at the small helpless Romulan and closed his eyes and shook his head , “No , there would be no honor in killing a wounded enemy who cannot die on his feet . I have no quarrell with this Romulan , look at him he is barely 25 if that old , he wasn’t even alive when those attacks took place . I will not hold him responsible for the actions of his forebears , and if you recall without the help of the Romulans the entire Alpha Quadrent most likely would be in the hands of the Dominion as of now . No we are taking him to a medical center .”

Terla was about to jump on Kor’Tar’s case when she looked at the young Romulan through Kor’Tar’s eyes . It was unexpected but she began to share the compassion that Kor’Tar felt . “There is a first aid kit in the hovercraft in the back , we can at least treat his superfical wounds with that .”

They carried the wounde Romulan back to the hover car and treated the abrasions and lacterations .

“This leg of his has a compound fracture , that’s gonna need surgery to repair it . He’s going into shock lower his temprature! That will slow the advance of the shock till we can get him to the medical facility !” Kor’Tar said while working on him in the back of the hover craft . Terla and Kor’Tar both brok open the cold ice packs activating the chemicals inside to freeze the liquids inside and placed them around the body of the Romulan .

“Stay back here with him and montior his condition while I take us to the meidcal facility, make sure he doesn’t fall asleep , keep him awake !” Kor’Tar said to Terla

“Very well , hey you Romualn , wake up you P’TaQ!” she said slapping his face .

The hovercraft sped off to the nearest medical facility .

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