Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Kobyashi Maru Solution

Kor'Tar stepped upon the old decks of the antique simulator with the older officers and sat down in the center seat which sqeaked with the weight of his body sinking into the old springs of the chair. Commander Rodgers spoke , "Begin the simulation!" At his command all the computer read out screens lit up and the noises of an old style bridge began beeping and chriping all around them . The silver blankness of the viewer was replaced by a moving starfield . The communications officer , Lt. Samantha Jones , gave a report . "Sir we are reciving a distress call ."

Kor'Tar shifted in his chair to look at the older woman , "Pipe it though Lt. Jones "

The sounds of a Britsih accented man came crakling through the speakers .

"This is the Kobyashi Maru, 12 clicks out of Altair 6 . We've hit a gravitic mine and are in need of assistance , please help!"

The message ends .

"The Kobyashi Maru is a Neutronic Fuel carrier , range 3 light years from our current heading ." Scince officer T'lar reports .

"Project a course to thier location on the veiwer science officer !" Kor'Tar commands .

A graphic comes onto the viewer .

"Sir , they are located within the neuteral zone , if we violate it , it would be considered an act of war by the Klingon Empire . " T'lar warns .

Kor'Tar nods "Helm , set a course for their location , maxiumum warp , Engage!"

"Sir , we are now in violation of the Neuteral Zone Treaty . " T'lar reports .

"Sir , we have 3 Klingon Battle cruisers which have decloaked , they are arming torpedoes . " The tactical officer reports .

"Communications , open a subspace video channel , make sure they can see me !" Kor'Tar commands .

"Aye sir! Channel open . "

Kor'Tar stands from the chair and walks in from of the helm nav console , staring down the 3 battle cruisers .

"This is Kor'Tar , son of B'RoQ , I have commendeered this vessel , the U.S.S. Enterprise , and have killed their captain in combat , I now have his crew working under my command and they are my prisoners . " The officers look at each other with a bit of trepidation at this action by Kor'Tar .

The starfeild is replaced by that of a Klingon bridge and her captain standing .

"Kor'Tar son of B'RoQ , This is Kang . I commend you on your loyalty to the empire , the Enterprise will be a fine gift for the Chancellor . Follow us back . LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!! QA'PLA!!!!"

The screen switches back to the starfeild .

"Sir, the battle cruisers are turning around to head back to Klingon space , and dropping their shields and disarming their weapons . " Reports the tactical officer .

"Just as I thought! Helm put us behind the trailing battle cruiser , weapons officer keep the phasers on stand-by , get a lock on the aft torpedo launchers of the 3 vessels with our Port, bow , and starboard phaser banks !" Kor'Tar commands

The tactical officer smiles , "Aye sir , weapons locked ! "


3 crimson orange phaser beams emit from the the Enterprise and find their targets . The torpedo launchers explode ripping a small hole at the back of all 3 ships , the lights flicker and dim from the ships and the begin to drift .

"Sir , we are recieving another transimission from Kang!" the communications officer reports . "Put him thorugh !" Kor'Tar says with a wide smile .

Static fills the view screen and slightly clears to reaveal a furiuos Kang . "You will pay for your deciet Ka'ChA! I will not rest till you've drowned in your own blood! "

The Screen soon goes blank and the normal lights come up , the veiwscreen slides back revealing Admiral Callahan with a small dusty wooden box under his arm . He sets the box down on the helm/nav console and begins to appllaud , along with the other officers there .

"2 years ago , when this young man was a freshman I had to pull him up off of 3 upperclassmen who were giving him a hard time , from that time forward I knew he wasn't going to back down from a challenge . Not since James Kirk , has anyone beat this scenario, till now !" Admiral Callhan states . He picks up the wooden , dust covered box and opens it , revealing an ornate medal and pins it to Kor'Tar's uniform .

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