Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let the Four Winds Blow

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Five hours of surgery , and 2 blood transfusions later , the Klingon surgeon closed up the Romulan who was now resting and took off his gloves , mask and scrubs and walked into the waiting room .

Kor’Tar was standing near the window , looking down to the rooftops of the shorter buildings and across the way to the other high rise buildings of First City . Terla had gone from pacing , to sitting ,to staring out the window with Kor’Tar , and back to sitting once more .

A Klingon officer had handined him a PADD with the files downloaded off the wreckage of the Romulan escape pod , Kor’Tar studied the report carefully and discussed it with Terla , then he continued staring out the window .

Kor’Tar saw the reflection of the surgeon in thw window , and turned to greet him .

“Doctor Kemra , I take it you have news to share?”

Kemra took a deep breath “Yes, but you know I don’t like this Kor’Tar .”

Kor’Tar gave him a stern look , “The Empire employes you for your surgical skills , not your opinions! Report!”

The doctor nodded , “He is stable now , we have used a bone splicer which sample the Romulans DNA and fused the break , and we have used his own muscle tissue to the repair the damge to the muscels and tendons . We cloned two pints of blood and gave him a transfusion , he is now resting comfortably . He is awake but seems to have undergone a lot of emotional toil . Seems to be rather frail and malnourished for a Romulan of his young age .”

“Considering his home planet was destroyed by a super nova only months ago, that’s understandable . Do you think he can answer some questions?” , Kor’Tar asked .

“I imagine so , he seems lucid enough .” The doctor replied .

“Thank you , Doctor . come on Terla , let’s go ask this Romulan some questions .” He said over his shoulder .

She stood and walked with Kor’Tar to the room assigned to the Romulan officer . He was sitting on the hospital bed with a computer wall terminal above his head showing his vital functions . He was clothed in a blue hopital smock and was under a blanket . Eating a small post surgery meal

Kor’Tar looked in on him and knocked on the doorframe , “Hello , I see your doing better . Do you feel up to talking a bit ?” Kor’Tar asked .

The Romulan put his meal on his tray and washed what he was hungrily chewing down with the water provided for him .

“Yes , I imagine you have a few questions for me .” the small scrawny Romulan replied .

“A few yes . From the files we downloaded from your escape pod we have learned that you are Sub-Commander Taurin , of the Valdore Class Warbird Tomalok . You were a husband and father , till Romulus was destroyed 5 months ago . Now what I’d like to know is what happened to your starship , and why it was so deep in Klingon territory ?” Kor’Tar asked while standing at the Taurin’s bedside with his arms crossed .

“Isn’t it obvious? He is a spy!” Terla barked angrily .

Taurin cowered as she spoke .

Kor’Tar glared st Terla , “You will be silent or you will wait outside!” he warned .

“Very well.” She growled as she sat down .

“Please sir , I will answer you questions , but keep her away from me , she hits very hard.” Taurin said with a slight quiver in his voice .

Kor’Tar nodded , “You have my word you are safe . Now the questions .”

Taurin took a deep breath as he fiddled with the plastic spork from his dinner tray , “The Tomalok was once a proud and powerful starship , it fought in many battles during the Dominion War , but with the destruction Romulus and the starbases around the planet . all that is left of the Romulan Empire is smattering of planetary colonies and starships , all of of repair facilities have been out of comission for months . With no repair , or supplies, each ship’s crew has been left to fend for themselves in the cold icy depths . The Tomalok was on a search mission for any natural reasources we could scavenge from passing asteroids and comets . Our deflector field failed , leaving us vunerable to space dust and asteriod impact . Our Commander decided finally to activate the auto destruct program . But the ship was in such poor condition that most of the escape pods launched too late or not at all and were destroyed before escaping the anti-matter explosion . My escape pod managed to escape but was severely damaged , the guadaince systems failed as did the navagation controls , I had no choice but to try to find a place to soft land . My family , my friends , my people are all nothing more than memories now . ” , Taurin said with a mourning voice .

Kor’Tar listened intently to Taurin’s statement and chose his words carefully before he spoke “You know , over a hundred years ago if an enemy alien was captured as you have been , he would have had to under go a session with a Mind Sifter which in most cases would leave the subject severely brain damaged afterwards . As little as 15 years ago if a Romulan escape pod had been descovered , it would have been taken apart and it’s pilot killed . But as someone much wiser than me once said , time changes everything . If you wish , I will contact the Federation and ask if they will offer you asylum . I’d look into the possiblity of a postion within the Klingon Empire , but there are still far too many Warriors with revenge on their minds , and with out an armed escort you’d most likely be killed within a day . So what do you think ?” Kor’Tar asked eyeing the Romulan .

“Given the options , I’d like for you to contact the Federation please .” Taurin said with a nervous glance at Terla .

“I’ll contact them for you shortly , come Terla .” Kor’Tar said as he and Terla left .

Terla waited for the door to the Romulan’s room to finish closing then she stopped Kor’Tar in his tracks by placing a hand on his chest .

“You , trust him and are just going to hand him over to the Federation ?” , She asked .

“It’s better than leaving him here , where his life would be in constant danger , the Federation will be able to offer him and the romulan survivors help the the Klingon Empire is unable , and sometimes , unwilling to do .” , Kor’Tar said .

“Kor’Tar , you are a wise and knowledgeable Warrior , and you are my mate , so I’ll trust your judgement , but I can’t help but feel this nagging sense of dread and hate when I look at this Romulan .,” she said .

“There are many that feel that way Terla , but as Admiral Callahan once taught me , bigotry is fertile ground for the ignorant and violent masses to wage wars based on ideological terms . People can go on and on hating each other for years if they choose to they will only wind up destroying themselves in the end , which we’ve seen many examples of through hisory . We can change what happens , but we have to be willing to try . ,” Kor’Tar looked at Terla as she studied him .

She leaned in and kissed him . “I’m willing to try Kor’Tar .”


Kor’Tar and Terla arrived at Terla’s apartment over looking the Captial . Kor’Tar sat at her computer station in the main living area and opened a subspace signal to the nearest Federation starship while Terla walked into her bedroom to shower and change .

Commander O’Dell who had been left in command of the Kahless appeared on the screen.

“Commodore! You’ve changed your mind and want us to come back and pick you up?” O’Dell said hopefully .

“Hey Billy , no I haven’t decided what I’m going to do just yet , but I need the Kahless to come back , we have a Romulan who is requesting asylum within the Federation .” Kor’Tar said to his XO .

“I’ll have the Kahless there in 8 hours , O’dell out!” The channel closed .

Terla walked out from her bedroom in a gray bathrobe and slippers .

“Eight hours , sounds like enough time to get in round two finally .”, she said as she untied the robe and let it fall to her feet .

She swayed her hips as she walked into the threshold of her bed chamber as she beckoned for Kor’Tar to follow .

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” he said with an armorous smirk as he ran into the bedroom .

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