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Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)

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The sound of the comm signal from Terla’s console in her bedroom awoke Kor’Tar out of a blissful sleep . He carefully took his arm off of Terla’s shoulders , and placed the blanket around her so she wouldn’t chill . Kor’Tar was putting on his uniform pants and shirt when the chime of the comm rang again .

“Grrrowl . I’m coming dammit!!” He said with an annoyed glare at the flashing screen .

Kor’Tar rubbed the sleep from his eyes and sat his large frame down in the chair at the desk and activated the screen . Commander O’Dell appeared .

“Commodore Kor’Tar , the Kahless is now in orbit . We are ready to receive the Romulan refugee …..” He trailed off and noticed the look on Kor’Tar’s face , “Uh….I’ve caught you at a bad time , haven’t I?” He said with uncertainty and just a hint of fear .

“It’s quite alright Billy , we’ll signal for you in one hour to beams us aboard . Kor’Tar out!” He said cutting off the screen .

He rubbed his face wearily and turned on the over head lights , illuminating the once darkened quarters . He walked over to Terla and gently shook her shoulder .

“Terla …it’s time to wake up , we need to get ready so we can drop off the Romulan and I can give you a tour of the Kahless .” He said quietly to her as he shook her shoulder .

She rolled over and mumbled something unintelligible , making no apparent moves in getting up .

Kor’Tar was getting frustrated at this then had an idea . He went down to the foot of the bed and grabbed the bottom of the sheet and blanket , he took a deep breath and in one hard tug pulled them both off of Terla’s nude body . She groaned as she woke up and looked around for the blanket and sheet and saw her lover there at the foot of the bed clutching both in his hands with a wicked smirk on his face .

“P’TaQ! Give those back!” she shouted .

Kor’Tar walked over to the closet and pulled on her uniforms out and tossed it to her .

“I have a better idea , get dressed , and we’ll transport the Romulan to the Kahless and I’ll give you a guided tour …..” he walked over to her and held out the uniform to her , “including the Captain’s Quarters if you wish .”

She yanked the uniform from his hands and began putting it on , “Very well , I have never been aboard a Federation vessel before , it should prove to be an interesting diversion .”

She pulled on her boots and clasped her belt and stood from the bed , “I am ready , take me to your starship .” Terla said after giving Kor’Tar a kiss .

“In just a moment .” Kor’Tar pulled out his hand held communicator , “Kor’Tar to the medical center , is Sub-Commander Taurin ready ?”

“Yes , is recovered and in some fresh clothes and is ready for transport .” Doctor Kemra replied .

“Thank you , doctor . Please inform him to standby , Kor’Tar out .” He closed the channel and pulled out his Starfleet comadge from a pocket .

“Kor’Tar to the Kahless , lock on to my signal , the Klingon female to my right and the Romulan who is currently being held at the medical center .”

“Aye sir , I have a lock on all three signals .” Chief Sulu replied .

“Energize.” Kor’Tar commanded .

The annular confinement beam lit up the area around Kor’Tar and Terla and the sound of the hum of transport as they were taken from the surface into the transporter room of the Kahless along side of Taurin .

Commander O’Dell, Dr. Binion, and Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Terrell were there to greet them .

Kor’Tar stepped down off the transporter platform with Terla in hand “Commander Billy O’Dell , Doctor Marcus Binion , Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Terrell allow me to she who is my mate , Terla .” he said proudly .

The Doctor , Commander, and the Lt. slightly bowed , and said in unison, “Ma’am .”

“Taurin , if you’ll go with Doctor Binion he’ll give you a customary exam , then someone will show you to your guest quarters .,” Kor’Tar said to the Romulan who nodded and left with the Doctor .

Commander O’Dell watched as as they left, “Sir , could I talk with you alone for a few moments?”

“Yes , Commander Terrell , take Terla on a tour of the ship , I’ll join you both shortly .,”

The security chief nodded , “Aye sir . This way ma’am .”

They both left as Kor’Tar and Commander O’Dell left for the ready room .

“What’s on your mind Billy?” Kor’Tar asked as he sat down in one of the chairs in front of the desk in the ready room .

Billy poured himself a cup of Raktengo, “Would you like a cup?” he asked .

“Sure , I’ll have one .” Kor’Tar replied .

Billy poured one for the Klingon and handed it to him then took a long sip off his .

“Sir , sometimes , I feel uncertain sitting in the captain’s chair . Like there is some big catastrophe just waiting on me to make it happen .” He said looking out the window .

Kor’Tar stood from his chair and joined him in gaze out at Qo’NoS and took a sip of his coffee .

“Billy, you know what makes a starship commander a good one ? It isn’t his hours of training and study , it’s his instinct . And when you feel like you don’t have all the answers , which will happen , a lot . That’s when you ask your subordinates for their opinions , because that is one of the reasons they are there is to help you as their commander find the answers . How have your flashbacks been ?” Kor’Tar asked .

“They still come to me at the worst times , sometimes triggered by a sight , smell , sound , then I’m back there at the outpost while being raided by Jem’Hadar .” , Billy replied looking out the window coldly .

“Billy , I know how you feel about counselors , but Starfleet Medical has treatment programs for officers in your condition . You should at least give it a try .” Kor’Tar said looking at his XO with concern .

“I’ve been thinking of arranging an appointment with John for awhile now , but I’ve been procrastinating .” Billy admitted .

Kor’Tar reached over the desk to the comm panel and hit the button “Kor’Tar to Counselor Styles , when do you have an open spot in your schedule ?”

“I have one now , sir . Why do you ask?” , John responded .

“Good , come into the Ready Room , you patient is waiting .” , Kor’Tar said with a gleam in his eye looking over at billy while he slumped in his chair defeated . “You can thank me later !” Kor’Tar said .

Doctor Binion finished his scan of the Romulan , “You are healthy and the leg has healed fully . Nurse Joran , would you show Taurin to the guest quarters please?”

A slender young Orion female in a uniform two sizes too small slunk her way up to the biobed , licking her green lips .

“Yes Doctor “ she said in a breathy voice as she eyed the Romulan up and down as she took him by his arm into the corridor .

Taurin , had never met with an Orion though he had heard plently of tales of them from various sources over the years , his palms began to sweat and his heart began to pound .

“So….. your an Orion?” , he asked nervously .

“Yes , what of it ?” she inquired breathly licking her lips as they walked and slightly unzipping the collar of her uniform .

“Is it true what they say about Orion females , being able to drive men crazy with their pharomonal output ?” He asked .

“I don’t know , I’ve never noticed . Do you feel an effect of some kind?” D’raako asked leaning up against the wall next to the threshold of Taurin’s assigned quarters while rubbing her neck and clavicle breathing heavily .

Taurin replied by kissing her hard , and she kissed him back as they both intertwined their arms and legs as the door to the guest quarters closed behind them .

Kor’Tar caught up with Terla and Commander Terrell in one of the science labs , “I’ll take over from here Lisa , dismissed . ,” He ordered .

“Aye sir , it was a pleasure meeting you ma’am !”, Lisa said .

“Likewise Commander!” , Terla said in response .

Terrell left as Terla watched her leave , “She is a woman of honor , and she as the rest of the crew also , speaks very highly of you . I have seen much of this ship , engineering , the cargo bays , shuttle bays , the science labs …”

“Ahh , then you have not seen the Holodecks or bridge yet?” Kor’Tar asked .

“No I haven’t , take me to them .” Terla said .

“Right this way , Holodeck 3 is just around the corner .” Kor’Tar said with a smile on his face .

They arrived in front of the large holodeck doors and Kor’Tar hit one of the controls on the arch panel and brought up a program .

The doors opened into a jungle environment with heavy fog with streaks of sunlight breaking through the canopy of trees above . Two Bat’Leths appeared on a rock beside them .

Kor’Tar picked both up and handed one to Terla , they both brought them to the ready as they slowly walked through the overgrown forest .

Kor’Tar heard a rustling over his shoulder and a large humanoid creature in armor with a bone skull with sharp teeth attacked him swinging a large tribal axe at him , korTar blocked the axe with his bat’leth and began fighting with the creature .

Terla was about to help when a second creature came at her with a broadsword .

Kor’Tar struggled against the creature for a minute but found an opening and sliced the creature in two at the torso causing glowing green blood to spill and the two halves to fall and then disappear , leaving only the axe . Kor’Tar picked it up and threw it to Terla , who’s bat’leth had now been split in two by her creature’s attack.

Terla caught it and quickly defeated her foe by slicing it’s head off with the axe . She crouched over the body and howled into the air as she threw it down .

“This is a good program!!” she growled through her teeth .

Kor’Tar finished the tour up on the main bridge , Terla looked over the layout and went directly to the Captain’s chair which was vacant and sat down .

“Such power at your command , I do not see how you keep going insane with all the weaponry you have at your control .,” She said as she rubbed the armrests with her hands.

“It can be a challenge at times .” Kor’Tar said as he heard the doors to the Ready Room open

“OUT!!” Billy screamed at John .

John backed out slowly , “Billy , just put down the stuffed owl and talk to me .”

“You leave Mr . Hooters out of this!!!” he said while covering the ears of the stuffed bird.

Kor’Tar looked over at Billy , “You alright ?”, he asked .

“Yeah , I’m good ….” He pointed an accusatory finger at John , “But he wants me to get rid of Mr. Hooters!”

“There’s no telling what kind of diseases are on that thing , and no telling what kinda germs are on that filthy thing , it is biohazard !” John said .

“You quit talking about Mr. Hooters like that , you’ll hurt his feelings!!” Billy said still covering the Owl’s ears .

“Have you two got a handle on this ?” Kor’Tar asked as Terla chuckled at the display .

“Yes , as long as I can keep Mr . Hooters !” Billy said defiantly .

Kor’Tar sighed and rolled his eyes , “John , It seems to be a good coping mechanism for him and he isn’t harming anyone by doing it . I say let him keep Mr. Hooters .”

Billy replied by sticking his tounge out at John . “Nyaaahhh!” .

Kor’Tar shook Billy’s hand , “We’re heading back down to the surface now , I’ve still got two weeks of leave left , and I’d like to take advantage of them while I still can .”

“Good sir , if you decide to call again we’re going to be in the sector !”

Down is the guest quarters the Romulan woke up sore and satisfied , he hadn’t been prepared for the voracious sexual appitie of the Orion nurse . He quietly tried to ease himself out of the bed without waking her , but he failed as she stirred and her eyes opened .

She jumped on top of him , “Where do you think your going ?” , and she kissed him hard.

He looked up helplessly at the ceiling as he kissed her back thinking “Help me!”

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