Sunday, October 25, 2009

Long Stretching Shadows

B'Roq stares into the last few flickering embers where the flames of his meditation fires had burned and extinguishes them with a handful of sand from a nearby bowl . He stands and removes his robes and puts on his armor . He hears footfalls coming from behind him and whips around quickly and gathers up the attacker in his arms .
"Just what do you think you are doing ? Sneaking up on me and attacking when I'm not expecting it like the cowardly humans?"
The eight year old girl playfully struggles , "Father , you're mussing my hair!" B'Roq kisses the girl's bony forehead , "Go see if your brother is getting ready R'yal .", the warrior tells her . "Yes father! " she runs off .
B'Roq heads into the kitchen area and sees his wife who is preparing breakfast "Computer , one pot of Raktengo , NOW! " She commands the replication unit .

"Careful screaming like that , you have a performance of Melota to sing at the opera house this weekend , you should not strain your voice with yelling." B'Roq warns

Vemka smiles and takes the fresh replicated pot of Klingon coffee and pours a cup for her self and one for her husband . She hands B'Roq his and says playfully, "Free advice? If you were any other man I'd kill you where you stand ! Luckily enough for you I am your mate and you are mine , so I shall over look it .......this time! "

B'Roq sips his coffee and gives his wife a kiss on her cheek . "R'yal ! Kor'Tar ! are you getting ready ? You have classes ! "

R'yal comes out dressed in her gray and black school uniform , neatly combed hair , and data PADD in hand . Kor'Tar soon follows missing a sock , the buttons mismatched on his shirt , and his hair wild looking .

B'Roq helps his son find the missing sock and fixes his shirt and his hair for him .

"Father , I do not wish to go to school today , I want to go with you on your journey !" Kor'Tar says .

"I know you do Kor'Tar , but you must go to school . A warrior's strengths comes not only from his body , but a well exercised mind as well ! I will return within a few days , maybe with something for you and your sister if you behave for your mother! "

The six year old smiles at this along with his older sister . "Father , what is the name of the place you going again? Krytho... Kympo ....?"

"Kithomer , gods , don't you know anything ? " R'yal interrupts.

Kor'Tar rolls his eyes at his sister "Kithomer , right why are you going there father? "

"It has not yet been revealed to me , so I will find out when I speak with Captain Mogh . Now , do you have your data PADD ? Have you done your assignments ?"

"Yes father !" the six year old Klingon says proudly .

"Good ! Now go along with you sister to school and I'll see you in a few days ! "

"Yes father! " The children step into the transporter room of the house and beam to their classes . Few moments later B'Roq and Vemka say their goodbyes , and B'Roq beams to the Bird of Prey commanded by Mogh on the landing pad . A Klingon male greets him the transporter chamber , Captain Mogh's first officer .

"Welcome aboard the Zyr B'Roq ! I am Jarrod of the house of Duras! I will take you to see the Captain . ! "

They walk through the aged , greasy , halls , of the old BOP , passing other Klingons checking systems before the launch .

They reach the bridge and B'Roq is lead by Jarrod to the Captain's office .

"Jarrod , leave us , I wish to speak with B'Roq .....ALONE!! " Mogh commands.

Jarrod sneers back "Yes sir ! " and quickly walks out .

Mogh glares at Jarrod as he leaves . B'Roq looks at the exchange with amazement .

"Now that I am here I would like to know why I am here ! " B'Roq says to Mogh.

Mogh leans forward and speak quietly .

"There has been suspicion over the past few years of Romulan interlopers getting involved with our political system , but now I have the proof the High Council has sought . " He turns on the computer terminal and turns it around for B'Roq to look at . "Tell me what do you see? " Mogh asks .

B'Roq looks at the read out . "This looks like subspace static and background radiation . I do not understand ." B'Roq says looking at Mogh with a confused look . Mogh hits a button and the read out changes . "Hidden transmissions?!?!" B'roq says with shock . "Yes! Sent to Romulans by someone here on this ship at 0300 hours last night , which Is why I had to contact you , because as of right now I cannot trust anyone who serves under my command . "

"I understand , we must find out who has done this , do you suspect anyone ? "

Mogh nods , "That I do , that P'Tak , Jarrod . I would execute him for being a traitor , but his house is a strong one within the High Council , with many other houses backing them . It may very well spark a civil war . That's why we must take this info to Kithomer , perhaps there we can figure out a way to deal with this matter quickly , before the Romulans launch a surprise attack. Share this with no one! "

"You have my word upon my honor! " B'Roq replies

"You word may be the only one I can trust other than my wife and son Worf , right now . " Says a haggard Mogh .


3 days later .....

R'yal and Kor'Tar were both deep into their studies while their Nursemaid did the household duties of over seeing the operations of the vineyards of the V'Ruk province which she always did while B'Roq was away .

The houses main wall inset viewer snapped on with a Breaking News feed from the Empire News Network .

The screen switched to that of wreakage , debris , fire, and smoke

A young woman , who showed no fear in her eyes got in front of the camera .

"This is Amie house of M'Ossly reporting for ENN , live from Camp Kithomer ! We are under Romulan attack! We have been betrayed! "

As the last word left from her lips bright green disruptor shredded the wall behind her in half and advanced to her with such speed by the time she stunned the see it was already burning her feet , she screamed out in agony his her body was turned to dust .


Kor'Tar , R'yal , the Nursemaid , and Vemka watched in horror as the events unfolded before them on the screen .

ENN producers sent the it back to the studio , the over taxed male anchor spoke "We have word that Camp Kithomer has been completely destroyed . Just this in, Chancellor Kempec is making a statement , we will now join him live ."

The scene switched to that of the dark haired , young , fat Klingon male .

Vemka scoffed , "I didn't vote for that do nothing! "

" People of Qo'Nos and the Klingon Empire as you know we have been attacked and betrayed by our once allies in the Romulan Star Empire ! As of this moment any ties that our people have between the Romulans are dissolved , and any treaty is hereby void . If anyone is found to be conspiring to help the Romulans , they will be killed and their family names will tarnished from now on! "

Kor'Tar listened to as much of this as he could stand and switched off the screen .

"HEY!" protested his sister , mother , and nurse maid .

"I do not what to listen to that man talk and talk all day , my father is now dead!"

Vemka smiled at her son , "Your father died in battle honorably Kor'Tar , we should all be so lucky . "


"What good is honor ? Honor cannot hug me or bounce me on it's knee! " And with that Kor'Tar ran off to his room and sobbed .

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