Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Memories of the Futurecast Volume 8

Hello there once more my band of brothers and sisters . I realized that my previous blog entry , while enjoyable (if I do say so myself) was meant as a Halloween themed entry , and while I think I got it done and executed it well, I uploaded it on Sunday afternoon , and Halloween isn't till Saturday .... Yeah sorry bout that folks . *facepalm*

So , since that was the Halloween adventure of Kor'Tar and his crew I thought I'd post a tasty audio treat for you all .

Wil Wheaton , you know him , you love him , and some folks during the first and second seasons of TNG started "Die , Wesley, Die!" clubs to celebrate their insane hate of a 14 year old actor who was just reading the bad dialog he was given .

Hey, did you know that Mr . Wheaton is now a writer/actor? Yup he sure is ! You can find out more about his books at his blog .

He has been giving audio excerpts from his latest book called Memories of the Future, (and please note , I'd do one of those code things where I highlight the name of the book in blue so you can go to a site which sells it , but I don't know how to and it's listed at the top of WW's blog)

This week's episode he reads an excerpt from TNG's 8th episode called "Justice" .

This episode review works hard to earn it's EXPLICIT tag , so don't listen to this show around the kids unless your read to have "The Talk" with them , ifyouknowwhatimean .

It weighs in at about 28.5 MB if I recall correctly and has a runtime of about 30 minutes .

So enjoy ! Next week if not sooner there will be a new Kor'Tar and Friends blog for your reading pleasure !

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