Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Journey as a Writer

I didn't start out loving to write . In fact in grade school I grew to loathe writing assignments , becuase I had a huge lack of experince in writing , and I found it was much more easy for me to talk , and talk about things I was interested in, than to write 2 pages or more on some subject that I was just introduced to and couldn't care less about .

So I'd find ways to try to plod my way through my assignments . Then in high school , one of my friends was moving out of town , and she left me her email address before she left .

So I'd use my lunch periods to go to the library , get online and email her back and forth since at home we didn't have a computer at the time .

Eventually the gaps between the times my friend and I would talk be would wind up being so vast I would wind up having alot to say to her , so I'd discover I could write more and more , and it would be effortless and I wouldn't have to rack my brains to do it .

Now as it has been said , to become a good writer you must read with a voracious hunger to see how it is done . So I began checking out books from the school library , biographies of William Shatner and George Takei , Star Trek : Federation , the novelizations of numerous episodes and movies of Star Trek , and some books called something like "the Best of Star Trek" that had all kinds of interesting short stories about different ways fans would express their love of star trek .

Well eventually I wound up dropping out and getting my GED simply because I couldn't get my brain to comprehend Algebra no matter how hard I tried .

So that was about the time that my parents and I just weren’t getting along at all and reading and writing wasn’t really on my priority lists of things to do . So I stopped and just tried earning a living and tried living away from home for a time .

Eventually , I wound up losing my job and had to move back home .

So after a time I began walking around the city streets in the middle of the night just to try to quell my restless spirit by allowing my legs and mind to roam . Evnetually during these escapades I’d wind up in places like Denny’s or Ihop and I’d get a cup of coffee and hang out there while I got my second wind .

Also , with the brillance of my mind at the time I’d go inside 24 hour stores and wander around , and began doing this a lot , and eventually started shoplifting things . Nothing that could be resold for a profit on the black market , but stupid things like magazines , candy , DVDs, CDs and the like .

Well the more I did it the more complacent I got , and that made me care less and eventually I wound up getting caught by store security at a Kroger’s Grocery Store . I stuffed a Maxim and FHM mag down my pants and tried walking out with them and one of their undercover security gaurds caught me and they took me into the back office , took my photo , banned me from the store and called the cops . The police wrote me a ticket since it was my first offense (like a class C misdomeanor) and I wound up having to do like 13 days community service or something like that .

But some how the line of communication got crossed and I wound up with a warrant and and to spend time in lock up because I missed a day or two of community service .

So I spent 11 days behind bars with felons and hard timers down town.

The day of my trail arrived and my cout appointed attorney showed up and told me

“When you go before the judge plead “No contest” and you’ll be out by this evening .”

So that sounded great to me , because I hated life on the inside , so the time of the trail came that that’s what I plead , the judge gave me time served and I was released later on in the day .

What my court appointed atterny failed to mention was this , No contest is basically the same thing as pleading guilty .

So anytime after that any time I’d apply for a job , I’d never get a call back , because jobs don’t hire thieves .

So I was back living at home and unable to work .

And like I said my parents and I don’t always get along . Well there was one night my father and I were having words with each other and he was standing in my way , I asked him to move and he didn’t , so I pushed him out of my way with my left hadn which is my weak hand .

So my dad got pissed and told my mom to call the law to get me out of there for the night .

Well , here’s the thing my Dad was older than 60 at the time and the law sees my young self pushing a 60 year old man as injury to the eldery , which is a 3rd degree felonly .

So suddenly I find my self back at the dowtown jail with the spectere of a prison sentence constantly hanging over my head .

Well each day dragged by , days turned into weeks , and weeks into months , and still no word on a court date being set , my Dad would visit me each and every Sunday .

The only entertainment options when locked up are whats on tv which 9 time out of 10 would either be the cable channel BET which plays hip-hop videos all the time , which is great if you’re a fan of hip hop , but I can’t stand it . Or playing poker , spades , chess or whatever other games , and I soon discovered that I sucked at all of those games .

The other options were going out into the gym and shooting and under deflated basketball into a bent netless hoop . I became alright , but it just wasn’t what really spoke to me .

But I soon discovered , in my search for something to keep me from tearing the thick latex paint off the walls , that once each week trustees from the library would come down with a cart of book and put out about 50 or 60 books out on a windowsill looking into the gym for us .

So I’d always go and look for any Star Trek , and of course I’d never find any .

But I’d find books by Stephen King , I also read the LOTR trillogy , the Slience of the Lambs series .

I found that I really enjoyed reading and it was a great escape from my reality I was living behind bars .

Well eventually I found out that my Dad called the prosecuting attorney , and told her that he only wanted me out for the night and didn’t expect it to snowball into what it became and with his talk to her , the state dropped their case against me and I was released back into the free world .

So I came back home , and quit walking around in the middle of the night and getting myself into trouble .

Well a few years later we moved out of an aprtment complex in a bad neighboorhood after I heard 8 shoots from a sawed off shot gun out side my bedroom window and not 5 minutes later some one kicked open our front door and it wasn’t the cops , but some guy .

So we went looking through classifieds and kept our eyes peeled for other places to live elsewhere .

We eventually found a place , and my Dad and I rented a Uhaul Truck over a summer weekend and we got our stuff up from there and into the new apartment .

After about 6 months I decided to quit smoking because the state was going up on taxes for smokes a dollar a pack .

My dad soon after I quit smoking , took me to the pawn shop on a mission after finding a computer , partly as a reward and also partly as way to reconnect with my sister in law who we had lost contact with after her and my brother’s estrangement .

So I knew of myspace from some of my RL friends so I went and found it online and decided to create an account , this one . I was looking to maybe get lucky and be able to talk with celebrities from Star Trek , which I soon found wasn’t very likely , and to maybe find a girlfriend .

Along the way I began getting friend requests from Rpers of the Star Trek realm . The more I added the more I read their work the more I wanted to be a part of it but I had no idea how to get involved or how to start . So I began just trying small RPs with some Rpers until I started becoming comfortable with it .

Then , I decided it was time to create my character and Kor’Tar was born from that .

After a while I noticed something . Here I was writing , something I loathed doing when I was a child , but instead of moaning and groaning about it , I was relishing it . I’m still nowhere near as skilled as I’d like to be as a writer , but I am going to keep on doing it , because I can only improve with practice .

Other folks are blessed with skills that I wasn't such as athletics , I enjoy watching sports , but I am useless when I rty to play them . Some folks are blessed with musical talent , and I love music , but I can't play anything or sing to save my life .

I've found that I can write though . I've found that is what I enjoy doing . I can draw , though I am way out of practice with it . The only way a person will get good at what they enjoy doing is to take any freetime they might have and practice at their art like it is their second job .

I, being my lazy , procrastinating self , don't write as often as I should , but that comes with being a writer sometimes for me . sometimes everything I can say has been said . Then there are days like to day , when my mind is going 90 to nothing and it feels like i;ve got to get some of it written down before it all escapes me .

So while I continue finding my way as writer enjoy my journey along by my side as I find my way , one blog at a time .

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