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The Reckoning ~ Part 2 ~

Fleet Captain Kor'Tar quickly replied to Commander T'Ruk , "Evacuate the outer sections and prepare for wide spread hull breaches , we're coming back up! Chief Sulu , you control the sheilds , I want them back up the instant we're aboard !"

"Aye sir!" , George Sulu responded .

"Energize!" , Kor'Tar commanded .

The Kahless' shields dropped as the Cheif beamed the away team abaord , as the Tanigawa made a run over the dorsal section of the Kahless firing phaser pulses which tore hull breaches into the saucer as the seconds ticked away . As soon as the away team was aboard the deck was rocking under their feet .

The away team chenged into their uniforms and raced to their stations as the ship shuddered and shook . Kor'Tar arrived on the bridge along with the rest of the away team.

"Report!" Kor'Tar screamed over the sound of the red alert klaxons .

"The Tanigawa decloaked shortly after the away team had beamed to the suface flanked by a Galor Class Cardassian ship and a Breen Battle cruiser , they began firing at us , sheilds are now down to 45% and decreasing rapidly!"Commander T'Ruk reported .

"Lt. Terrel look up the Tanigawa's prefix code amd transmit it now! " Kor'Tar called to his security cheif .

"I have it sir ", she soon replyed

"Transmit now!" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir , transmitting the code now! " a few seconds later Lisa looked up from her panel with a concerned look , "There's been no effect , the Tanigawa's shields are still up . "

"Damn the hijackers must have changed the code!!" Kor'Tar said in a frustrated tone .

The deck continued to shake , "Sir, our sheilds are down to 20 % , there is no way to win , I respectfully submit our only chance to survive is to surrender!" reported Lt. Terrel as the bridge fell silent

Kor'Tar glared over at her , "Keep your place , we will never surrender!" Kor'Tar said through his clenched teeth .

The crew looked at each other nervously but followed through with their orders as the ship shook violently around them .

"Sir , I am detecting a Klingon fleet decloaking off the port bow , 3 Neg'Var class cruisers , 6 Vor'Cha class cruisers , 24 K'vort class Birds of Prey , and 12 D-7 battle cruisers! We are recieving a hail ! " reported Lt. Terrel .

Fleet Captain Kor'Tar stood from his chair admiring the Klingon fleet which had declaoked before his eyes on the veiwer .

"Put it onscreen Leutinant !"

The scene on the veiwer changed from that of the Klingon Fleet to that of a proud Klingon warrior...

Lt. Cmdr. Worf
Worf Son Mogh

"On behalf of Chancellor Martok and the Klingon Empire I offer our fleet to help defend our allies against the growing threat from the Cardassian/Breen alliance !" General Worf said with a smile . He turned his head to his gunners .

"Destroy the Cardassian and Breen ships and disable the Tanigawa!"

"Sir!" the gunners answered.

The fleet of Klingon ships closed in on the 3 attacking starships , bright green disruptor charges ripped into the hulls of the Breen and Cardassian ships making them both erupt into a ball of orange fire and and hull fragments .

Worf nodded in approval of his gunner's work , "Now disable the shields of the Tanigawa .

The Klingon fleet's weapons hit the Tanigawa with surgical precision dropping the shields of the warship in an instant .

"Take a heavily armed away team , and kill anyone wearing a Cardassian or Breen uniform !" Worf commands .

"Sir!" the gunner replies .

The away team beams abaord and does exactly as Worf had ordered , killing every Cardassian and Breen soldier they encountered.
Worf's gunner contacts Worf from the bridge of the Tanigawa .

"Sir , the ship has been secured , no sign of the senior staff nor the missing Starfleet officers , the Junior officers were being held as hostages in the lower decks and we have released them .

General Worf nods "Acknowdged , T'rhyl , set a course for Starbase 375 , and engage on my next signal .
Worf out!"

General Worf closes the channel with his gunner and turns back to speak with Fleet Captain Kor'Tar , "Fleet Captain Kor'Tar , set a course along side us and we shall meet at Starbase 375 , Admiral Callahan is waiting for us there with new orders .

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

"Acknowledged General , thanks for the help back there , you just earned yourself a barrell of the 2309 vintage! I'll see you at Starbase 375.
Kor'Tar out! " The channel closed

"Lt. Mendez , set a course to Starbase 375 , warp 7 , engage! " Kor'Tar commanded .

"Aye sir !"

The Kahless , the Tanigawa, and the Klingon fleet warped away in multiple flashes of light .

Three hours later ......

The ships arrived at Starbase 375, The Kahless and the Tanigawa each took a spot in the station's repair facility while the Klingon starships patrolled the sector . Fleet Captain Kor'Tar , Commander T'Ruk , and General Worf made their way to Admiral Callahan's office .

Kor'Tar pressed the door chime and the door opened . The 3 walked inside Admiral Callahan stood and shook the hands of the 3 officers .

"Good work on recovering the Tanigawa , I figured something like that might happen so that's why I contacted Martok , if anyone could send some back up I knew he would ! Now to the reason I have called this meeting , I am calling off the search for Captain Valentine , Commander T'Bunn, Commander Vanessa Moren , and the rest of the Tanigawa's senior staff for the time being . We simply do not have the resources to commit to finding them at this time . The growing threat of the Breen/Cardassian Alliance must take precendent .
I have allocated 60 federation starships to this sector , and Kor'Tar I must be frank I cannot be here all the time to give the fleet their orders , that's why I am giving you the field promotion of Commodore , and T'Ruk I am promoting you to Captain of the Promehtus class U.S.S.
You two will coroodinate with General Worf's fleet and patroll the Federation and Cardassian border , keep it safe from spying and invasion . Congradulations Commodore , and congradulations Captain . Commodore Kor'Tar , you are now the command officer for this sector , and you will be making the big descisions on behalf of Starfleet and the Federation . I want for your first mission to deploy subspace relays accross the boarder from end to end , that way if a Cardassian or Breen warship crosses , the fleet will be alrted immedatly and be deployed to stop the incursion before it begins. Any questions? "Admiral Callahan asked .

The officers shook their heads no .
" Very good , as soon as repairs are complete on the Kahless , You can get under way with the fleet .

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