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The Reckoning

Fleet Captain Kor'Tar and a few of the senoir officers were just settling into the theater chairs on the holodeck as the lights came down and flicker of the projector began . The credits rolled by one by one as the music rumbled . THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON title appeared . Kor'Tar did not always understand these acient human films , but he enjoyed them none the less . Captain Valentine gave him a data rod filled with his all time favorite movies and a holo program of a cinema to show them in the last time Kor visted DS9 , and since then it had became a tuesday night tradition on the Kahless. Kor'Tar put on his 3-D glasses , and nudged T'Ruk to do the same .

"Come on T'Ruk , you've got to get into the spirit of things , here put these on , trust me it will add depth to the movie!" T'Ruk pursed her lips and raised her eyebrow at the Klingon .

"Very well sir , i do not see the logic of this exercise ," she said in protest as she place the cardboard frames on her face .

"You'll see why you need them in just a few minutes T'Ruk. "

Suddenly the creture came leaping up from the murky waters of the lagoon , causing every one to jump except for T'Ruk who kept her icy exterior . The movie continued on when Kor'Tar's combadge chirped . Kor'Tar put down his bucket of popcorn and placed his soda in the cup-holder on the armrest and excused himself outside the holodeck .

"Kor'Tar here , this had better be important , their getting to the good part of the movie!!" Kor'Tar said half jokingly .

"Sir , you have a priority one message coming in from Starfleet command " said the young communications officer , Ensign Jeff Burke.

"I'll take it in my quarters Jeff. " Kor'Tar replied.

Kor'Tar walked into his quarters and took off his uniform jacket and departmental shirt leaving him ina black t-shirt , he went to the liquor cabinet and pulled out a dusty old bottle of Blood Wine and used his thumb to wipe away the dust on the label .

2309 , V'Ruk Province , B'RoQ Vineyards , Qo'Nos

How Micheal came across the best vintage of Blood Wine from Kor'Tar's own Family vinyards , he'll never know . Kor'Tar uncorked the bottle and poured some into an old blood wine cup that had seen him through more victories and defeats than he even remembered . Kor'Tar set the cup upon his desk and sat down, activating his computer . The symbol for Starfleet command appeard which was soon replaced by that of an old grizzly bear of a man .

"Well if this isn't the old Burrhog himself , Admiral Callahan !", Kor said raisng his cup before taking a long swig .

Callahan face was unusally stoic even for him , "Listen Kor'Tar .... I wanted to let you know this before you read the causalltiy reports . Captain Valentine , and Commander Moren are Missing in Action . They were on a black ops mission deep near the Cardassian Border when we lost communications with them near Beta Lenkel . "

Kor'Tar put down his cup as the smile melted away from his features at this news , "I'll begin a search and rescue mission immeadiatly sir! " Kor'Tar said raising from his seat .

"No you are under orders to join the fleet on the front lines of the Voth/Vidian conflict . This order doesn't come from me but from Fleet Admiral Janeway herself . " Harry added.

Kor'Tar's temper flared "You know as well as I do she's been stuck behind her desk for too long , and that crazed Commodore she stays with isn't any better ! She said long ago you don't abandon any member of your crew . Well ordering me to fight on the frontlines when there are plenty of ships to fight this damn Delta Quadrent invasion that she most likely caused by angering the major races on her way home in the first place!!!" Kor'Tar caught his breath , and Callahan looked him dead in the eye .

"Kor'Tar I know your angry about this , but taking out on the Admiral and the Commodore is not going to help matters any . Yes , there are other ships that could be deployed , but she wants your knowledge and your experince out there . " Harry quickly saw that he was getting nowhere with Kor'Tar , "Ok , I'll make other arragements for ships on the frontlines , but know this , if you go on this search and rescue operation , your on your own , they'll be no back up for you . "

Kor'Tar smiled "You know if I catch who ever it is that has captured Mike and Vanessa , they'll need to call back up to get me off of them before I murder the whole lot of them !"

Callhan laughed at this , the smile showing the lines in his face, "I know you'll give them one helluva fight Turtle-Head!" Callahan's features grew serious once more , "Just be careful out there , and good luck Fleet Captain!"

"To us all Admiral!" Kor'Tar replied . The connection ended and Kor'Tar put his uniform back on and finished the Blood Wine in his cup as he made his way to the Comm station .

"Senior Officers report to the bridge !"

Kor'tar left his quarters followed closely behind by Billy O'Dell who at this point in the evening smelled like a brewery from the homeade Vodka from his still in his quarters no doubt .

"Hiya , Captain ! Good night for a wild goose chase wouldn't you say ? " Billy said with a glint in his glassy eyes .

From behind them came yet another voice "Billy , you've messed up the karmac flow in quarters ! Fung shuie is a science!!" Ranted the hig shrill voice of Jonathan Styles , the ship's counselor .

"Science is geeting the balance right on my still to make the perfect dry martini , not putting a chair along a certian wall to increase your flow of ......uh Kamakazie Juice? " Said Billy

"It's Karma ! Gods , do you ever listen to me when I'm talking?" Jontahan said annoyed.

"For the most part all I hear is a series of beeps and clicks followed by high shrill whisltes when you talk , I can hear everyone else fine though !" Billy said with a sardonic smirk

Kor, Billy, and Jonathan arrived at the turbo lift and Kor'Tar shot them both a look to keep their lips zipped until spoken to and they both quited down . The turbo lift arrived and quickly whisked them too the bridge , Commander T'Ruk had already arrived , still cluthing the 3-D glasses in her hand . Lt. Cmdr. Terrel was at her station , and her husband Teydrock was standing at the Engineering console . S'Vinn stood at the secondary tactical station as Rosa exited the turbolift and scanned his body up and down with her eyes as she made her way to the helm . Doctor Binion also exited the turbolift and stood at one of the port stations as Nurse D'Raako Joran made her precensce known by swaying her hips with each step as she followed close behind . George Sulu exited a turbo lift and stood near the secondary engineering station . Every one looked at the Captain as he stood on the bridge and surveyed his officers .

"We have been ordered to the front lines of the Voth/Vidian conflict " everyone's hearts sank as they listened , "but we're not going . "

T'Ruk looked up at her captain from her chair with a quizical look on her face , "Sir , why is it you are violating orders from Starfleet Command ? " She inquired .

"That is a very good question T'Ruk ! The reason is Captain Micheal Valentine , and Commander Vanessa Moren have been listed as Missing in Action near Beta Lankel . I have , after some negotiation gotten approval to begin a search and rescue operation , but there is a catch . We will be all alone with no back up , searching for two officers that may very well be captured, or worse , very close to enemy territory . Any of you who wish to object may do so now , it will be noted in my log. " Kor'Tar eyed his officers as they exchanged looks between each other .

Billy stood up as best as he could with his flask in hand , "Sir I think i speak for every one here when i say , Yippie Kai Yea Mother Fucker! Lets do this!! "

Everyone sat down in their positions and smiled , "Activate Claoking device and set a course for Beta Lankel , maximum warp!" The Kahless warped out into a flash of light to begin the search .

Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Captain's Log : Stardate 64357.4 . We have have searched the Beta Lenkel system for 12 hours and have turned up with nothing , no distress signals , no transponder signals , no debris nothing , not even an ion trail . This disturbs me greatly If Micheal and Vanessa have been captured , thier captors have covered their tracks well . We will continue the search for another 48 hours or until all the grids and sectors have been searched .

Billy O'Dell scanned his ops control panel , "Captain , I've found a small planetiod in orbit of a white dwarf type star .

"Onscreen. " Kor'Tar commanded .

What appeared on the view screen was an asymetrical crater pitted redish brown rock in space .

Kor'Tar stood from his chair and stepped forward , "It's not much to look at , is it?" he said to no one in particular

"Scan the surface , can you get readings of any kind ?" Kor'Tar inquired .

"Checking sir , I can't get any readings from the surface due to a dampining feild that is reflecting our scans ." , O'dell reported .

"Which means someone has something to hide from us on the surface ." Lt.Cmdr . Lisa Terrell commented .

Kor'Tar nodded and glanced at her , "It sure looks that way , Lisa , S'Vinn , Teydroc , Billy , go to the EVA lockers and suit up! We're going splunking !"

Everyone including Kor'Tar began to make their way to the turbolift doors , when they noticed none of them would open.

"What the hell?" Kor'Tar said as he struggled to pry the doors open with his fingers , the doors wouldn't budge .

The ship shook and the decks plating shivvered under their feet , the planetiod flashed with a brillant white light and was gone . In the far distance on the veiw screen appeared a small glowing reddish orange orb that grew closer at a tremndous rate until it enveloped the ship completely in a highly disruptive plasma energy field .

Another bright flash happened directly on the bridge blinding everyone and causing them to shield their eyes , when the light dimmed they saw a infamous man standing before them . Q .

Lt.Cmdr. Terrell and Lt.
S'Vinn leapt into action drawing their phasers, as soon as they pressed the triggers the phasers dissolved into sand

Q smiled and laughed as the security officers brushed their hands off bewildered , "Microbrain , you really must teach your crew some manners when a guest arrives ," He said with a smirk .

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Q [Lone Rogue]

*Q cocked his head slightly to the left and then right as he heard what sounded like his own voice to him.
He also felt a slight sense of 'been there, done that' already Slightly perplexed he leaned forward and not asking either Kor'Tar, Terrell or S'Vinn [or any member of the bridge crew] said, "Is there an echo in here or am I hearing myself in stereo?" He asks and chuckles.
[ooc: careful, careful writing Q's actions and dialog, but nice intro]

"Captain Kor'Tar." Q retorts with a smug tone and a twisted grin on his face as he slinks past the bewildered security team. "Splendid to meet your aquaintance sir, and . . . my dear Gah . . . er [insert any supreme being] . . . a Klingon Captain?!!" Q is surprised and looks wildly about the bridge of the starship. "What did I miss, when . . . and aw . . . hell, splendid to meet you sir." He simpers forward and winces, feeling the slip and faux pas of his shock, waning. "Of course I've always intended 'Micro-brain' only for the minions, mon Capitan! So my apologies . . . .
you're the Captain of this ship?"

Q is completely taken back finding himself on a Federation ship with a Klingon in command and humans giddily and respectfully taking orders from him. He eyes the Vulcan security officer S'Vinn with some glee and surmises, "What happened to you, sir~~ couldn't spout off the virtues of the I.D.I.C, or all calculations where PI is useless quick enough?" [suggesting that Vulcan's only attained important science positions in Star Fleet].

Q then levels his devilish, charming grin on Kor'Tar, daring him and baiting him, "Well . . . come on Captain~~ I'll bet you are just dying to know why I'm here? Come on, now spit it out~~ ask me?" Q folds his arms and stands majestically in front of Kor'Tar awaiting his response.

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

[OOC: Sorry about that , I should have asked first . And for future refrence S'vinn is Andorian , the Vulcan on the bridge is T'Ruk our female first officer, I'll let it slide as your comment was very good .
LOL! ]

"Ok Q, Why are you here? I can't say I am look forward to the answer , every minute lost is another minute that Valentine , Moren , and T'Bunn could be dying . We've got a seach and rescue mission to get to ...." Kor'Tar paused and walked over to Q till he was nose to nose with him .
"Let's get down to it , what is it you want ? "

Kor'Tar walks around Q Eyeing him up and down recalling the Starfleet reports he read from the 3 captains who encountered him before , Picard , Sisko , and Fleet Admiral Janeway .

"You know Q , Fleet Admiral Janeway is not only my commanding officer , but is also a personal friend of mine , and from what she has told me about your visits is that there is usally more too them than meets the eye . So what is it this time ? Hmm? Have you come to take a mate with one of the females ? Come to find some one to baby sit your son? Come to put humanity on trail once more? What is your game Q? " Kor'Tar walks closer to Q , getting in his personal space glaring at him , waiting for Q to make answer to his challenge .

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Q [Lone Rogue]

Q peers at S'Vinn closer and wonders if he could have a stigmatism; I wondered why the Vulcan was blue?and he grins mischieviously at Kor'Tar and stealthily moves up behind the Andorian, S'Vinn. "I guess I owe you an apology, and you don't have pointed ears . . . do you?" Q crinkles his eyes in a bemused glance at the Andorian. "I took you for a Vulcan~~ and thought perhaps the coloring was that you had gotten a bad bowl of plomik soup. Forgive me?" Q squeaks meekly and with mocked consolation.

He then swings back around to face Kor'Tar and is surprised to find him directly in his face; nose to nose. He tugs his head back and grimaces slightly. At once his demeanor returns to his charming giddiness at the suggestion of Janeway, no less. "You know Kathy?" Q eyes Kor'Tar now; eyes glittering with amusement and sense of comradarie. "Pray tell, how is she; has she mentioned whether she misses me?" Q ask, without a care or hesitation of seeming foolish.

"Picard and Sisko?" Q waves his hand in a fashion that suggests don't go there "Minions of the Fleet; but Janeway~~ she's an Admiral, well . . . of course, I knew they couldn't keep her down.

You have females on board?" Q feigns surprise. "Well? I don't have the time this visit." He grins at Kor'Tar as though slightly apprehensive of the suggestion. "My son doesn't need a baby sitter now. He's . . . well all grown now and looking to take . . . well, he thinks over the Continuum." Smiling proudly at the idea.

At the idea of rescuing Moren, T'Bunn and Valentine Q perks a bit. "Vanessa Moren, as in Lieutenant. Tall? Muscular . . . athletic Vanessa?" Q's interest is piqued for the moment. "I'd love the opportunity, Captain. I had no agenda really at all. But this sounds intriguing. Does my hair look alright?" He asks digressing in his thoughts and musings of rescuing the fair Vanessa. He offers a smug look at Kor'Tar as he takes a seat in the Captain's chair.
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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Kor'Tar strolls over to Q sitting smugly in the Captain's chair and looks down at him and speaks barely above a whisper , so that only Q and he can him speak .

"Yes, we are getting ready to beam down to the surface of that palnetiod you just flashed us away from , now...if you'd be so kind ...., " Kor'Tar leans down to whisper in Q's ear , but instead yells with a klingon acented growling , "GET OUT OF MY BLOODY CHAIR!!!"

Kor'Tar stood up and strightened his jacket and Klingon Baldric as he shot torpedoes at Q with his eyes .

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Q [Lone Rogue]

Q meets Kor'Tar's gaze with the ire and scrutiny he had once reserved for Picard. "Your bloody chair?" He grasps the arm rests and an easy going grin curls at his lips as he insists on continuing the banter and playful regale at Kor'Tar's expense. "It appears to be mine, now." Q retorts gleefully pleased with himself.

"Why waste your precious power supply for something I can easily assist you with." Q replies in a mocking and terse voice. He waves his hand in a dismisive fashion at the Klingon captain, snapping his finger-tips; Kor'Tar and his security team are swept away to the planet's surface in a flash of bright light.

Q looks around at the others left gawking on the bridge at him and grins broadly and winks at them before he also flashes away in a cosmic flash of brilliance.

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

The away team and Kor'Tar find them selves on the planet's surface , Kor'Tar taps his combadge .
"Kor'Tar to Kahless , acknowledge ." no reply but static . Kor'Tar ,Terrell , and S'Vinn draw their phasers , "Billy , now that we are down on the planet see if you can trace the source of that jamming signal and disrupt it some how , I see a structure a half kilometer to the west , cover me , that's the direction were heading , it is my thought that we'll find not only the source of the jamming signal , but maybe the prisoners if any being held captive there , most likely under armed guard .... we'lll sneak up to the opening of the structure and lure them out when they open the doors is when we make our move , we'll take a defensive posture , take out the guards and disarm them . Set phasers to heavy stun force .
Any questions before we start? "

Kor'Tar surveyed his officers and Billy spoke up, "In the event of my death , give my IV still to Rosa and dump everything else in John Styles quarters , it'll drive that neat freak mad !!" he said with an evil smile as the away team chuckled quitly to them selves and shook their heads .

"Alright , lets go , stay quiet and stay low! Move out ! " Fleet Captain Kor'Tar commanded . The began walking to the one story black trapaziod type structure , surrounded by tall , craggy rocks on all sides. They reach the perimeter just out sid the doors and set off a remote detinated charge blowing up a rock in the distance , the doors open on the structure and two armed Cardassian Soldiers come out with their phaser rifles riased . Kor'Tar eyes them from his hidden position and nods at Lisa Terrell , she activates the time delayed fuse on the concussives stun grenade ,and rolls it inside the structure between the 2 gurads.


The 2 gurads get knocked out unconsious , the away team runs past them an into the structure , with their weapons drawn , they come across two more gaurds and dispatch them with ease . They come to an interrigation room and force the doors open....They stop in disbelief in what they see ....Kor'Tar's mouth drops open agape at what he sees before him , "My gods ..."

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Q [Lone Rogue]

Q had arrived shortly after depositing the hapless away team and their illustrious leader to the surface of the planet and purposefully staying out of sight. He was amused by Kor'Tar's concern for his safety and even more at where he intended his personal possessions to go in the event of his untimely death.
eau contraire' Micro brain ... oops *where'd that come from* you'll live to see another battle . . .
ponders to himself, half-listening to the scene unfolding and only amused by his solo worship of his own antics and fulfillment in the vast time and space Continuum. "Ah, to be me." He whispers to himself, "I can think of no greater folly in all the multi-verse.

Q is as surprised as the landing party and nearly jumps out of his skin; if he could; he would have . . . but however, nonplussed and mostly indifferent in his demeanor as the watches the guards fall to the ground.

Q flashes up behind Kor'Tar now revealing he has been there all along. "Did you think I left?" He whispers close in Kor'Tar's ear. "You don't think I have anything to do with this do you?" Q asks, sullenly and gawps at what appears before them.

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Kor'Tar looks at the ransacked interrigation room with disbelief, who ever had been here left it a wreck afterwards execept for a small blinking device in the center of the room , Kor'tar motioned for Lt. Terrel to scan it , as soon as her scan began the device lit up and began humming .
She looked back in horror , "RUN!" the away team took off and ran as fast as they could . They reached the outer doors of the compound .....


The compound explodes sending shrapnel and flaming debris over the away team who were knocked to the ground by the concussive force of the explosion . Kor'Tar and the away team look at each other .

"Everyone alright?" He asks as he stands and begins to help the others up . Everyone nods .

"Captain , the dampening feild , whatever was generating it must have been taken out in the explosion .... we now have communications with the Kahless .
", Lt. Cmdr. O'Dell reported .

Kor'Tar tapped his combadge , "Kahless , this is Kor'Tar, come in .

Commander T'Ruk replied through the crackle of static , "Sir we are under attack ! Sheilds down to 60% ! It's the Tanigawa!"


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Q [Lone Rogue]

As Q watches the Away Team run away, he *shrugs*. The ensuing blast causes a winking out of the area in his vision, as he flashes from the scene at the epicenter of the site. Q is unhurt and mildly amused at how quickly the sentients were able to scamper away in time. He hears the dialog between the Captain and his crew and Q winks from the dimension, time and vacuum of space in that moment.

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