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Revenge is a Dish That is Best Served Cold

"Any signal from her yet ? " Commodore Kor'Tar inquired with a slight hint of concern in voice .

Lt. Terrel shook her head , "None sir ."

"Scan the surrounding 100 light years in a sphereical pattern . Melota has never been late for a rendavous . " Kor'Tar ordered .

He sat down in his captain's chair on the bridge of the Kahless and stared into stars on the view screen as his officers worked furiously scanning the region .

"Sir , we've found a feild of debris at coorodinates 387 mark 68 port . " Lt . Terrel reported after a half hour of searching .

Kor'Tar looking up from his boots stood from his chair . "Engage to those coordinates at warp 6.5 , Lt. Mendez . "

"Aye sir ! " Rosa replied with her thick Brooklyn accent as she put down her compact and smacked away at her gum .

Counselor Johnathan Styles looked over at Kor'Tar , "Don't worry sir , I'm sure it's nothing perhaps you'd like to engage in some Ruustai stress reducing breathing excercises ?"

Kor'Tar gave him no response other than a cold glare . Commander Billy O'Dell , joined Kor'Tar in the Glare then went around behind Johnathan in his chair . "You want to counsel Klingons ? You don't , you give them space . If this had been a Klingon ship you would have been killed for making such a display . "

Lt. Mendez interupted the exchange , "We're arrivng at the coordinates , sir "

Kor'Tar stood from his chair "Bring us to a full stop . Lt. Terrel put the debris field onscreen "

The screen shifted to the floating debris .

Lt. Terrel scanned the debris "Sir , this is debris of a Klingon Bird of Prey . Attempting to lock onto the ship's registry , sir ..... I'm so sorry . This is the debris of the Gorkon's Fury . "

Kor'Tar clenched his fist and slammed it into the armrest of his chair and howled a Klingon death howl .

"How long ago were they attacked ? " Kor'Tar asked .

"No more than 3 hours ago . The weapons signatures match those of the starship commanded by ..... Empress Lursa of the alternate universe , i have a lock on her ship's ion trail . " Lt. Terrel reported .

Kor'Tar glared into the debris seeing his now dead mate's face in an apparition seen only by him .

"Avenge my death in honorable combat lover" she seemed to be saying to him . Kor'Tar stood and turned to Billy O'Dell , "Your in command till I return , Number One . I have something I must attend to . " Kor'Tar said through clentched teeth .

Kor'tar headed down to his quarters and removed his baldric , combadge , and Commodore Rank pips . He went over to his wall which was decorated with assorted Klingon weapons and pulled the Bat'Leth down off the wall .

He headed straight to the shuttle bay and climbe aboard the Runabout Trinity and set a course following the ion trail and warped after it .

After a couple the computer interupted his blind rage thoughts . "Now approcahing Empress Lursa's Vessel "

Kor'Tar slowed the Trinity down to a stop . and grabbed his Bat'Leth , he walked over the the runabout's mini transporter pad and typed in the coorodinates to the bridge of her ship and beamed abaord with his sword at the ready .

Kor'Tar see's her good eye spy him . Some of her warriors start for Kor'Tar but she forbids them to advance with a flick of her wrist .

"You killed my mate Melota , and I demand vengence P'TaQ!"
Big BAD L [MU]: A good idea, to FEAR
Empress Lursa

Before the fight of honor

Sitting within the comfort of her leather back command chair, sat the one eyed warrior, Empress of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance and Eldest daughter of the house of Duras, Lursa. her mannerism reflected her inner thoughts. Cold, calculating, and determain to expand her hold upon known space, both her own and the one in which the Terran named Sisko came form.

As the one eyed warrior sat in her command chair, her eye scan the bridge of the IKS Vor'cha Her ears listened to her crew, as they toiled about their duties for the Alliance. Her stern look, upon the battle harden face, knew that she can trust can trust them with her life, and when she heard reports of approaching Klingon Bird of Prey, she wasn't in the slightest bit concern.

"...Gorkon's Fury demands to speak with you, Empress" K'urn informed her

Arching her brow over her good eye she wondered if this peta'Q had a death wish in their request.

"Really?" she returned bluntly

"Yes, my lady" again K'urn informed "She wants to know why we are here?"

Again, the Eldest daughter of the House of Duras, took pause to this request. her mind, began to go, over different thoughtsm ideas, and theories as to whom this warrior was and if this captain knew who she was dealing with.

Fine" Lursa stated as she gestured towards the the Vor'cha main viewscreen, when the image of Captain Melota appeared upon the large veiwscreen.

"What do you want?" the eldest daughter of th house of Duras bluntly, with a hint of cold heartedness

"I want to know why your vessel is in Klingon space, with Cardassians on board" Melota return the same bluntness

When the One eyed warrior heard what the Klingon captain had to say, she knew right then and there that this warrior, wasn't from her universe, but from the universe where Sisko's Terran Federation engulfed the brave warriors known as Klingon and made .., at least in her eyes, weaker then her own universe warriors. Raising to her feet, the one eyed warrior, stared directly at her would be foe. her lips snarledand twitched as she growled angerly towards her fellow warrior.

"It's planly clear," Lursa informed "that myself and the crew of this ship aren't from your pitiful universe"

Once the Empress, informed the Federation lapdog, the most powerful woman in the known universe, pretty much tone out the verbal assualt coming from the courter-part Klingon warrior. The eldest daughter of the House of duras, began studying her soon to be oppunite, as if she herself was a sciencist with a mircoscope studying a lifeforms in a drop of water. The battle scar warrior's mind began her tactical break down of possible battle plans, ship movement through the void of space, armament strength of both her vessel and the Captain of the Gorkon's Fury. The woman knew several way in defeating, the up start lapdog of Sisko's Federation, but the one eyed warrior felt that this woman, despite the fact that her people allied themselve with weakminded peta'Q Federation.

She knew from the start of these talks, that the Captain of Gorkon's Fury as well as the Bird of Prey crew were going to be set to Sto-Vor-Kor and the rest of the honor dead

"...there for, I'm asking you to stand down" the captain stated

"I truly doubt, I would leta Federation lapdog on board my vessel, captain. If you haven't guess by now, that, I am the leader, or Empress if may, of the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. It's my right as leader and a Klingon warrior, to tell that I am here to bring forth my rule over over this space and the pitiful Federation"

Lursa pleasently stated in a way her fellow Klingon could understand, which was as blunt and to the point with a hint of anger

"Then so be it, Empress" the Captain said "may you die with honor"

"The same to you, captain" returned the Eldest daughter of the House of Duras, as she signal to end transmission as she took her seat in the center of the bridge

"Perpare for battle" she utter bluntly

when the Admiral step on board the Vor'cha, the Eldest Duaghter of the house of Duras, looked him over and wonder who he was talking about, but then again, she could have cared less at this point in time. She arched her brow over her good eyed as she shook her head at him.

"You have to be more to the point?" she stated as she looked about her crew "If you mean, that warrior captain on board the Gorkon's Fury, who died with honor, then you do not have a right to call forth vengence. She knew what she was getting into when she faced me and my vessel. We fought for what K'urn?"

"Three earth hours or more, I can not recall, the battle was long" Lursa's second answered his leader

"So, you see, Starfleeter, you have no right in your demand, unless you want proof, of said battle?"

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Kor'tar glared at Lursa as she realted the tale to him , and then smiled a toothy grin , "I have no doubt in my mind that she and her crew fought a valaint fight and have earned their place of honor in Sto'vo'Kor , " he approached Lursa in her throne like chair , "But you see , she recently opened subspace communications with me , as we did each night , and it seems she was with child , a son , my son . You have killed my mate and you have killed my unborn child . And unless you want to present any of your mates and children to face me , you will answer my challenge , like a Klingon " He said with a growl .

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Big BAD L [MU]: A good idea, to FEAR
Empress Lursa

with a arched brow over her good eye, the one eyed warrior, simply wonder why, this male Klingon would do such a thing, for his unborn child. Both he and his mate, knew full well, that any worthy Klingon female, with said child, would fight, no matter what. But, as her mind wondered, she recalled the child's uniform he wore.

Snapping her fingers and pointing to the sky "And you think, just because, your unborn, wasn't a warrior yet, makes you believe that striking me down, is an honorable way. Of course, it does not, my fellow warrior, for if a female warrior, goes into battle, and is with child, and she becomes no more, then, well, the child died with honor, even if the child wasn't able to defend themselves.

"The mother of your child, knew this, and your rage, has blinded you. Perhaps, if you didn' wear that child uniform and listened to them, daily, then your judgement wouldn't be clouded by their ideals"

Clasping her hands, behind her, she looked at the warrior in question, as she leaned forward "again, my fellow klingon warrior, I ask you, why are you here. I did battle with your beloved and she was with child, and I myself, carries the seed of a warrior with in me. So, I know the dangers us, warrior women, face daily, and my unborn and I, welcome, death and to be greeted in Sto-Vor-Kor."
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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Commodore Kor'Tar , fed up with her double talk raised his bat'leth in a threatening manner at Lursa , staring her down .

"If you are so ready to face death while carrying the seed of one of your unichs , then stop flapping your gums like a cowering Ferengi and defend yourself! " and with that Kor'Tar pulled his Bat'leth back to add power to the thrust of the swing he aiming at her torso ...
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Big BAD L [MU]: A good idea, to FEAR
Empress Lursa

With a chuckle from both herself and the Klingon crew member, Lursa, drew out her d'ktagh and smirked devilishly at her foe. She, knew, as well, as the crew of the Vor'cha, the the warrior asking for honor death, would forth coming, and if she meet her fate, then she herself, would be meeting her sister in Sto-Vor-Kor.

"Ha!" she said as she stepped to the left as she held out her honor blade "You think that, wouldn't you. This, Ferengi, as you say, is all bark and no bite. I doubt that"

With a swing and leap forward, the eldest Daughter of the House of Duras, cut the length of Space, in which a Bat'leth was effective in battle. With a quick, slice at the warrior's arm, she was the first to draw blood, yet, she felt an blow upon her mid-section, as a fist impacted onto her ribs.

"Yes, good. Give me your rage, peta'Q" she uttered bluntly

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Kor'tar felt the sting of Lursa's Bat'leth cutting into his right bicep and he gnarled his teeth at the pain as the warm blood poured down his arm, and clenthced his fist and jabbed her in the ribs with his now bloody fist

Upon hearing her challenge , "If it is my rage you want , you shall have it! "

He swung high , and his swoard met her sword in a blocking manuver with a loud clang, he swung long and again his sword was met by hers . He turned his blade in such a way that it locked hers down with his and he headbutted her knocking her back , the struck her with the dull edge of his bat'leth in an uppercut along the bottom of her chin knocking the Empress off her feet .

"Stand up and face me , like a Klingon! " Kor'tar said through his bared teeth .

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Big BAD L [MU]: A good idea, to FEAR
Empress Lursa

off the record: Lursa isn't using a bat'leth, she's using a d'ktagh

on the record: Wiping the blood off her lips, the Warrior Empress, simply smirked as she rose to her feet. Even as she rose, she once again, grip her d'ktagh and held it firm, she knew every move a warrior would most likely uses, but she was after all Klingon, and even in battle, there would be surprises to be seen and unfold before any warrior.

"Good" she uttered as she fling the knife back and forth between her hands "But not good enough"

Again, she stepped in close to make the use of a bat'leth un-use able, for a few seconds, before, she grip the blade, with her own, and forcing it downward as she went to knee him in the ribs, which he block, but left him open for a head-butt to the face. She push back, and let the man stumbel backwards, to watch him swing aimlessly.

She would jump in, and finished the assult, but her code of ethics and honor, provented her from doing so, she wanted this to last, and she wanted to show, the man standing before her, that his wife, died honorable, a faith she herself, would do and or send the Warrior to meet his mate.

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Kor'Tar , Son of B'RoQ

Kor'Tar shook his head from the impact of the headbutt dealt to him by the Empress , as his cheeks begin to swell , his eyes blackened and the blood flowed freely from his nose and mouth , instead of wiping it away he spat out what he could to the right and allowed the blood to drip down his face soaking his moustache and beard . He stood , swinging his blade from the left to the right between his hands , keeping his eyes locked upon the Dk'Tagh as it gleamed in the light now stained with his own blood .

"You talk a good talk , but you have the fighting skills of a drunken Pakled ! " Kor'Tar said as his blade swung around and sliced into Lursa's left thigh sending blood dripping from the wound .
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