Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stepping Stones

Kor'Tar packs his duffel bag with all the essentials and pulls the zipper closed . His mother was on tour with the opera company and would not be back home for a week . His sister R'yal , was in her second year at the Klingon Warrior Academy . He hears a knock upon the door , so he opens the door by pressing the control panel . The door slides open to reveal a 6 foot 6 inch tall Klingon warrior with gray hair at his temples and in his goatee .

"Uncle Korak ! I was not expecting your arrival ! Please come inside!" Kor'Tar says to the older man .

"Do you think I would allow my nephew to be taken to Earth on a transport shuttle? You know , your father would not approve of your choice to join Stafleet Academy . He didn't exactly trust humans . " , Korak points out .

"I know he didn't but that was a different time , before Nerendra III , before ......Kithomer . The Federation has shown they only want to help if they see suffering , and to explore . I want to explore , as much as I love the homeworld , I feel if I sit here any longer I will become one with the landscape . " Kor'Tar says with a slight hint of frustration .

"You have lived for 16 turns now Kor'Tar and are free to make your own decisions , Are you ready ? " Korak asks

"I am."

Korak unhooks a communicator from his belt and speaks into it .

" Raltz , Activate Beam ! "

A bright red transporter beam envelopes both klingons and beams them inside an old dusty Bird of Prey's transporter room .

"Come Kor'Tar , I'll show you to your cabin ." The old warrior led Kor'Tar to a cramped room with a rusty old metal cot to sleep on and visble steaming pipes beneath the floor grating . Kor'Tar sets his bag down and walks over to the small window and looks down at Qo'Nos for the first time and is taken by its beauty . "Take a long look and remember it well Kor'Tar . It will be a long time before you see it again . " Korak says as his puts his hand on Kor'Tar's shoulder and gives it a squeeze .

Korak leaves and heads to the bridge , "Helm , set a course for Earth , maximum warp!" The ship jumps into warp and the old ship creaks and groans and rumbles.


Kor'Tar looks up at the grounds after exiting the admissions office and recives his dorm assignment . He finds his room and sets his bag on the bed on the right . He hears someone coming up "Let's see , 468 , 469 , ahh 470! " A young human male with brown skin enters the dorm room and sets his bag down on the open bed . "Hi there , the names Marcus! Marcus Binion! What's yours? " He sticks out his hand with a smile . Kor'Tar claps his hands with his roomate and smiles back . "I am Kor'Tar , house of B'Roq ! "


"That's us! Let's go Marcus ! "

The cadets filed out from their dorm rooms and headed down to the expansive Starfleet Hall , where the Federation Charter had been signed in the year 2161 , the room soon filled up with 500 cadets . An older human man with close cropped gray hair , and what seemed to be an engrained grimance on his face . He stepped up to the podium .

"Good Morning! I am Admiral Harry Callahan! I can tell you right now out of the 500 of you sitting in here , there will be 40 % of you will wind up washing out before the first semester is over . The reason is Starfleet only takes the best , if you expect to survive here , you must strive to be the best ! Then perhaps , one day , you will be considered to have a berth on a Starship . I know why most every one of you is here , It's not to be a helmsman , ops officer , security officer , doctor , the list goes on and on . Everyone has their eye on the big chair , the center seat . But it does not happen overnight , you will have to be dedicated , and strive to be on the top of the heap ! "

After another 40 minutes of lecturing the cadets were dismissed for the first break of the day so Kor'Tar decided he would head down to the commisary along with his room mate Marcus , for some lunch . They passed by some junior cadets "Alien Trash " one of them whispered to the other as they stared at Kor'Tar .

Kor'Tar stops walking and turns around to face them . "Excuse me? I didn't quite catch that . "

Marcus puts his hand on Kor'Tar's arm . "Let it go Kor'Tar , it's not worth it! "

One of the taller boys stepped forward , "I said , that you , and those of your kind are the alein trash of the galaxy , turtle head! " he says as he pushes Kor'tar back about a foot .

Kor'Tar decks him kncoking him back on his butt , the boy wipes blood dripping from his nose , the 2 other cadets grab Kor'Tar's arms , but he escapes their grips and trips them down then pulls them up and crashes their skulls together .

Admiral Callahan comes running up "Break it up! Break it up!" he pulls Kor'Tar off of them .

A crowd of students and brass had gathered around the frey at this point .

"One thing you do not do , is get into a fight on your first day ! You know I could throw your ass out for that little stunt ? "

Marcus steps forward , "Sir , I witnessed this , and the older studentds started the fight!"

"I don't give a tinker's damn who started the fight ! I'm ending it here and now! Everyone involed in this fight is confined to your dorm until tomorrow ! I don't care what old , outdated rasisct feelings that were carried over from the 23rd century by your forbears , but there is no room for that shit here! Now get the hell outta my site ! Dismissed! "

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