Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping done!

Welp, today I woke up around 10 -ish in the morning . I watched Star Trek XI another time through , cause it is simply that good , then got up and ate some lunch after the movie was over and watched the Dallas Cowboys eek out a win against the Washington Redskins .

While watching the game I looked at the sunday newspaper , and I seen Toys R Us is having a sale on Star Trek XI accessories for $11.99 , so I decided to go there after the game to pick myself up a Phaser .

I decided while I was there I'd look at the DST action figures to see if I could find one of the short packed Kang figures , but unfortunately there were no Kangs to be found . But I did manage to find a re-release of TOS's Mr. Spock , so I picked him up .

I found another couple items which I'll not share here as they will spoil the surprise for a certain someone one who I am very fond of who happens to be suscribed to my blog on myspace . ;) (Love ya Molly!) :*

Got back home and took out my phaser and spock figure , the phaser is pretty fun and looks fairly screen accurate to me , and the likeness on Spock is dead on !

Then I found a box suitable to ship the items I got for a certian someone , no all I need to do is buy some x-mas wrap so she'll be able to open the box when it arrives .

I think tomorrow , after I go with my parents to my mother's doctor appointment I'll head some where and find some xmas paper . Then I can wrap the gifts (as best I can) and get them sealed in the box and ready to go .

A pretty nice day I think .

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