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The rain began to subside as the sun broke through the clouds . It had been raining all night . The ground was soaked , and the breeze added a chill to the air . Kor’Tar awoke inside the tent next to Terla and stretched his weary bones . Another night with no sign of any Targs . Kor’Tar gently woke Terla and they got ready to go on the hunt again .

They exited their tent with spears in hand . They walked 42 meters into the wooded area being very quiet when they both heard russtling in the underbrush to their right . Kor’Tar and Terla both crouched down on their honches and focused their eyes to where the sound was coming from . Out from the underbrush came a young male Targ rooting around for insects on the forrest floor .

Kor’Tar quietly signaled for Terla to go around to the other side of the Targ, she did. They both pulled their spears back and fired. The spears both found their marks on the Targ’s torso and the beast fell to the forrest floor, dead. Kor’Tar and Terla both cheered in jubilation of their victory and kissed each other before tying the hooves of the Targ together and carrying the carcass back to Kor’Tar’s hovercraft on a long carrying stick.

They tied the carcass to the roof of the hovercraft and headed back to B’RoQ Estate home in the V’Ruk Province.

Lady Vemka sat at the dining room table in the family eastate discussing the day’s happenings with Korak and R’yal when their converstaion was interuppted by the sounds of Kor’Tar and Terla both with voices raised in song…

“…and sticky-coniuous and surrounded-continuous by blood , And the River Skral ran crimson red. On the day above all days. When Kahless slew evil Molor dead!”, they sang as they carried their trophy from the hunt and placed it onto the kitchen counter .

Lady Vemka , R’yal and Korak all came into the kitchen to see the Targ . “Ahh , that is a fine kill you two ! You will have meat in cold storage for months! Come lets open a bottle of Blood Wine to celebrate ! I have some news that may be of interest to you Kor’Tar .” Uncle Korak said .

Kor’Tar joined Korak in the dining room with a bottle of Blood Wine while Terla , Lady Vemka , and R’yal all worked on cleaning and preapring parts of the Targ to eat and other parts to store .

“What news do you have Uncle ?” Kor’Tar inquired as he sipped Blood Wine from his cup.

“I have been contacted by General Len’mot of the Imperial Fleet , and he has authurized me to offer you a command within the Empire . You will have command of a Squadron of ships from your flagship . You will be able to fight in battles others can only dream of, think of it Kor’Tar! The honor and glory that await you! The General will be visiting here with you this afternoon ” , Korak said as his voice raised with excitement .

Kor’Tar was about to speak when Lady Vemka came in from the kitchen .

“Kor’Tar, you have an incoming transmission from Starfleet Command , it’s Admiral Callhan !” Vemka said .

“Thank you mother ! I’ll take it in my room!” Kor’Tar said .

Kor’Tar excused himself from the table and headed down the hallway to his old bedroom and sat at the old desk he spent so many afternoons and evenings studying for his exams at . All feelings of nostalgia were quicly washed away as he activated the terminal And Admiral Callahn’s grizzled face appeared .

“Good morning you old war-dog ! Have you made a decision on your career yet?” The Admiral asked .

“Good morning Admiral . No I’m still trying to decide , and I thought I had 3 weeks to make the decision . I still have a week left of shore leave , what’s the rush?” Kor’Tar asked .

“More Romulan refugees are turning up all over the place , since the Kahless is the closet starship to the Romulan / Klingon border it has been assigned as the command ship in charge of gathering the Romulan refugees and transporting them to Starbase 375 for processing . We are working in full cooroperation with the Klingon Empired and what is left of the Romulan government . I’m sorry to put this on your Kor’Tar , but I’ll need your decision by 1600 hours . Callahan out .” The screen switched off and Kor’Tar was left staring at his own reflection .

Kor’Tar hit the intercomm button on his desk , “Terla , join me in here . I need your help to decide something .”

The clock on the shuttlecraft read 1545 hours as Admiral Harry Callahan piloted it to the landing pad on top of the B’RoQ estate house , he noted the Imperial shuttle which landed next to his shuttle on the landing pad .

“This should be interesting .” he said to noone in particular .

He exited the side door and stepped out when his eyes landed on the Klingon coming out from the Imperial shuttle .

“General Len’mot! Sonuvabitch! It is you!” Callahan said with exuberance as the to old cold warriors traded war stories on the way to the entryway into the house .

Kor’Tar and Terla both emerged from his bedroom and made their way down the hall to the dining room where they found Admial Callahan , General Len’mot , Lady Vemka , R’yal , and Uncle Korak all talking , which stopped as soon as they noticed Kor’Tar standing there .

Kor’Tar looked at the General and Admiral as they both studied him intently . “I’d like to thank you both for coming to meet with me personally . General Len’mot it is an honor to finally meet you , yours is name well known throughout the empire . Admiral you of course have had many successful campaigns during your career .” Kor’Tar began , then he paused .

“I am honored to be up for consideration as a Sqaudron commander , but I am and have been an explorer , I cannot just turn my back on a career I have spent so long building . Thank you for your consideration General Len’mot but I must decline your offer .” Kor’Tar said .

“Very well Kor’Tar , I will honor your wishes , Qa’Pla!” General Lenmot said then he left for his shuttle .

Admiral Callahan grinned from ear to ear at his small victory , “ I’m glad you decided to stay with Starfleet Kor’Tar !”

“Don’t crack open the bubbly just yet Admiral . Terla and I were talking , and we would like to stay together , so where I go she goes . Would you have a problem with my mate staying with me while on board the Federation’s flagship for the Klingon sector?” Kor’Tar asked while eyeing the Admiral.

“Hell no I don’t have a problem with it Kor’Tar! I’m surprised you’d even ask! Terla is more than welcome to stay on board with you as a Strategic Operations officer and representive for the Empire!” Harry said while clapping his hand on Kor’Tar’s back .

Kor’Tar and Terla materialized in the transporter room of the U.S.S. Kahless along with Terla’s belongings which were packed into 6 brown crates with Klingon lettering on them .

They were greeted by Dr. Marcus Binion and Commander Billy O’Dell .

“Welcome back sir!” Billy said with glee as he gave Kor’Tar a bear hug .

Crewmen came and began carrying the Crates down to Kor’Tar’s quarters which he and Terla would now share , thankfully the walls being moveable , allowed them to remove one wall with ease to double the size of the living space within .

Kor’Tar changed out of his klingon garb and back into his standard duty uniform and he placed his baldric around his shoulders . He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed Terla gazing at him , so he turned around and asked her , “So what do you think?”

She stood up from the bed and walked around Kor’Tar , looking him up and down in the Starfleet uniform . She groped his rear .

“Very nice .” she purred , “when can I get one of my own to try on?” she cooed as she put her hands on his pecs.

Kor’Tar smirked and embraced her , “We’ll see if the quatermaster has something in your size at the end of our shift today, but right now we need to get on the bridge! . “ he said

Kor’Tar rode in the turbolift alongside Terla . The lift slowed and the doors opened . The entire senior staff was there and they all burst into applause as Kor’Tar and Terla entered the bridge .

Kor’Tar sat down in his chair , “Thank you everyone! Lt. Mendez , set a course for the Roumlan border, warp 6 . Keep sensors scanning for escape pods , dsitress calls and derelect starships ..” Kor’Tar ordered .

“Aye sir, course plotted .” Rosa said with a smaile through her thick Brooklyn accent .


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