Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Memories of the Futurecast Episode 12 ~ The Big Goodbye

Well I've had a long day today , went along with my parents to their Dr. Appointment to meet their PCP so maybe I can start getting paid to be my Mom's Caretaker , but as it turns out , the Dco and or his staff lost the form he needed to sign , so now we gotta call them back to have them fax yet another form over to them .

Then we took my mom back home , then I tagged along with my Dad to Walgreens to drop off the prescriptions and pick up some holiday gift wrap so a certian some one will be able to open the shipping container when it arrives on her doorstep in a week or two .

Then we got back home , I watched Let's make a Deal , while my mom's on call Nurse checked in on her . Then I went to my room and watched Star Trek XI with the audio commentary on , which was quite a laugh lol .

Came out and fixed some dinner , ate , did the dishes , then watched Heroes Thanksgiving special which featured the return of Sylar's mind to his body , and wackiness ensues!

My father checked the mail and I recieved the Star Wreck DVD which my last two posts were about .

I watched Jay Leno , the News , and instead of watching Conan which I generally do , I skipped it to go watch Star Wreck . then I came back out here and posted a gaggle of bloggles .

So , enough yapping bout' my day .....

Today's Memories of the Futurecast is Episode 12 - The Big Goodbye .

Plenty of fun , curses , and stories , so curl up with your big steaming mug of ....




And click the link to download the Futurecast goodness!


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