Thursday, November 12, 2009

Memories of the Futurecast Volume 10

Hello again followers of my bliggity blog . Yes it has now been a week since my last posting and there has still been no story involving Kor'Tar and company . Well , I've been stuck on ideas for that for one , and for two my middle name is procrastination (really it's Robert, hey look at that some of you learned something new! *ding!*) .

Further more I came down with a head cold yesterday afternoon which is kicking my ass , so .... while I sip some hot tea , and maybe some juice , and eat some soup , and watch some DVDs , I'll give you the latest chapter of Wil Wheaton's Memory of the Futurecast Volume 10 which takes on "Hide and Q" this week .

Yes it uses foul language of course so keep that in mind around those with tender ears .

Plenty of humor and fun to be had with this one as well , as well as copious amounts of bell ringing .

I don't recall the MB size of it but it does run for about 17 minutes , so it shouldn't crash your system , (I mean hell, I can download this and I have a 10 year old dell with very little memory space left)

So before I begin babbling any more than I should here's the link before I forget it .

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