Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memories of the Futurecast Volume 9

So after working a 14 hour day at the local elections office , aka a methodist church's activity room . I am totally and completely zapped for energy today , which means I'd really love to take Kor'Tar and Terla and the rest of my U.S.s. Kahless action figures off the shelf and preform another act in their story , but my mind has turned to putty , a very , un-silly putty to boot , more like zombie putty , mmmmmm...brains.....what was I saying?

Oh yeah .... so instead , to give everyone another tastytreat for the ears , I am linking to Wil wheaton's latest Memories of the Futurescast which takes on "The Battle"

Many F-bombs are dropped in this one and other NSFW refrences so needless to say , if you know anyone who is easily offended or have kiddies around , leave the headphones plugged in to your speakers .

I think this weighs in at around 14 ish MB

and I think it runs for about 20 odd minutes there abouts

So strap in , lay back in your easy chair pop some popcorn , get your soda pop , or favorite adult beverage going , and prepare to be entertained by Uncle Willie!


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