Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obligitory Birthday Blog, Part Duex

Well today was my birthday , and since it was a sturday I slept in a bit , until about 9:30 am at least , then got up and ate some breakfast . At 10 am I switched over the TV to my local CW station to catch the new animated movies “Turtles : Forever” which is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie which takes the Turles of this new series and has them interact with the more cartoonish turles of the old show from 1988 . I was a big fan of the Turtles as a kid so for me it was like a trip down memory lanes , and it was quite enjoyable .

Well after the movie was over I fixed myself some lunch and checked my messages , and I discussed todays plans with my parents . I was anxious for the mail to arrive as I am expecting a payment from a guy for 7 of my old Playmates figures . Well the mailman was of course delayed so I went and took a nap for about an hour or two .

When I got back up dad had just walked out the door to check the mail again , and he had a couple of envelopes in his hand , he handed one to me . It was my check for working as an elecion offical on the 3rd of the month .

Originally I had planned to go with my dad to pick up my cake and a frozen pizza from the store , then that check came . So we went and picked up the cake , then I skipped the frozen pizza and asked him to take me to Wal-Mart so I could open a savingaccount at the bank so I could put one dollar in so I can cash checks there, of course it goes without saying I had to listen to their sales pitch .

Finally after half hour I had my cash in hand , dad and I picked up a few grocery items we needed , then we headed down the road to Target . I made my way to the electronics dept and found the shelf with the Star Trek XI film display end cap . I just got paid so I got the one that has a plastic model of the ship as the film case , 2 disc standard DVD with digital copy to download onto your pc, mac, or ipod .

We headed straight home afterwards , and we were all feeling hungry so I phoned Pizza Hut and ordered us dinner then headed into my room with my Star Trek film (after having built the model sitting at my chair) and I began watching it .

We must have caught Pizza Hut at a slow time , because I hadn’t evn gotten out of the prolouge, in fact George Kirk was talking with his wife during the attack when my dad knocks on my bedroom door telling me the pizza arrived , so I paused the film , served some up for everyone and grabbed my plate and a bottle of water and headed back to my room and continued the movie .

Later I served up some cake for everyone and went back and finished the film , then I watched all of disc two with all the behind the scenes and deleted scenes etc .

I must say I love the Klingon Scene and feel they should have kept it in , who knows perhaps one day they’ll give us a recut edition to please us critics lol

Today was an utterly awesome birthday! I am quite pleased!

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