Friday, November 20, 2009

Obligitory Birthday Blog

27 years ago , today my mother gave birth to me at Osteopathic Hospital in down town Fort Worth . A hospital , which in a the past few years got closed down due to lack of funding .

My Dad , Richard Zachary, who at the time owned and operated his own moving company , Zachary Transfer Co. , was being begged by my older brother Johhny to go to Pizza Hut for lunch or dinner . My dad isn't a fan of pizza because he dislikes cheese , and he also knew Johnny would want to spend more time playing the arcade games than eating his meal , but Dad went ahead and took Johnny to Pizza Hut .

There he was sat down at a table and served by the manager of the store , my mother Susan Demming .

My dad and my mom soon realized there was an attraction and began dating , then it happened .

My mom got pregnant with me . So shortly after this happened my parents got married .

Well the pregnancy was going well until I began growing so large in utero that she couldn't sleep in bed or hold any food down . So dad drove her to the hospital and they asked her OB to induce labor , Because mom was certain she was over due .

The Doc very rudely told her that she wasn't even 8 months ? Idiot! she was there at conception , I think she'd know about the time it happened .

Well they refused to induce , or even give her a C section , so when the time finally arrived and she could barely move , they made her give birth to me naturally .

About 30 hours later , they were pulling me out . I was so large they had to break my right arm to finally get me out .

So they cleaned me up and put an ace bandage on my arm .

I weighed in at 11 lbs. and 8 oz .

Then the Doc had the audacity to tell my mother that another woman was coming in who was as pregnant as my mom had been and he was giving her a C section! Ass!!

My first name Wayne comes from my Dad's best friend at the time , and my middle name Robert comes from my Grandfather on my mom's side .

He was in a military hospital with his pacemaker at the time of my birth and he passed about a week after I was born .

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