Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Wreck DVD...The Review!

Welp, just got back from watching Star Wreck , and it was pretty cool , it had plenty of funny bits interpersed throughout . It makes ample fun of Star Trek and Babylon 5 . It has some laugh out loud moments in it . It has some huge battle scenes that are remind me of the battles from DS9 , Star Wars and Bab 5 .

The movie is quite enjoyable , there's only one drawback . It is in Finnish with English subtitles , which means you've gotta read and keep up with every bit of it , or if you do like I did , and begin to drift off to sleep , you shut your eyes thinking you can keep up with it and then realize , hey I can't understand a word of what their saying lol .

The movie is unrated , but it does have language , bloody violence , and sexual situations , and a quick shot of nudity .

So if the movie were here in the states , it would most likely get a strong PG-13 or if an uppity censorship worker were grading it a light R .

Not half bad for a fan film effort . I do wish it were dubbed in English though .

I give it 4 stars out of 5 .

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