Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Wanderer (Freewrite)

I am in a fucked up mood right now , so I thought I'd try to write it out .

A large , black , cloud , rolling with lighting and thunder hovers over a man walking down a desolate road in the country . Any where he walks , destruction is left in his wake.

Any one who tries to grab him pull back burned palms . any one who try to look him in his eyes are turned to stone .

Any one who tries to speak to him are struck dumb . Any one who tries to look him in the eyes are blinded .

Any one offering to listen are deafened by the sound .

His footprints are burning cinders , his heartbeat is that of a 10.0 earthqauke .

When he screams gale force winds escape that out power even a Category 5 hurricane .

He walks the plains and leaves them ashen .

He walks the ice caps and floods the earth with their waters .

He takes a dip in the oceans and it boils .

Soon the planet is covered with the destruction he was wrought , he leaves that planet , once a sparkling blue marble , now an a burned out shell of it’s former self , and head to the next life bearing planets , hitting each , on by one until all the galaxy is smoldering .

He repeats the process until all the universe is set a flame

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