Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Memories Of The Futurecast Episode 13 ~ The Worst/Best Episode Ever!

Hello once again my readers! Yes I know , I know , I go and post for blogs in one 24 hour time period and I basically used up my creative juices for that week , well I've learned my lesson! LOL

Ok here's the next episode of Wil Wheaton's podcast , and unlike other times I am posting it BEFORE listining to it , only reason is beacuse I am engrossed in an episode of NCIS right now and don't wish to be distracted .

Also I am linkinging you right to the page instead of the podcast itself so you can read WW's thoughts on the post before you listen to it .

The show's back . enjoy! I'll listen to it in a bit!


P.S. I've also added an adsense account to my feed, so if you feel the urge click a few ads google will throw a hand full of change into the tin cup for me!

*rattles tin cup*

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