Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gauntlet

The beast came out of the shadows and made a run at Kor'Tar, with a white skull and snarling shrp teeth, and thick sliver armor. Kor'Tar deflected his attack with his bat'leth, knocking the monster back, and sliced him accross the chest, causing him to dematerilize. Kor'Tar watched as he did when he heard an attacker appraoch from behind. He threw his bat'leth aside and drew his mek'leth from the holster under his baldric chain, using it to stab his attack as it tried to strangle Kor'Tar. Another monster dropped from the structure beside Kor'Tar and he lifted the blade to attack him when the entire deck shuddered and knocked both Kor'Tar and the monster to the ground. The hologrid fritzed and blinked out , cauing the jungle setting to disappear being replaced by the cold black walls with yellow gridlines of the holodeck. The deck shuddered again, Kor'Tar picked himself off the floor and ran to the holodeck arch. He pressed the contorls on the comm panel, "Report! What the hell is going on bridge?" Kor'Tar asked .

"Commodore, we are under attack. All hands are at battle stations!" Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Terrell reported.

"Understood, I'm on my way to the bridge!" Kor'Tar replied .

Why did Terrell respond? I thought I left Commander O'Dell in command of the bridge. Kor'Tar thought as he ran through coridoors as the vibrated and shook around him.

Kor'Tar arrived on the bridge still in his exercise attire, as Lisa Terrel stood from the Captain's chair so Kor'Tar could sit down.

"Where is Billy? I thought I left him in command." Kor'Tar asked as another volley of torpedos came in shaking the bridge and making sparks fly from the consoles.

She was about to answer when she was interrupted by S'Vinn , the Andorian tactical officer, "Sir, we are taking heavy damage to the Engineering section!"

Kor'Tar enraged, said to Lt Rosa Mendez, "Turn our primary hull into their attack! S'Vinn lock quantum torpedos onto the attacking vessel."

The Kahless moved forward , bringing it's saucer section in to deflect the torpedos hitting the engineering hull. 4 quantum torpedos launched , sending bright blue streaks to the attacking bird of prey, tearing into the hull causing small expolsions and fires from the impacts . The bird of prey began to cloak.

"They are withdrawing, sir" S'Vinn said triumphantly.

"Good, now where was Commander O'Dell?" Kor'Tar said to Terrell the annoyance in his voice rising.

"He was in command, and as soon as the attack began he left his post for the turbolift without saying anything to anyone." she said sensing her commanding officer's anger.

"Sir, we have a report from Engineering, there was a plasma fire in the jefferies tube, it has been extingiushed, but there has been four injuries including Commander Teydroc, he has severe plasma burns to his arms, face and chest. The injured crewmembers have been beamed to sickbay." S'vinn reported.

"Go be with your husband," Kor'Tar said to Lisa.

"Computer, what is the location of Commander O'Dell?" Kor'Tar asked.

"Commander William O'Dell is in his quarters." The female voice of the computer replied.

"You have the bridge Lt. S'Vinn!" Kor'Tar said leaving for the Turbolift with Lisa Terrell.

"Sickbay!" she instructed the lift.

"Deck 8" Kor'Tar commanded the lift.

"Do not worry Lisa, I will find answers for you." Kor'Tar said attempting to console his second officer.

Lisa dried her tears on the sleeve of her uniform. "I'm not worried about answers right now Commodore, I'm worried about my husband."

The turbolift slowed and stopped just outside the sickbay and the doors opened, Kor'Tar put his hand on her shoulder, "Marcus is a good Doctor, I'm sure Teydroc will be recovering in no time."

"Thank you sir" she said before leaving.

The doors closed and the lift resumed it's motion to deck 8.

It slowed again and the doors opened. Kor'Tar walked down the coridoor passing crewmembers as they were busy with repairs to the EPS systems and power conduits.

Kor'Tar arrived in front of Commander O'Dell's quarters and attempted to open the door only to be denied by the sound of the lock.

"Computer, overide security lock on cabin 8174 , clearnce Kor'Tar, whiskey, tango, foxtrot, one, one, six, red." Kor'Tar said.

The computer beeped in reply and the doors slid open, the quarters were dark, decorated with paintings and staues of owls. Billy was beneath a console gripping a bottle of vodka in one hand and a phaser in the other. Billy lifted the hand with the phaser shaking trying to aim it.

"AT EASE COMMANDER!" Kor'Tar shouted at him.

Billy dropped the phaser and took a swig from the bottle. Kor'Tar grabbed his shoulders firmly and pulled him out from under the console.

"What the hell has gotten into you? Why did you leave the bridge in combat situation? Did you know that there was a plasma fire in engineering due to your inactions? Four crew members including Lisa Terrell's husband Teydroc are now in sickbay recovering from their burns? You had better have a good expliantion Commander before I charge you with derilection of duty!" Kor'Tar said seething.

Billy cringed at the shouting. "I been having flashbacks sir, from the Dominion War." He said with a shaky voice.

"From the incident at colony 4077 near the old Cardassian Border, when the Dominion attacked it?" Kor'Tar said calling up the memory of the report of it in his head.

"From what I recall you were a hero that day , you saved over a dozen officers and men with a single hand phaser. You were awarded Kirk's Medal of Valor for your actions." Kor'Tar said .

" You mean this?" Billy pulled out the black box containing the medal and put on the table, he pushed it to Kor'Tar, "Keep it, I don't want it, it only serves to remind me of what happened."

Kor'Tar looked at the box, and opened it, the latinum medal with Captain Kirk's face embossed on it on one side , and Constitution Class U.S.S. Enterprise on the reverse gleamed in the light from the desk lamp. Kor'Tar closed the box and set it back down.

"How long have you been having these flashbacks?" Kor'Tar asked him.

"Nearly every day since the attack , some days are better than others , but days like today it all comes screaming back to me like it was happening now." Billy said.

"As of right now you are relieved of duty, I order you to report to Counselor Styles for a course of treatment. After 3 weeks you will be evaulated and you had better be rerady to go back on duty or resign your commission, do I make myself clear, Commander?" Kor'Tar said sternly.

"Crystal clear, sir." Billy said defeated.

"Report to Counselor Styles office for your first appointment ." Kor'Tar said pointing at the door.

"Aye sir!" Billy said walking to the door still carrying the bottle of vodka.

Kor'Tar took the bottle from his arms, "Leave the rum here" he said placing it on the table.


Billy arrived at Counselor Johnathan Styles office and entered, Counselour Styles was working on his desktop computer, he turned it off. "Have a seat Commander." he said kindly.

Billy sat fidigiting, "So how are we gonna play this? You reach into the dark recesses of my mind only to find out all my issues stem from a hatred of my inner child?" he asked.

Styles smiled and chuckled slightly, "No... not quite. Your file shows that you are suffering from PTSD , not surrprising after the attack of Colony 4077. You are going to help me design a Holo Threapy program to help you deal with the symptoms. I have the design and layout of the colony compound, and the face and personality profiles for it's crew. I have the report of the incident , I just need you to fill in the details."

Billy yanked on his uniform collar with his finger, "For what purpose?" He asked as he broke into a cold sweat.

"We are going to recreate the conditions of the Colony attack, in order to desinsitize your senses to it over the next three weeks." Styles said.

"Don't you understand? I barely escaped from there with my life? I can't go back to that!" He said anguished.

"Billy, it is either this, or you resign your commission. Will you at least give it a try?" Styles asked earnestly.

"Ok....ok...fine. I'll try it." Billy said.

"Tell me a break down of what happened on the day of the attack from the time you woke up." Counselor Styles said.


Billy walked into the holodeck with his medkit in hand along with Counselor Styles.

"Computer , access file O'Dell , Colony 4077, program one." Counselor Styles instructed.

The computer beeped in reply, The setting for the Colony's medical building appeared surrounded by jungles and hills.

"Program ready." The female computer voice replied in it's flat tone.

"I'll be right outside if you need anything Billy." Counselor Styles said to him.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for this." Billy said looking at the medical facility and shaking slightly, "But, screw it . I'll try anything to keep my job and rank."

Counselor Styles nodded and patted him on the shoulder, before leaving .

Billy swallowed hard and took a deep breath , and counted back from ten.

"Computer, begin program." he said.

The wind began blowing cauing the leaves in the trees to rustle, the birds were tweeting their sing songs completely oblivious to the terror that was about to ensue. Billy walked to the door of the medical facility, placing his hand on the ID lock tablet which scanned his hand. A green light flashed on . "Good morning Doctor O'Dell" the female computer voice said as the door slid open.

Billy walked inside to the trauma area , seeing row after row of injured officers being treated for their wounds.

"Doctor O'Dell! Glad your here! There was an attack in a nearby system a few hours ago, we have several disruptor burns, broken bones, lacerations , and contusions to deal with." Nurse Russo stated .

"Who is the the most severly injured nurse?" Billy asked.

Nurse Russo led him to a bio-bed with a young Bolian male on it with a burnt and shredded uniform on writhing in pain and covered in blue blood.

"Lt. J.G. Lox has several broken bones and internal bleeding." Nurse Russo said looking over the young man with concern.

"Get me 2 CCs of Cordrzine to treat his pain, the bone kintter, and the dermal regenerator" Billy said.

"Aye Doctor." The nurse said as she gathered the tools and brought them back on a tray.

Billy scanned the young mans injuries with his tricorder, and gave him the hypospray, which eased his pain. He went to work healing the broken bones and healing the internal bleeding . Then finally the healed the cuts on his body, just leaving the dried blue blood behind.

"There, your all fixed up. Now go get yourself cleaned up and get some rest for the next 24 hours," Billy said.

The young man nodded, "Thank you Doctor." he said and left.

Billy walked to the next critical care patient and began working on his wounds when suddenly 35 Jem'Hadar soldiers teleported in and began firing at any one and every one. Billy dropped the bone knitter and rolled himself behind a console attached to the wall and he curled himself into a little ball. He tapped his combadge and said nothing but allowed the sound of the phasers firing and the screaming young men and women dying around him go into the security office's comm unit . Shortly the security team rushed in and had a fire fight with the Jem'Hadar he saw the officers go past him. One young woman was cut down by the Jem'Hadar's phaser beams , her now lifeless body lay there with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape, as smoke rose from her wound and blood oozed out from it. Her name was Ensign Candice Fallon, she had dark auburn hair, and was barely 18 years old. She enjoyed a strawberry ice cream from the replicator each day after lunch. Billy would sometimes get a shipment of real strawberry ice cream sent in from Earth on special order for her. She was like his adopted kid sister, and now she was dead , still clutching her phaser in her hand tightly.

Fear was now replaced with burning rage for the attackers in Billy's mind. The crawled out from under the console , staying low, and quickly pried the phaser from Candice's still warm dead hand, and he got back behind the console. she had it set for stun , he adjusted the settings to kill. and waited till the Jem'Hadar's phasers went silent and they thought they hand the upper hand. He set the phaser to wide beam then took a deep breath.

He stuck his hand gripping the phaser up over the console, "EAT PHASER YOU COLD BASTARDS!!" he screamed as he fired . The wide dispersal beam struck all 35 Jem'Hadar soliders, and all of them dropped like flys. As soon as they dropped and the smoke began to clear the surving officers began to get up if they could ... 11 in all . Around them the lifeless bodies of the Jem'Hadar and his colleges, and his pateints. The grim reality set in to him, more than on the day of the attack, but now it seemed almost easier somehow, having been through it all before.

"PROGRAM COMPLETE" The lifeless female computer voice said, and the now sortched medical facility was replaced by the gridlines of the holodeck. He stood in the middle of the large room , still drenched in sweat, adreniline still surging, his heart nearly beating out of his chest.

He heard the door of the holodeck open behind him and footsteps approach.

"Would you like to discuss how your feeling now, after reliving the attack?" Asked Counselor Styles .

Billy just stared horrified at the wall, he began to speak, with his voice barely above whisper, "I signed on to be a healer, not a killer.These people here at the colony wern't just my coworkers, after all we had been through together we were like family. I never told my family about what really went on here, or anyone else other than when I was debrifed. It just hurt too damn much. I tried my damndest to push what happened out of my mind, to forget it. But a sound, a smell, a vibration would cause it all to rush back in like it was fresh. I took to drinking vodka, not that synthahol crap, to numb the pain. My liver has now been pickled after 15 years , but at least feeling it ache lets me know I'm still alive. I couldn't stand the thought of practicing medicine any more after that day so I became an operations officer, trying to live my life normally, but the flasbacks and nightmares kept bringing me back here."

Johnathan out his hand on his shoulder, "You made your first step today in dealing with these feelings, the rest we'll take together. Computer Exit." The holodeck doors opened with it's electric whine.

The two officers walked out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playlist Survey

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Shape Of Things To Come

Monday, November 15, 2010

25 random things about me, decidedly OOC

1) I can't stand to listen to people argue and bicker, I have to listen to my parents do that all the time and makes me tense and my muscels tight. The only reason they got married was because my mom became pregnant with me and my Dad wanted to do the "right thing". But now they are married and can't stand each other, and won't divorce for their religious convictions. I would have much rather them gotten divorced years ago and have visitations with them seperately than have had to endure the constant bitching and mutual loathing they have for each other.

2) Star Trek is my main escape from all that and has been since I was 12 years old. Stories about the human race thriving and getting past it's petty differences, over race, religion, gender, age, and economnic status. Just going out and exploring to learn more about the universe, the vastly different cultures, and to learn something about ourselves in the process vicarously through the characters. I collected every episode of every series on DVD and every film. I have a fleet of starships, army of action figures, several books and magazines on the subject. I even write my own Star Trek fan fiction starring Commodore Kor'Tar a character of my own creation.

3) Reality TV is the scourge of well written drama and comedy IMHO. I would much rather watch a well written story with talented actors and actresses portraying their characters in scenes, than to see idiotic "pretty" people being filmed ala Big Brother or survivor style. They just turn my stomach. Also those games are all about winning so it makes people turn into two faced back stabbers , really turning them into the lowest of the low. There is nothing redeeming or enlightening in reality TV, it is more like the human predilection to slow down in traffic to look at a car accident, or for a crowd to gather around and cheer on two people fighting. It is very basic , very ugly needs that these shows fullfill, that requires very little thought to produce or to watch.

4) Stories about the human condition, that hold up a mirror to society are what really get's my attention, For instance, in Deep Space Nine season 3 there is a two part time travel episode called "Past Tense" Where Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir and Lt. Dax are transported to 2024 in San Fransisco. The not too distant future. Homelessness is a bigger problem than it is today, so the goverment takes low wage housing areas and fences them off, calling them sanctuary districts . so the homless and poor are out of sight and out of mind. Sisko takes the place of Gabriel Bell and the homeless population rises up against the goverment authorities in the "Bell Riots" So their voices can be heard, and the human race as a result learns from the mistake and tries to prevent it from ever happening again. When thatepisode was being produced L.A. was trying to turn ghetto area's in "havens" for the homless, so it was basically happening how they were predicting as they were writing it.

5)Wow, writing paragraphs that are waaaay too long apparently lol

6)I am unusally in that I do not like the sun becuase it is blindingly bright, I'd much rather it be cloudy and rainy. The sound of rain falling is relaxing to me.

7) I can't stand the cold, I will generally wear a coat if its 65 degrees or below outside.

8) I love classic rock, with Led Zeppelin being my timeless favorite. The melody of the songs reminds me of the random humming I used to do as child to lull myself to sleep.

9) Sometimes when trying to sleep I rock myself. It seems disturbing to most people, but it is an unconsouiss thing I have done since before I was born so I am told .

10) I haven't had a hair cut in nearly 4 years

11) The main reason I am keeping my hair long and my beard bushy is becuase it is mother nature's free scarf against the cold wind lol

12) I am nearly 28 years old and still don't know how to drive.

13) If I knew how to drive and if money was no object, my dream car would be a shelby mustang.

14) I need to stop smoking, but I have gotten down to about half a pack a day, which helps keep my emotions in check when I need to.

15) I haven't had a drink since the summer of 2008, only to respect my parents and their wishes that I do not drink while living with them, though I have been tempted to on numerous occasions.

16) I haven't smoked any weed for nearly 4 years now. I had my fun trying it , but after awhile it juat lost it's appeal to me.

17) I have 3 finished tattoos and one that still needs some work done on it

18) I have a cat named Smokey who I saved off the streets over 10 years ago as a kitten, followed soon in the next year by Katie who was saved off the streets by my Mom and Dad.

19) My shoes are over two years old and are falling apart.

20) Anytime I buy new shoes I go for plain black low top shoes for crews work shoes with a slip resistant sole, just so I have one less thing to worry about .

21) First time I tried to play teather ball in the 4th or 5th grade I nearly knocked myself out becuase i didn't step back after hitting the ball.

22) I can cook many food items, thanks to my mother and grandmother, and that is one thing I am thankful for, that I can cook a homecooked meal instead of having to resort to opening a can of soup or top ramen.

23) Sometimes I'll just sit in a room with no radio, no TV just to enjoy the sound of silence.

24) Sometimes all the quiet gets to me and I have to listen to some music or have TV on

25) I log onto facebook when I wake up and log off just before bed, so yeah, waaaay too much time maybe lol

Monday, November 8, 2010

Commodore Kor'Tar - The Action Figure!

There is a gentleman who I met on the trektoy forum who makes custom action figures. He has been making Voyager action figures since Diamond Select Toys have basically said that there are no plans to make Voyager figures anytime in the near future. So I got to looking at his work, and I liked it. So I asked him if he could make one of Kor'Tar for me. He asked for a large clear pic of Kor'Tar so I sent him the one above. We discussed price, and it was afforadable for me, so he went to work on his computer to make a greyscale CGI 3D image of it. He sent me 3 angles of the sample , and it looked awesome.

I then sent off a Nemesis Worf to him in order to do a head swap. He got Worf a few days later and a week or two later the head arrived from the company which he submitted the CGI images to, but it was a bit small for the body, so he ordered a larger one.

While waiting for the larger one, he got into a car accident and broke his right shoulder, so he'd be out of commission for a while.

Well he got back to me a few weeks ago and said the new head arrived and it fits the body great, he also said he'd try his hand at touching up a few of his other customs to get his dexterity back, and if he felt confident enough he'd paint Kor'Tar's head.

Today I got a message from him on Trektoy with the following title "Kor'Tar Lives!!!" He told me he got it painted and sealed. He said he was waiting on his camera to charge and he'd take some pics of it, and after letting the paint and sealant cure for 3 days, he'd send it off to me.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Strong

Stardate: 64330.22

Location: Qo'Nos, The First City

Terla walked through the many passages and walkways to the lower sections of the city when her eyes spied Targ Ho"oy with the letters on the front of the dark building flashing in red neon, in traditional Klingon script. The sound of the noise of the ruckus inside poured in from the doors. Klingons drinking, singing, fighting, and generally being much too loud for the ears of anyone but fellow Klingons. Terla walked inside the dark, smokey establishment, and found an empty seat at the bar and sat down. A heavyset Klingon bartender approached her as he polished a goblet with a dirty rag.

"What do you want to drink?" He asked.

"Blood Wine." she replied.

He took the goblet which he had been polishing and set it before her, it was filthy still, both inside and out, and he filled it to the brim with the Blood Wine. Terla picked up the goblet and downed about half of it, "Leave the bottle." she told him.

He set it down on the bar and went on to the next customer.

Terla continued drinking the Blood Wine when she felt a hand on her butt, she swallowed what was left of the blood wine in her mouth and turned around slowly, to see a highly intoxicated Klingon, "You have the the look of a woman looking for a good time, why don't you come back to my place and a good time we both shall have." he slurred as he moved his hand from her butt to her left breast and squeezed it.

Terla grabbed the male's hand and pinched the pressure point sending the man into agony, she twisted his arm behin his back, and she drew her dk'tagh from her belt and held it to his throat.

"The best thing you can do as of right now, is to head back to your home , while you are still able to walk!" she growled into his ear before slamming his head against the bar, knocking him out cold on the floor. She spat upon him, "P'TaQ!", and grabbed her goblet, finishing what was in her cup. She picked up the bottle and moved to a spot further down the bar, as two Klingon bouncers picked up the drunken Klingon and dragged him out the door, depositing him onto the cold wet street.

Terla watched amused , but showed no outer sign of it as she poured herself more wine in her goblet .

A Klingon male appraoched her who seemed to have his wits about him. "I feel I must congradulate you for the way you dispatched that lowly dog!"

Terla nodded, "After the week I had, I have no time for targshit!" she said as she took another sip from her cup.

"What happened?" the stranger asked.

"My house has been tossed from the High Council for not going with their constant peace overtures with the Empire's suppossed allies. I tell you, my house was once a proud house, over a century ago, we had clout, power, but now the Empire is run by burrucrats who have a new definition of honor to fit their beliefs of this century. They are all weak incompetent fools if you ask me!" Terla said adding anger to her voice so she would be more believed.

"Those are bold statements to be made by anyone in public...I'm sorry in all the haste I never caught your name." The Klingon male replied.

"Lomek, House of Dengar the dishonored" She stated over her goblet as she downed what remained of it's contents before pouring herself another glass, emptying the bottle. "What is yours?" she asked as she sipped from the goblet.

"Renkel, House of Meltzer the dishonored. You are among friends here, come I would like to introduce you to someone!" Renkel said.

Terla finished the contents of her goblet, "I would be honored. Show the way!" she replied with a false glee as she fought back the bile rising in her thoat.

Renkel led her through the bar to a back office which had two large doors closing it off from the noise of the bar. Renkel pressed the door chime.

"Enter!" came the answer from inside. The doors slid apart with a whine of metal scraping against metal. Terla and Renkel stepped inside the small office. Inside was a small metal desk which was topped by deck plating which was riddled with holes, behind the desk was an aged graying warrior, former General Koraga he was studying his desktop computer console , and switched it off.

"Renkel, welcome brother!" he smiled a toothy grin.

"I see you have brought a guest!" he said with a smile.

"I am General..." he began.

"Koraga, songs are still sung about your many victories!" Terla said with mock admiration.

"Are they? Since my house was disbanded from the High Council, I thought all 'honorable' warriors were suppossed to treat me as if I never exsisted. Including the songs of my honorable deeds." he said eyeing her with skeptisim.

Terla smiled, "A warrior like you cannot be brushed away like yesterday's refuse. I still sing the songs of your battles, no matter what the high council may think." She said stroking his ego as best as she could manage.

Koraga smiled at this then his face got stone cold serious, "Tell me the story of your house, and how the current goverment has mistreated it."

Terla relayed the tale which she had been practicing on the voyage to Qo'NoS. After she was through relating the tale, Koraga was silent for a moment.

"Another family, dishonored from the misdeeds of the High Council. Tell me Lomek, would you like to not only have your house's name of honor restored, but also regain your seat on the high council?" He asked .

He bought it! Terla triumphantly thought to herself.

"I would like nothing more than that!" She said.

"What if I told you, that if you follow me, you can have all you lost back?" Koraga asked her.

"I would be very interested, what must I do?" Terla asked.

"You will take command of a Bird of Prey, and with the help of my fleet over throw the current High Council, defeat Chancellor Martok , General Worf, and the Federation lap dog Commodore Kor'Tar." He said.

Hearing her mate's name escape the lips of Koraga, sent a surge of rage through Terla, she wanted to rip his throat out and wear it on her belt, but she pushed the urge to kill down into the pit of her stomach .

"They are as good as dead!" she said with a toothy sneer.

"I feel you will be an assest to our fleet Lomek!" Koraga said with pride.

"Renkel, show Captain Lomek to her new command at hanger 22!"

"Yes Milord! This way Lomek!" Renkel opened the door.

They both exited from the office and out the backdoor of the bar, which the large hangar resided. Over 3 stories tall, and nearly a kilometer wide. Renkel took a controller from his belt and hit a button, causing the large door to raise, light poured into the dark hanger, showing many Bird's of Prey in various states of repair and disrepair with matince workers and engineers working furiously on them like warrior ants scrambling after a child kicked the mound of dirt.

Renkel led her through the hangar to the ramp of a Bird of Prey which the workers were putting the finshing touches on with their plasma welding torches. Renkel led her up the ramp, "Welcome aboard the Nunan, she has served the empire for nearly ninety years, until her commander was disbanded from the empire that is." He slapped one of the consoles which respond with a metal clunk sound.

"She is a solid ship, and has a solid crew of 12 warriors, and you are a solid warrior who will lead them into victory or Sto Vo Kor, of course that will be your affair!" Koraga said slapping her on the shoulder.

Terla went to the large captain's chair and sat down, "Victory or death is the vow I take!" she said as the tested out the disruptor's gunsight viewer which dropped from the cieling and over her shoulders , she pressed the same button and sent it back to where it came.

"Good, see that you make good on your vow, for if you should be captured in dishonor, if any of our warriors find you, you be killed on sight! The Nunan has about another 12 hours before she will be ready to take off, that will give you time to gather your belongings and have them transported aboard." Koraga said before leaving.

Terla made her way to her cabin, seeing her luggage had just arrived. She locked the door and sat upon thecold metal shelf of a bed, and reached into her gauntlet at the end of her glove and pulled out a small transponder and plugged it into the side of her desktop computer consoles, which scrambled her outgoing signal to match that of subspace interferreance.

Kor'Tar paced the bridge of the Kahless as it orbited cloaked around Qo'NoS. He didn't like playing...as Doctor Binion had so eloquintly put it, "the waiting game".

He walked over to Lt.Cmdr. Lisa Terrell's ops console when it began beeping, she keyed the controls, "Sir, text message from Terla. She has infiltrated Koraga's rank successfully, and has been assigned to the Klingon Bird of Prey Nunan. She has sent the identifing codes of her ship."

Kor'Tar smiled, "Good, transfer the codes to Lt. S'Vinn's tactical console."

"S'Vinn! If we should encounter her ship in the upcoming battles..." Kor'Tar began.

"Damage, but do not destroy! Aye sir!" The Andorian security officer replied.

Kor'Tar sat down in the Captain's chair, "Helm, set a course to rendavous with the fleet, warp 9!"

Rosa Mendez hit the controls with a quickness, "Aye sir, course layed in!"

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The Kahless lept to warp in the darkness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

Stardate: 64327.49

In his ready room, Commodore Kor'Tar finshed the last of the reports from the fleet of captains under his command and from his own department heads . He reached for the cup of Raktigeno which went cold a long time ago, and poured out the contents of the cup in the sink in his private head, then he sat back down behind the desk and poured himself a steaming hot cup of the Klingon Coffee. He took a wiff of the strong aroma as the heat of the coffee warmed his hands, he took a sip, allowing the coffee to sear his lips, tounge, and throat on the way down, warming his innards from the assault of the ships cold enviroment controls. He stood from his chair and stepped closer to the floor length window of his ready room, watching the stars streaking past, losing himself in the thoughts of their current mission, went his train of throught was broken by a comm signal.

"Commodore, we are less than 2 minutes away from the Briar Patch." Commander O'Dell reported from the bridge.

Kor'Tar finished his mug of Raktageno and set the empty mug on his desk. He headed out to the bridge and sat down in his chair, "Bring us out of warp Lt. Mendez, and take us to one third impulse power." Kor'Tar ordered.

Rosa keyed the commands into her helm console "Aye sir, we have dropped out of warp and are now at one third impulse power. We have arrived at the edge of the Briar Patch, sir." She reported in her thick Brooklyn accent.

"Onscreen." Kor'Tar ordered.

The viewsceen shifted to show the opening of the cloud , the swirling matter and remains of supernovae filled the viewscreen with their fluxuating brown and orange hues.

"I'm reading false vacuum fluctuations, metaphasic radition readings are off the scale, nasty place to be holding a rendavous." Commander O'Dell said after reffering to the readings on his side console.

"General Worf is familar with the area, and he decided it would be a good place to start." Kor'Tar replied to Billy.

"Sir, I am reading General Worf's fleet coming into the Briar Patch to our aft, we are receiving a coded message from the lead ship." Lt. Lisa Terrell reported.

"Onscreen" Kor'Tar ordered.

The image of the undulating gases was soon replaced with that of General Worf and Chancellor Martok.

"Commodore Kor'Tar, The Chancellor and I require an audiance with you, and your mate Terla. Permission to beam aboard?", The General asked.

"Granted, sir." Kor'Tar replied.

Kor'tar raised from his chair and he began walking to the turbolift doors with Terla, "You have the bridge, Number One."

Kor'Tar and Terla arrived in the Kahless transporter room , Cheif George Sulu worked on his console, "Recieving the patterns of the General and Chancellor now, sir!" he reported.

"Energize!" Kor'Tar commanded.

The two forward transporter pads illuminated with the sparkling sillouttes of the two Klingons finally materializing them seconds later.

Kor'Tar and Terla both pounded their chests in traditional Klingon salute at the Chancellor, "Welcome aboard Chancellor, General. If you'll come with me, I'll show you the breifing room."

Martok and Worf stepped down from the Transporter pad and went with Kor'Tar and Terla to the briefing room, Chancellor Martok removed his medal filled cloak of office and hung over one of the chairs around the lit table and gazed for a long moment at the painting of Kahless which hung on the wall, then turned back enraged. "These P'TaQ's are twisting Kahless' own words for their own dishonorable ends!" he exclaimed.

"I beg your pardon?" Kor'Tar asked at the outburst.

General Worf sat down at the table across from Kor'Tar and Terla, "He refers to Kahless' statement that We are Klingons , needing no one but ourselves. General Koraga and his followers, believe that in order for the empire to thrive once more, they must revert to the old ways, of conquering , killing the weak innocents and breakiing all peacfull ties with all allied powers. I tell you , he has no honor!" Worf said with anger rising in his voice.

Chancellor Martok looked at Kor'Tar and handed him a Klingon PADD, "14 houses have disbanded from the Empire with a total of 68 starships at their command. We need to infiltrate their ranks, which is why I called you here Terla, I am assigning you to an undercover mission as the member of a defecting house. If you are accepted into their ranks, you will feed us with their fleet movements, warrior numbers, and bases of operation." Martok said.

Terla nodded, "I understand. How will I be implanted amongst these traitorus Ha'DIbaH?" She asked spitting her words out with a growl.

Worf handed her a PADD "On Qo'NoS in the First City there is a bar called Targ Ho"oy. Intellgence sources claim this is a bar frequented by the followers, and a place they seek out new recruits. It is imperitive that you and the crew under you make no mention of your past, you will be going under an alias, that of Lomek, and your ridges will be altered, so no one you may run into who is familar will recognize you." He expalined.

"If she is discovered..." Kor'Tar interrupted.

"Then I hope she dies well!" Martok said.

Kor'Tar waited and paced in his ready room as Dr. Binion preformed his alterations on Terla , while flashbacks of losing his past two mates swirled through his mind.

It is for the good of the Empire. She is a capable warrior. , he kept telling himself, but still the nagging ghosts of the past kept clawing their way to the surface.

"Commodore, Terla is out of surgery if you want to come to sickbay." Marcus said over the intercom.

Kor'Tar stroked his goatee and took a deep breath, "I'm on my way." he said with the slightest bit of apprehension.

Kor'Tar walked into sickbay and saw Terla sitting in a chair in the center of the room with her back to him holding a mirror, and looking at her new ridges, while her fingers poked at the new formations. She heard him come in and she put the mirror down on the biobed beside her and turned around.

Kor'Tar's mouth dropped in awe, "Marcus, it is as if my mate is a complete stranger, well done!"

Marcus shook his head, "Just another day on the job, but it is one of the more interesting proceedures, beyond curing ailments and injuries."

Terla picked up the mirror and looked at her new ridges once more, "You will be able to restore my original brow when I come back, won't you?" She asked as she touched her new forehead again.

Marcus picked up a PADD and shook it in the air triumphantly, "I took the liberty to scan your ridge's original configuration into a file, when you come back, it'll be no problem to restore you back to your orignal look."

"Good! I must go and pack!" Terla said standing from the chair and walking toward the door, with Kor'Tar walked by her side.

"So, are you looking foreward to your mission?" Kor'Tar asked Terla attempting to make small talk.

"Yes, I want nothing more than to bring down these P'TaQ! Isn't that what you want?" she asked.

"Yes...I am just concerned." Kor'Tar said as they arrived at the door of their quarters.

They walked inside, Terla headed to the closet and pressed a button causing the doors to slide back, she took out her duffel back and began packing her uniforms and other outfits into it.

"What about it concerns you specifically?" she inquired as she her uniforms off the hangers and folded them.

"I have spoken to you about my past mates before , Lt. Molly Duer, and Captain Melota, both were killed in action." He said with a sigh.

"Yes, I am aware of that..." she said then paused, she walked over to Kor'Tar, taking his face in her hands, "You fear for my safety. You must realize, if I am killed it will be in the glory of battle which will send my soul to Sto Vo Kor."

"Yes, I realize that, just try not to get yourself killed, I've already lost two mates that way, and I don't want to lose another." he said kissing her.

"Do you not have faith in my abilities?" she said with a mocking chuckle .

Kor'Tar chuckled at this himself, "You need have no doubt in my faith of your prowess as a warrior." he said.

Kor'Tar got serious, "When you get back, you and I should marry and make our union official"

Terla smiled at this "You have just given me even more of a reason to survive!" she said before kissing him again.

The comm beeped, "Terla, the General and Chancellor are ready to leave, they are just waiting on you." Commander O'Dell reported.

"Aknowledged!" she replied.

She kissed Kor'Tar agian, "I've got to go." she said.

Kor'Tar returned her kiss, "Try not to get yourself killed"

"I'll do my very best to, try not to miss me too much!" she said as she left .

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Changing Tides

Stardate: 64317.68

Location: The penal asteriod Rurha Penthea.

Former General Koraga labored intensely in the underground dilithum mines along with his dishonored crew. Months of phaser drilling, and pushing carts of ore on centuries old tracks in the caves. His hands and feet now calloused, his aging joints rebeled with pain with each movement in the sub-zero tempratures. When the gaurds wern't listening he chatted with his fellow inmates, and found many sympathisers to his cause, to bring down the current Klingon Empire's leadership, and break all ties with the Federation, so the Empire could rise and conquer like in the days of old. Koraga struck the frozen rock wall with the pick, causing it it crack open, revealing the dilithum underneath. Koraga struck it again causing the rock to fall away. Koraga pried the crystal out of the rock with his bare hands, and deposited into the cart behind him. Koraga started hitting the rockwall again with the pick when the asteriod began to shudder beneath his feet.

Alarms began blaring, Koraga heard weapons fire and shouting down toward the gaurd complex. Koraga instinctivly reached for his Dk'Tagh, forgetting the fact it had been confiscated when he was incarcerated, finding only the fur underlining of his targskin coat. Koraga took cover and brought his pick axe at the ready and carefully made his way down to the gaurd area, when the shouting got louder, and the green streaks of disruptor fire became visable. Koraga saw the jailer who had taken him in so many months ago, Rentak, get struck by a disruptor beam and vaporized before his eyes, leaving only smoke, and the smell of burnt flesh in wake.

Koraga heard footsteps drawing nearer to him, and he drew the pick axe high ready to die fighting , when the person became visable, it was a Klingon Warrior, and upon seeing Koraga, he holstered his weapon and saluted by pounding his fist to his heart.

"General Koraga, my name is Jarrod, son of Lursa. It is my intent to release you and all the other warriors who were wrongfully imprisoned to overthrow the current Empire and defeat the Federation and the weakiling humans once and for all!" He said proudly.

Koraga studied the young Klingon male for a moment. "You look to be barely 16 turns old, tell me, how is it you made it this far?" Koraga asked him with curiosity.

"Word of your incarceration spread like an infestion of Tribbles through out the Empire. There are many warriors who share our views. I organized them together, we now have a fleet and a means to do what we will." Jarrod stated with confidence.

Koraga took a deep breath, taking all of this in, "They will follow me." He paused and nodded, "Release all the captives on this acursed rock, and invite them to join us, and if any should refuse, kill them where they stand. We will start making plans, to over throw the empire, and to kill that P'TaQ who got us here in the first place, Commodore Kor'Tar." He said through his teeth.


Kor'Tar awoke to the sound of chime going off on his companel in the middle of the night, he tapped the button bleary eyed. "What do you want?" he asked annoyed.

"Sir, you have a subspace communique from Admiral Haslet coming in on a secured channel." Lt. Darden reported.

At hearing the name of the Admiral , Terla awoke and raised beside her mate in the bed, clutching the blanket to her chest.

"Put it through, Phillip." Kor'Tar ordered.

A holo-viewscreen appeared on the wall opposite the foot of Kor'Tar and Terla's bed bearing the insignia of the Starfleet Command , which was soon replaced by an image of Admiral Haslet.

"Commodore Kor'Tar, I'm sorry for waking you at this hour, but there has been an attack in the Klingon Empire less than an hour ago.", The Admiral said .

"An attack? Where?" Terla asked with anger rising in her throat like bile.

"Ruha Penthe, the penal asteriod. It seems that the story of General Koraga's imprisionment has spread like wildfire throguhout the Empire and gained him even more followers. These followers attacked the asteriod, released those who agreed to join them in their cause, and killed those who refused to join." Admiral Haslet said.

Kor'Tar took all this in, "How many followers does he have now?"

"That is uncertain at this point. The asteriod's magnetic sheild was taken down by over a dozen ships, and in the after math of the attack there were only 17 bodies discovered out of over 2,000 prisoners, 7 of those bodies being those of the prison gaurds." She stated.

"The Kahless is under orders to rendavous with General Worf, who is transporting Chancellor Martok of the Klingon Empire with a Klingon fleet at 1700 hours this after noon in the Briar Patch. I am ordering the Memphis, the Aventine, the Sitting Bull, the Okuda , and the Tanigawa to join The Kahless and the Klingon fleet at this rendavous. The Klingon Empire is under extreme risk with this group of malcontents. You are under orders to make certain that the Empire is secured and General Koraga and his followers are stopped by any means neccessary." Admiral Haslet said.

"Understood" Kor'Tar replied.

"Haslet out!" the screen went back to the Starfleet seal.


Kor'Tar and Terla walked onto the bridge from the brifing room along with the senoir staff after brifing them on their mission, and Kor'Tar sat down in the Captain's chair with Commander O'Dell on his right , Counselor Sykes on his left, and the rest of the crew at their respective stations.

"Lt. Mendez, Set a course for the Briar Patch, warp 7" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir, course set!" she said with her thick Brooklyn accent as she smacked her gum.

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The Kahless leapt to warp into a blinding flash.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Which a Chilhood Dream is Finally Realized

As many of you are already aware, I am a fan of the Star Trek franchise. I have been ever since the 5th grade when I met 2 friends who happened to be Trekkies. They'd bring their TNG action figures to school and the Micro Machine ships, and various books and magaizines on star Trek and the different cultures and technologies. I soon looked in the TV listings and found TNG on weeknights at 6 and 9pm on channel 21 , so I began watching it everynight. It captured my imagination like nothing had before or since. I began collecting action figures and starships, and later when my family got a VCR, VHS tapes of the classic films , and a handfull of episodes. I wanted every episode and film on video, but with them being $15 + each and me only earning $5.00 a week in allowance it didn't seem very likely.

Later as time passed and technology changed and upgraded, we got a DVD player and i bought all the films on DVD, then it was announced they would be releasing the TNG season boxed sets, with a price tag of $100 per season. Much too steep for my blood.

This year I began working again and having some disposable income coming in, I set a goal for myself , to collect all the DVD boxed seasons of all of the Star Treks .

First , found Star Trek: The Animated Series at Wal-Mart for $15.00 , so I snapped it up quickly. Then on the Trektoy.com forum , a member was selling off the seasons of TNG for $30 a pop, so I waited till I got paid and bought them all . He also had all seven seasons of DS9 so i bought those as well.

He had a few seasons of Voyager so i bought those too, which was the last of his trek DVDs.

I then turned my attention to ebay and amazon keeping my eyes peeled for good deals to fill in the missing seasons of Voyager which I was able to do in a few months.

Then I turned my focus to the 4 seasons of Enterprise, Then to TOS . With the two seasons which just arrived , and all my other seasons and films, I now own all of Star Trek ever put on film .

Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered (seasons 1-3)

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Voyager (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Enterprise (seasons 1-4)

plus all 11 films on 2 disc special editions

And the fan film ....

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

After 15 years of pateintly waiting , I have finally done it!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fortune Favors the Foolish

Regent Kor'Tar pulled upon the chain connected to the collar around the small Vulcan female's neck and wrapped it around his large hand, drawing her closer to him . "Tell me the location of Valentine and his rebel fleet, or die a slow and painful death" The Regent spat at her. T'Bunn stared at the wall, "Yourthreats are illogical," she stated cooly. Kor'Tar laughed aloud at this, "Why? Becuase your well trained mind can suppress your pain receptors?" he said with a sneer.

He went to the console to the left and picked up a control device, and pointed it at her. He pressed a button sending her to the floor screaming and writhing in pain . He let it continue for 30 seconds before stopping and placeing the device on his belt . He crouched beside her, "That was just setting one, now tell me the location of Valentine and his fleet!" Kor'Tar growled as he yanked on her blonde locks.

T'Bunn was in a cold sweat and shaking from the shock of the sudden pain as she attempted to catch her breath, she looked down at the flithy floor of the interrogation room in defeat, "They are located at cooridnates 970 by 431 mark 7" She said in a quiet voice.

Kor'Tar grinned , then his grin hardened into a toothy sneer, "If you are lying, you and your collaborators will be killed"

T'Bunn gave him no reply but simply stared ahead.

Kor'Tar led her back to her cell with T'ruk and lowered the force field and he placed her inside; he raised the force field back up with it's red glow. "Keep an eye on them!" he said to the guard with a hint of warning in his voice as he left.

Kor'Tar stepped upon the smokey dark bridge of the Nehg'Var battle cruiser Imperial Class ship . "Helm, set a course for 970 by 431 mark 7, engage at warp 9!" The Regent ordered.

The large meanacing Cruiser leapt to warp in the vastness.

"Engage the cloak" Kor'Tar ordered. "Aye" one of the warriors replied.

"What is our E.T.A.?" Kor'Tar asked Melota the ship's helm and gunner.

"We will arrive in 2 hours at this speed!" Melota reported as she licked her sharp teeth in a flirtatious way at Kor'Tar.

Kor'Tar smiled at her and picked up her hand grazing his teeth over her palm as he growled lowly , then he noticed that he and Melota had become the center of attention on the bridge.

He got an angry look on his face , and pointed at one of the warriors "You! Quit staring and take the bridge or I will kill you where you stand!" he said with a growl.

The warrior snapped to attention, "Yes Milord!"

Kor'Tar and Melota left the bridge heading to his quarters with her.

T'Ruk studied the scar on T'Bunn's breastbone from where the Klingon doctor had placed the pain the device , she used her telepathic link with her sister to communicate and leave the guards oblivious .

"Are you injured?" T'Ruk asked

"I have been better but I will recover." T'Bunn replied.

"We must escape and get to engineering to lower the shields"T'Ruk said

"We must attempt to meld with the gaurds through the feild and plant a sub-conciouss suggestion" T'Bunn said.

Both Vulcans approached the edge of the fleid nearing the two guards and they focused their mental powers on them.

The guards lowered their disruptors and and deactivated the field.

T'Bunn and T'Ruk stepped outside the cell and nerve pinched the guards, and took their Dk'taghs and Disruptors, "This way!" T'Bunn said as she led T'Ruk to the Engineering deck.

Kor'Tar layed on the bed next to Melota as she slumbered . Kor'Tar watched as her chest rose and fell from each breath she took , his concentration was broken by the beep of the com.

Kor'Tar growled at the noise, "What do you want?"

"We arrive at the coordinates in 10 minutes!" the Klingon on the bridge reported.

"Acknowledged!" Kor'Tar got dressed quickly throing Melota her uniform, waking her up.

Kor'Tar and Melota reached the bridge , Kor'Tar sat in his chair and Melota took her station , "Helm take us out of warp, prepare to drop cloak, raise the shields and obliterate the Rebel base!"

Melota studied the scans on her console, "Regent, according to the scans there is no base on the moon , it is just a dead rock in space!"

Kor'Tar stood on his heels "What?!"

Melota looked at her console "15 rebel starships have decloaked and surrounded us."

The Terran vessels led by a commendeered Bird of Prey opened fire with surgical precision taking out the weapons and engines of the battle cruiser.

The bridge shook violently as sparks flew from the consoles and small fires began to appear .

"Where are the shields I ordered?!" Kor'tar asked over the chatter of the alarms and explosions.

"The shields have been disabled from engineering!" Melota reported .

Kor'Tar growled again , and stomped to the engineering deck , where he found all of his officers incapcitated leaving just the two Vulcans . Kor'Tar drew his disruptor and aimed it at them both with a wide dispursal , when the sparkling red confinement feild of a Klingon Transporter appeared before him ,as the man materialized Kor'Tar recognized his old foe.

"Valentine! You P'TaQ! You will pay for what you have done! But I don't need a disruptor to defeat you!" Kor'Tar said tossing the pistol aside, he drew his Dk'Tagh, cliking the button and deploying the two smaller blades.

Valentine drew his "As you like it you Klingon bastard!"

Kor'Tar lunged for Michael which he easily dodged , kneeing Kor'Tar in the gut then kicking him in the face , making him collapse upon the deck plating . Kor'Tar turned himself over painfully "At least let me look you in the eye as the life drains from me!" The regent said as he spat blood.

Michael grabbed Kor'Tar's tangled blood soaked hair and pulled him up in his fist and drew his blade high . Kor'Tar threw his arms out and looked toward the ceiling in anticipation of Sto'Vo Kor. Michael brought the blade down swiftly , slicing Kor'Tar's cheek open.

Kor'Tar felt the pain in his face as blood dripped from the cut , "I thought you would kill me!" he growled.

"I will one day you Targ, But not today! Think of that cut on your cheek as something to remember me by!" Micheal pulled his commnicator "Lock on to my signal and two Vulcan signals! Energize!" Michael and the two Vulcans were transported away.

Regent Kor'Tar looked up at the ceiling and bellowed "VALENTIIIIIINNNNNEEEE!!!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gowron Action Figure for sale!

This is a Gowron figure put out by Diamond Select Toys with an awesome likeness of Gowron. "Why are you selling it? Are you getting rid of your massive collection of Star Trek stuff?" you might be asking your self. No, stop drooling. This is a surplus figure I got when I wanted the two pack for the Lt.Cmdr. Worf from DS9 season 4 lol

All the acessories are listed and the figure is going for cheap!


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Succubus

Kor'Tar made his way to the aft shuttlebay with an engineering tool case in hand when he heard rapid footsteps coming from behind him.

"Commodore!” Commander O'Dell, decked out in his dress uniform, called out to him. Kor'Tar turned on his heels, "Billy, I hope you’re coming to tell me you have the arrangements for the Ambassadors ready, you know how demanding they can be. This trade conference will be vital to this sector."

"Sir, we have the V.I.P. quarters ready, but do you really think that now is the best time to go repair a malfunctioning sensor buoy?" Billy asked dreading having to deal with picky, bickering, know it all, Ambassadors.

"Commodore's prerogative. The sensor buoy must be repaired and this is as good a time as any, besides think of this as a diplomatic exercise for you and the crew." Kor'Tar said smirking as Billy felt the weight of responsibility falling upon his shoulders.

"Don't worry, if they should get out of hand there is a bottle of 2309 Blood Wine in the liquor cabinet of the Ready Room, and if that doesn't calm them down, there is a phaser set to stun in the desk drawer, but that should be used as a last resort, no use starting interstellar war over a misunderstanding. You'll do fine." Kor'Tar said grinning and whacking him on the back before entering the shuttlebay. Billy rolled his eyes and headed off to the transporter room to greet the Ambassadors.

Osiris Cain was busy doing a preflight check of the type 9 cargo shuttle Morris, "Lt. Cain, are we ready?" Kor'Tar asked the young bearded Trill officer who seemed a bit distracted by a young blonde ensign doing routine matinece.

"Lieutenant, I said are we ready to depart?" Kor'Tar said with his voice raised, slightly irritated. Osiris, looked up and blushed, and he swallowed hard, "Sorry sir. All pre-flight systems and diagnostics check out, we are good to go, sir."

Kor'Tar and Lt. Cain boarded the shuttle. Osiris took the pilot's seat while Kor'Tar took the navigation/operations console. The doors sealed on the shuttle.

The large clamshell doors of the aft shuttle bay opened revealing the black velvet void of space with stars as small pinpricks of light in the distance. The perimeter of the bay doors was lit with the blue light of the force field keeping the atmosphere inside the bay.

"Shuttlecraft 9, you are cleared for departure." Lt. Commander Lisa Terrell's voice said over the intercom.

Osiris pressed the comm button "Acknowledged, Kahless. Departing now."

The nacelles of the shuttle powered up, lighting the warp grilles an incandescent blue, and the hydrogen buzzard collectors swirled with their customary reddish orange color. The RCS thrusters lifted the craft off the deck with ease, and the impulse engines propelled it out beyond the force field and into open space.

Kor'Tar input the navigation coordinates. "The buoy stopped transmitting its signal over a week ago near the Typhon Sector, set a course of 8172 mark 5. Warp factor six."

"Aye sir, 8172 mark 5." Lt. Cain replied.

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The shuttle jumped to warp.


"No, no, no! This will not do at all! These quarters are all wrong! I asked specifically that the bedspread be made from Andorian silk, and the lights be set to a warmer colored hue, and the stars are moving the wrong way out the windows I will be space sick for this entire trip if that is not corrected. The stars must move right to left, not left to right!" The bald headed Bolian Ambassador Knaph complained.

"Yes sir Ambassador, we shall see that all of your needs are met with momentarily , until then perhaps you'd like to visit one of the ship's holodecks to pass the time while we wait for the other ambassadors to arrive?" Billy said hopefully.

"Are the programs anything like that smut peddling Ferengi on Deep Space Nine has?", Knaph asked accusingly while stepping closer to Billy and sneering with a raised eyebrow.

"We have vast selection of programs suited to all kinds of interests." Billy said

"Perhaps I can find one to interest me." Knaph said doubtfully.


Kor'Tar emerged from the back of the shuttle, having changed into his causal uniform vest top, "What's our ETA?" He asked Osiris.

Osiris checked his console, "3.9 hours at present speed, sir." He replied.

"Good, we seem to be on schedule." Kor'Tar said taking a seat next to him.

"Commodore, may I ask you a question?" Osiris asked.

Kor'Tar nodded, "Go for it." he said.

"How well do you know Ensign Dawn Wilson?" He asked.

Kor'Tar smiled, "Well, Captain Guerrera of her last post, The Scorpio thought very highly of her skills as a shuttle matianence worker, and she has done well on the refits of the sensors on the shuttles so far. Other than saying the standard 'Welcome aboard', and 'If you need anything, just ask' I haven't spoken to her. Why do you ask?"

"I'm thinking of asking her out to dinner with me, then take a stroll through the under the fireworks on the holodeck." Osiris said.

"She'd enjoy that I think." Kor'Tar said.

"Well, how should I ask her? Anytime I'm around her I feel tongue tied." Osiris said.

"Just be yourself and try talking to her, she won't bite. Who knows, she may feel the same way about you and might be afraid to say anything herself." Kor'Tar said smiling.

"You think so?" Osiris asked.

"Just between you and me, I did catch her stealing some quick glances of you when you boarded the shuttle." Kor'Tar said with a wink.

Osiris was about to reply when the shuttle struck something causing it to roll to the starboard side throwing Osiris and Kor'Tar from their chairs against the consoles. The lights dimmed and the emergency backup lights switched on. Kor'Tar and Osiris made it back to their chairs as the shuttle shook violently.

"Report, what the hell was that?" Kor'Tar said as he held on to the console,

Osiris checked the sensors, "We hit a gravitic mine and we are hurtling out of control. The port nacelle is down"

"Can you get a fix on our position?" Kor’Tar asked.

"Negative, there is a planetary system in our path, one gas giant; two ice encrusted planets, and one Class L planetoid. We are being drawn into the system by the gravity of the gas giant." Osiris said alarmed.

"Steer us toward the Class L planetoid with thrusters, we've got to land and see how bad the damage is." Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir!" Osiris put in the course correction as the cabin around the shimmied and quaked around them.

"This is going to be a steep descent, brace for impact!" Osiris called out as the forward windows of the shuttle began to glow orange from the heat of re-entry.

The shuttle streaked across the sky and hit rough into the soil at the base of a craggy old mountain.

Kor'Tar awoke to the stench of acrid smoke burning his eyes and nose causing him to cough, feeling the sting in his ribs told him he had a fracture, he gritted his teeth at the pain and tried to move his legs, they were trapped under a fallen beam. Kor'Tar grabbed the nearest long piece of debris and pried the beam off his legs; his left ankle was broke as his nerve endings told him when he pulled his legs free. Something warm was dripping down his face, his blood from a cut on his head.

"Osiris? You ok? " Kor 'Tar grabbed a palm beacon and turned it on, to see the young officer slumped over his console. Kor'Tar checked his pulse, it was weak but steady. Kor'Tar turned on the distress call and grabbed a medkit, He scanned Osiris and he was unconscious from the crash and had multiple contusions, Kor'Tar gave him a hypo. Kor'Tar healed the cut on his own forehead. He set his ankle while biting down on cushion from one of the seats, and braced it with a piece of debris and torn strips of the arm of his uniform. He grabbed a piece of debris to use as a makeshift crutch.

"I am going to go see if I can find us some help, stay here in case the distress call is picked up by a passing starship." Kor'Tar said as he hobbled out of the shuttle into a raging storm with wind rain and lightning.

The more Kor'Tar moved the more his body went into shock from his injuries; he collapsed from it at the base of the mountain near the entrance of a cave.

A hooded figure emerged from the cave and looked over Kor'Tar's body, scooping him up under his large arms and dragged him inside the cave.
Kor’Tar awoke slowly from his dazed state breathing in; he smelled the smell of vegetables cooking. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a woman stirring the vegetables in a pot over an open flame, he was about to try to stand when he felt both his arms and legs were strapped down to the bed. The strap over his ankle smarted as he moved and he groaned out in pain.
The woman heard him cry out, and she turned down the fire on the pot and rushed over to his side, sitting next to him on the mattress. She was slender, with messy brown hair tied in an up do, dark brown eyes, and curved hips. She was wearing older ragged looking clothing.
“Be careful, the bone knitter still needs a few more passes over that ankle before it’s healed. You must be parched, would you like some water?” She asked.
Kor’Tar nodded; she grabbed a canteen off a shelf and brought it to him, unscrewing the cap and putting it to his lips , she poured some into his open mouth. He choked on the first swallow and coughed hard, causing his broken ribs to sting in pain, he grabbed his side. He began to drink more, before finally putting his hand up for her stop.
“Thank you,” he said in a gravely voice.
He looked around at his surroundings inside the cave, there were bits of equipment that looked as if they had been ripped from an old ship, shevling units, a hydroponic garden growing various fruits, vegetables, bamboo, and simple furnature adorned the space . The bed he was on, a few chairs, and a counter with various tools and knives with a stool along the wall.
Kor’Tar looked back at the woman and down at the straps holding him to the bed . “Are these restraints really necessary?” He asked .
“You have many broken bones, a concussion, until you have fully recovered I must keep you safe so you don’t injure yourself more.” She said cupping his cheek in her right hand and looking into his eyes while her left hand played through his hair.
Kor’Tar nodded, “What is your name? How did you get here? This planet’s harsh conditions are not very hospitable.” Kor’Tar inquired.
“My name is Andisa. I was part of the crew of the mining vessel Balmos. We were passing through this system when we encountered a plasma storm, our sensors and navagtion were taken outand the ship impacted on the surface 12 kiliometers from here. Out of the 42 crew members only myself and 3 others survived the crash, but their injuries were so severe they soon perished as well. I’ve been all alone during that time. Time, there is a word I’d never thought I’d hear myself say again. The ship’s chronometers were damaged along with everything else. I grabbed what I could carry , and scouted out for a suitable place to make camp until rescue .” she said as her voice waivered on the verge of tears.
Kor’Tar placed his hand reassuringly on her arm. “It’s ok, I’m here now, My name is Kor’Tar. How long ago did your ship crash?” he asked.
“I’m not sure, I think it was a couple of years ago.” She said after searching her memory.
“Do you know what year?” Kor’Tar pressed .
“2379.” She stated.
“That was nearly 8 years ago.” He said doing the math in his head.
“Eight…years?” she asked as if she just received a blow to the gut.
She stood and walked over to the counter as if all the wind and energy had been knocked out her.
“I would have never imagined I’ve been trapped here for that long.” She said with astonishment .
She gathered her self up as best she could, “Are you hungry? I made a vegetable stew , it should help you get your strength back.” She said.
Kor’Tar nodded , “Yes please, I am starved.” He said greatfully.
She went and got a bowl off the shelves , and walked over to the pot of vegetables and scooped some of the steaming hot contents into the bowl for Kor’Tar along with a fresh baked roll, and a spoon. She got a raised tray off the shelf and placed it over his lap ,then placed the bowl, spoon, roll, and a napkin along with canteen on the tray. She loosened the strap over Kor’Tar’s shoulders , allowing him to sit up and eat . She got herself a bowl and pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down holding the bowl in her hand. Kor’Tar looked down at the contents of boiled vegtables as the smell met his nose , making his mouth water. He picked up the spoon sunk it into the bowl, raised it and blew off the steam and ate it hungrily.
“That’s very good!” he said as he picked up his roll, tore it in half, and dipped it into the broth, soaking some of it up before taking a bite out of it.
“Thank you, after 8 years of trail and error, I seem to have ;earned something about cooking without burning and ruining everything.” She said with a chuckle.
They continued eating the stew and chatting , until finally both their bowls were empty.
“Would you like some more?” Andisa asked.
Kor’Tar shook his head and smiled, “No thank you, I couldn’t eat another bite.”
Andisa smiled and took his bowl and her’s to the simple makeshift sink she had constructed and poured water into them . She came back to Kor’Tar’s beside , and sat on the matteress next to him and began to carress his chest as she started unzipping the neck on his uniform shirt while leaning closer to him and pressing her lips softly to his. Kor’Tar gently pushed her back, “I’m sorry, I think I have given you a wrong impression. While I am flattered , I cannot make love to you. My mate would be rather upset with you and me both if that were to happen. “
Andisa frowned, “You have no idea what it’s been like, no one to talk to, no one to laugh with, no one to love for all this time. Please love me! Just for tonight, no one will know but you and me!” she said as she continued to unzip Kor’Tar’s uniform shirt.
Kor’Tar grabbed her wrist, “I said no, I need to be getting back to the shuttle to see if my crewman has had any luck in contacting my ship.”
Andisa’s face changed to one of rage, “Your crewman is dead, I saw his body cold and lifeless. Fine if you want to go, you can. You’ll need a walking stick.” She went to the counter and pulled a large knife from it and went to the hydroponics table and cut off a stalk of bamboo with an angry face. She sat cutting the bamboo into the slices then shaving those slices into thin points. Kor’Tar watched her curiously.
“I thought you said I’d need a walking stick. I won’t be able to use it very well cut down like that.” He said.
Andisa , focused on sharpening the bamboo. “This isn’t for you to use, it’s for me” she said coldly.
She whittled down a half dozen of the sharpened sticks , and she came around to the foot of the bed, intentionly putting her her rear down on his injured ankle. Kor’Tar winced at the pain and cried out, she began bouncing her hips on it , each time making his ankle hurt worse than before. She finally stopped and crawled up his body till she was straddling his pelvis and she tied the strap across his shoulders and chest , tighter than before.
She started to grind her hips into him, “Will you love me?” she asked as she gyrated.
Kor’Tar shook his head, “No , I don’t even know you.”
She leaned down closer to his face, “Why must you make things difficult on yourself?” She asked as she grabbed his right wrist tightly. Kor’Tar clenched his fists as he struggled against her. She pried open his hand, grabbing his index finger tightly in her grip.
“I ask you again, will you love me?” She said looking him in the eye.
Kor’Tar shook his head defiantly, “The answer is no.” he said firmly.
She took one of the sharpened bamboo pieces and began driving the sharpened point of it into the bed of his fingernail . Kor’Tar screamed in agony , the pain was excrutiating .
“What do you want from me?!!!” Kor’Tar cried out.
“You know what I want from you” She said as she ground her hips into his pelvis again.
“I’ll do anything you want just please , stop” Kor’Tar said defeated.
“I’d thought you’d see things my way” she said smiling and removing the bloodied, bamboo stick from under his nail.
She started unzipping his uniform top again opening it up and removing it , she pressed her lips firmly into his and kissed him hard . She kissed down his face, neck, breastbone, down to his abs, and her fingers worked to unfasten his pants. Kor’Tar looked down at her as she worked , when they both heard footsteps coming from the mouth of the cave.
Terla , Lt. Commander Terrell, and Lt. Svinn came rushing in with their weapons drawn. Terla took a look at Andisa and what she was doing to Kor’Tar , and the look of horror in her mate’s eyes, and she lunged for Andisa .
“THAT IS MY MATE YOU P’TAQ!!” she growled as she grabbed Andisa and flung her off Kor’Tar and she headbutted her, then drew her hand back to strike her.
Lt. Commander Terrell stopped her, “YImev, yap! We have found Kor’Tar and this woman will stand trail for her crimes.”
Terla looked back at the woman as blood began to drip from her nose, “Very well,” she growled, glaring at Andisa with contempt.
Kor’Tar sat in his ready room reviewing reports when he heard the door chime .
“Come in,” he said as he put down the PADD he was reading and picked up his cup of Raktegeno and sipped it .
The doors slid open and Commander O’Dell walked in.
“Billy, come in, sit. How did things go with the ambassadors at the confrence?” Kor’Tar asked.
“About as well as can be expected.” Billy said with a tired sigh.
“That bad, huh?” Kor’tar asked.
He paused and took a breath.
“What have you found out about Andisa?” Kor’Tar asked.
“The wreakge on the surface was not of a cargo ship , but of a penal transport ship which was reported missing , the San Quentin . Her full name is Karena Andisa Bennett, she was being transported to the Federation Penal colonly on Andosia VI for murder, assualt, among a laundry list of other charges. We’re fortunate we found you when we did.After reading the report of what she did to you…” Billy said solemly, But Kor’Tar was eagar to change the subject.
“How’s Osiris?” Kor’Tar asked.
“He’s doing well enough . He’s getting ready for his date with Dawn Wilson, the first thing he did after Dr. Binion released him from sickbay, was find her and ask her out to dinner” Billy said.
“Good for him, I told him she’d be willing!” Kor’Tar smiled.
Billy looked at Kor’Tar for a long moment, “Permission to speak freely?” he asked.
Kor’Tar folded his hands on the reflective surface of his desk, “Granted.”
“I think you should discuss with Counselor Styles what happened to you.” He said with looking Kor’Tar in his eyes.
“No, I’ll be alright. It’s just going to take time. Thank you for your concern. Dismissed” Kor’Tar said.
Billy nodded, and got up to leave, stopping before he got to the door and turning around, “If you don’t talk to Johnathan, please tell me you’ll talk to someone.”
Kor’Tar nodded, “I’ll try, just not right now. Dismissed” he said emphsizing the sounds on the last word.
Billy left, and Kor’Tar pushed his chair away from the desk and grabbed his mug of Raktegeno as he gazed out the window into the stars, trying to shake the feelings and memories of what happened to him.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loyal to the Damned

“Commodore’s Log . Stardate 2387.44 . After weeks of working and efforts by the surviving Romulans and with the aide of the Federation Colonization Team, New Romulus is nearing completion . In fact it is just lacking one last step .” Kor’Tar ended the log recording .

“Heave!” Kor’Tar screamed as he and the senior crew erected the final wall of the New Romulan Senate Chamber and secured it into place . Much of the buildings were canabalized from the colony ships used to transport the 180,000 + Romulans and others were built from scratch , by the FCT who also provided the water purification systems , the food replicators , and the power generation units .

Kor’Tar wiped the sweat off his ridges and walked up to the stage set up at the foot of the New Romulan Senate Chamber . Along with his entire senior staff . The crowd of Romulan Digniatries parted and allowed Ambassadore Taurin through along with his fiance Nurse D’Raako Joran . Taurin and Joran Joined Kor’Tar and the crew on the stage and the mass of people erupted in applause . Kor’Tar walked to the crystal podium with the seal of the United Federation of Planets on it .

“Thank you! Thank you! Please take your seats!” his voice boomed through the speakers echoing through the canyonous space between the tall new buildings . The crowds applause quieted as they sat down .

Kor’Tar adjusted the mic causing it to sqeaul a bit “ 6 months ago , a terrible tradgey befel the peoples of Romulus and much of their civilization was destroyed by the Hobus Supernova . 5 months ago, we discovered the escape pod of Taurin , who was the Sub-Commander of a Romulan Starship which met with an unfortunate demise . With his help and a fleet of ships , we found not only the remaining survivors who were left , but we also found this planet which was deemed a suitable spot for colonization . My crew and I help lay the keystone for this senate on the jungle floor , and it is only fitting that we set in the final wall .”

The crowd cheered enthusiastically , “Thank you! Now I’ll turn over the podium to Ambassadore Taurin ., “ Kor’Tar said as he stepped back with his officers . Ambassadore Taurin kissed Nurse Joran and walked up to the the lectern .

“Thank you Commodore!” The Ambassadore said as he took the podium .

Commodore Kor’Tar listened to the speech only halfway while scanning the crowd with his eyes carefully , when he spotted a hooded figure in the back aiming a weapon at the Ambassadore . Kor’Tar sprung into action leaping up to shove Taurin out of the way as the bright greean beam streaked from the back . “Look out!!!” Kor’Tar screamed as shoved Taurin to the ground . The beam struck Kor’Tar in the chest , throwing him back to the senate wall . He impacted the wall hard and bounced to the ground with smoke rising from the wound . His eyes clamped shut and his teeth beared . The crowd screamed and scattered .

Commander O’Dell , and Commander Terrell and the rest of the senior staff took cover and fired their phasers at the gunman while Nurse Joran and Doctor Binion scanned Kor’Tar . 6 orange beams fired at the gunner two found their target , causing the hooded figure to drop . Commander O’Dell holsetered his phaser , “Commander Terrell , go check on that gunman , find out who he is .” He walked over to Marcus Binion who was busy working on Kor’Tar . “How is he?” Billy asked dreading the reply .

“Not good , I’ve managed to stabalize his condition for now , but I need to take him into emergency surgery immedatly if he is to survive , the damage to his arteries is severe . If not for all his redundant Klingon organs he would have been killed instantly.” Marcus said with concern .

Billy slapped him on the arm “Get him to sickbay now!” Marcus nodded “Binion to Kahless , 2 to transport to sickbay!”

The Doctor and the Commodore were beamed away , while Billy looked on at his commanding officer as he was taken away .

His concentration was broken , when Commander Terrell signaled “Sir , we have the assassain , you had better come down here .”

Billy took out a hip flask of vodka and downed the contents , grimancing at the bite from it , and placed the flask back in his hip pocket . “I’m on my way ,” he said in a gravelly voice .

Billy walked down the row between the folding chairs and followed the line of officers to a secluded back room which would eventually be used as one of the offices for a Romulan Senator . Commander Lisa Terrell , had the gunman tied down into the comfortable leather clad desk chair , while she and Svinn held their phasers on him , they kept the hood in place .

Billy came barging into the room and grabbed the gunman by his shirt lifting him up from the chair and he head butted him causing red blood to drip from the hood which covered the assassain’s head .

“Who the hell are you and why did you shoot Kor’Tar?!” Billy asked as he tore the hood off the gunman , revealing a young Klingon officer , which Commander Terrell seemed to recognize with astonishment , she holstered her phaser as walked over to the young man as her fingers felt around the jawline for a mask seem , she found it and she ripped off the mask , revealing the face of a young african american man with his hair tied into cornrows .

“Willy! What the hell is the meaning of this young man?” she asked .

He looked away , “You look at me when I’m speaking to you , I am still your mother!” she screamed .

A few years back Willy as he was known was a resident of the U.S.S. Kahless living with his parents and going to school in the ship board classes , but the older he got the more rebelous he became towards them .

Eventaully when he became old enough , he moved off the ship to an apartment on a planetiod near the Klingon Border , once there he stopped writing and calling his parents and never answered any calls from them .

As much as they worried about their son they they didn’t allow it to affect their duties . Lisa shook her head , her lips pursed , like she was ready to start a profanity laced lecture to him , but she closed her eyes and took a deep breath instead , “Fine , you don’t wish to explain your actions , S’Vinn , lock him up in the brig , we’ll have Commander O’Dell question him later when he has time .” she marched out of the room and stifled her tears .

She hit her combadge , “Lisa to Teydroc , we need to talk about something , NOW!” she said .

Teydroc looked up from his work , hearing his wife’s all business tone , “I’m on my way!” he said .

Billy and Terla paced in the waiting room outside of Sickbay waiting for word . Marcus had been in surgery for 5 hours working on Kor’Tar . The door ro the surgical bay opened and Marcus emerged in his red floor length scrubs and cap as he unmasked him self and removed the red gloves .

“He is stable for now , and I have had to induce a coma until his cardial and pulmatory systems are recovered fully , how long that will take is anyones’s guess . It seems the beam that struck him was a modified Tetrion beam with Nadyion properties . Like someone jerryrigged a phaser to put out a more powerful disruption beam . I’ve never seen damage like that in all my years of medicine , thankfully we were able to stabalize him and operate quickly , if we hadn’t he would have been dead in matter of hours .” Marcus said looking therough the surgical bay’s windows at the unconsious Kor’Tar on the bio bed with the surgical frame still in place .

Terla stared at her mate “Where is the P’TaQ responsible for this? I’ll rip his heart out!” she said with a growl .

Billy looked at her leaning against the glass “We’ve got him in custody , I am going to handel his interrgation personally after I discuss things with his parents aand get the results back from the investagtion into activites for the past few years he’s been away from his parents.”

Terla sighed , “Federation proceedures and rules always in the way of honor,” she paused at the statement and smiled “Kor’Tar would have it no other way .”

William sat in the small interrigation room in a black tank top and black slacks , his Klingon gear having been confiscated when he was taken into custody . The room was far too cold and far too bright for his liking and he had been waiting in this cold room sitting at a back table with a chair on either side of it .

He heard footsteps echo down the coridoor outside and Commander O’Dell appeared as the source of the noise at the door , he pressed in a code to drop the force field while a security officer raised back up behind him as he stepped through . He carried something about 3 foot long in a brown stachle and he placed it next to his chair as he sat down with a PADD in his hand .

“William Latrice Terrell-Smith. 24 years of age and according to the tattoos on your forearms a member of the Kuv’Lok gang on Frocus III,” he said pointing out the Klingon characters on his arms .

“Tell me , have you reached the Right of Accension yet?” Billy asked coldly .

“That the thing where that hit you in the ribs ?” He asked .

“Yes , it is . I only ask because if you truly wish to be a Klingon like members of your gang do , first you’ve got to go through the traditions of the Klingon people.,” he stood and picked William up by his arm .

He picked up the brown cloth satchel and untied the cord at the top and allowed the fabric to fall off it and to the floor , revealing a Klingon painstick , he hit the control button causing the end of it to crackle with red electricity .

He placed the painstick to Will’s ribs and turned it on “AARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” he screamed being brought to his knees and making his veins bulge from his neck .

“That was setting number one , lets try setting number two.” He said adjusting the settings .

“Wait!” Will said sticking out his hand and attempting to catch his breath .

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know .” He said holding his side where the painstick had struck him .

Kor’Tar awoke looking up at the ceiling of sickbay , he looked around confused and still bleary eyed , and in pain .

“Ugh , what happened ?!” he asked no one in particular . As soon as the words left his lips the memories came flooding back to him .

Nurse Joran came into the room swaying her hips with each step , she smiled her unintentionally seductive smile at Kor’Tar , with her red lipstick painted lips contrasting with her green skin .

She hugged Kor’Tar tightly “Thank you for saving my fiance’s life .” she said. The door to the sickbay opened and Billy and Terla walked in . D’Raako quickly broke the hug as Terla stared daggers into her .

She walked out of the room swaying her hips with each step as she left .

Terla approached Kor’Tar’s bedside and she kissed him deeply , when Marcus called from his office “Now now! None of that in my sickbay, you hear! This is a place for healing the sick and injured , not for two lovers to get their rocks off! Besides his heart won’t be able to take any strenous activites for at least a week! Keep it in your pants! Doctor’s Orders!” he said glaring at them both .

Kor’Tar and Terla broke their kiss and chuckled . Kor’Tar looked up at her from the bed and smiled “Becareful , or you’ll get us both in trouble love!”

Terla smiled and nodded , gently kissing Kor’Tar’s ridges , “I shall restrain myself , but it will be a challenge .”

Kor’Tar nodded , “I happen to know you enjoy a challenge , which is why you took me for a mate!”

Billy sat and watched the exchange patiently while shaking his flask which was now empty “I’m gonna need to refill this after today .”

Kor’Tar and Terla both stopped their discussion , Kor’Tar said , “I’m sorry for being rude Billy , what have you found?”

Billy handed Kor’Tar a PADD with all the data from the investigation , Kor’Tar read it and his mouth dropped “Little Willy? I was there for his birth , his Christening , his graduation . What made him want to attack Romulans?”

Billy shook his head , “When he moved to Frocus III , he became friends with members of the Kuv’Lok gang . A gang of young aliens who aspire to be like Klingons but have no true sense of honor or loyalty . apperantly in the past few months they have been contacted several times by the rouge Klingon faction Honorable Vengence and they were taking orders from them . the disruptor which you were shot with was kitbashed together from multiple weapons’ to create a Frankenstiened super weapon . Teydroc and Lisa have taken it aprt and they report that there are parts from at least 7 different weapons all forced together into an unholy matromony .”
Kor’Tar nodded as he took all this in and looked down at the mugshot of the young man on the PADD .

“Understood , where is William now?”Kor’Tar asked .

“He is spending the night in the brig until we can reach the nearest Federation Penal Colony , which we will reach in 12 .4 hours.” Billy said .

“Perhaps that won’t be necessary,” Kor’Tar said .

“Commodore , with all due respect , that young man attempted to assassinate a Roumulan dignitary and nearly killed you in the process , and now you decide not to press charges to have him locked up in Penal Colony? Have you lost your mind?” Billy asked distressed .

Kor’Tar gave him a dirty look , “Billy , he is a young man who made a few wrong chioces . He you read the amount of repeat offnders go in and out of those Penal colonies? Many of the have wrap sheets longer than you are tall . Those place do nothing to rehabilitate the criminals , they only amplify their faults and they go back out and do the same things and wind up having a permanent home in the system after awhile .”

Kor’Tar sat up on the bio-bed , “Now just where do you think your going? I haven’t cleared you to go back on duty yet!” Marcus said as he came out from his office .

Kor’Tar smiled at him as he put on his uniform jacket, “Relax Marcus , you said no strenous activites for a week. The boy is so interested in Klingon culture he joins a gang or aliens who aspire to be Klingon? I’ll give him a crash course on what it truly means to be Klingon . With any luck he’ll learn a thing or two , or just become sick of all things Klingon for awhile. Now I have a cirriculum to construct!” Kor’Tar said as he left sickbay .

Willy awoke to blinding lights and a figure standing on the outside of his cell , he blinked a couple of times as he woke up more , and broguht his vision into focus . There before him was Commodore Kor’Tar standing in front of the force field looking in at him with small parcel in his hands , he pressed a button dropping the force field and threw him the package . Willy caught it with a confused look at Kor’Tar .

“What time is it?” he asked as he opened the package which contained gym clothes .

“Zero five hundred hours. You have 10 minutes to get showered and dressed out in the clothes I’ve provided you . Well, what are you sitting around for? Get a move on!,” Kor’Tar said to Willy firmly in a tone ; so harsh Willy felt fear and jumped at the order , running to the sonic shower and quickly washing himself and putting on the gym clothes quicker than he had ever gotten ready in his life , when he came back out in the the public area of the brig cell Kor’Tar was there along with the Andorian security officer S’Vinn who was dressed in similar gym clothes attire .

Kor’Tar dropped the force field . “William , as you know this is S’Vinn he is one of our ship’s top athletes , you are to go with him and do all the exercises he orders you to do and report back here in one hour to study for your test .”

Willy nodded , “Yes sir .,” he stepped out of the cell and S’Vinn sprinted past him at an amazing speed , “You must keep up with me!” S’Vinn called back to him .

Willy did his bext to keep up with him but felt as if S’vinn was getting further and further away . Jogging around the circumfrence of the ship’s saucer section on deck 10 was enough to zap anyone’s energy , and yet that Andorian just kept going at a steady pace making sure to stay far enough behind to allow Willy to just barely catch up to him . They finally reached the brig where they had began and Kor’Tar was there waiting on them . S’Vinn stood by the door at parade rest while Willy crouhed down with his hands on his knees attempting to catch his breath .

Kor’Tar allowed him to sit while his breathing settled , “Good, you seem to have recovered , now hit the showers once more and be out here in 10 minutes dressed and ready to study .” Kor’Tar said to him firmly .

Willy complied and 10 minutes later was sitting down at a school desk that was placed inside the cell .

Kor’Tar handed him a PADD with all historical interations between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet , from the first contact incident known as “Broken Bow” to the discovery of the Sword of Kahless by Captain Dax of the USS Aventine which she presented to Martok which helped settle the decades long civil war within the empire .

“You have one hour to study , then you will take the quiz . Get to work!,” He ordered .

Willy began scanning over the historical text furiously , trying to get all the info to stick inside his head . Reading and re-reading passages till his eyes nearly crossed . Before he knew what happened the PADD was being taken out his hand and replace with the quiz PADD .

“There are 100 questions , 60 multiple choice , and 40 word problems . Make sure to check your answers and show your work when necessary . You have 2 hours . Begin .” Kor’Tar commanded .

Willy filled in the answers and after an hour and forty-seven minutes he handed in his PADD . Kor’Tar pressed a button to check his work .

“Out of a possible 100% score , your grade is 86% , which isn’t bad .” Kor’Tar said .

“Change back into your gym clothes , I will instruct you in Klingon Tai-Chi .” Kor’Tar ordered .

Willy changed back into his gym clothes and followed Kor’Tar to the ship’s gym as he did his best to mimic the poses and moves of Klingon Tai-chi , failing miserably . Kor’Tar assited him find the correct postures and eventually he was able to hold the poses fine without assistance .

Kor’Tar grabbed a towel off the hook and threw one at Willy and took the other for himself as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and face , “Computer , Time?” Kor’Tar asked as he sat back on a bench . “The time is ten hundred hours.”

Kor’Tar looked over at Willy , “ If you’d like to eat lunch now you may , I have arranged for your mother and father to have now off for lunch as well , you may join them in their quarters.”

Willy nodded and smiled . “S’vinn escort Willy to his parent’s quarters for an hour lunch then escort him back here .”, Kor’Tar ordered .

“Aye sir!” S’vinn took Willy into his custody and took him down to eat lunch with his parents .

S’vinn came back and escorted Willy from his parent’s quarters back to the brig area . S’vinn could tell by the look on his face that Willy had been getting a lecture from his parents the entire time he was there .

Willy walked into the brig area with S’Vinn and sitting down at the table with Kor’Tar was Ambassdore Taurin and Nurse D’Raako Joran .

Kor’Tar nodded at him and interlaced his fingers in front of him on the table .

“Welcome back , I thought you should meet the man you attempted to murder , and his fiance .”, Kor’Tar said to Willy dryly .

Willy’s head went down shamefuly , and he mumbled something under his breath .

“What’s that ? I didn’t quite catch it!” Kor’Tar inquired .

Willaim lifeted his head , with rage , “I said , I do not want to be in the same room with that P’TaQ!” He yelled , causing Taurin , and Nurse Joran and back up a bit at the shock of it . Kor’Tar remained firm and steadfast , unflinching at the young man’s outburst .

“So you join a Klingon gang , and now as a result you hate all Romulans , is that right?” Kor’Tar asked of him .

Willy nodded “That’s right , after all the crimes they have committed against the Klingon Empire and the Federation over the years , they have earned their hatered .” He said firmly .

“Do you realize that most if not all those crimes were committed long before you were even born? You are holding this man responsible for the crimes of his forebears .So in order to express your hatred to the Romulans as a race instead of writing an essay or recording a holo recording of your rants you make an assassination attempt on a now endangered race . Tell me , where is the honor in that?” Kor’Tar asks of him .

“In war there is nothing more honorable than victory.” Willy stated dryly .

“That is true , however a gang of wannabe Klingons cannot wage war against an entire race .” Kor’Tar paused .

“You know over a century ago hostilies were still high between the Federation and Klingon Empires , thousands died on both sides needlessly . Now here we are in the late 24th Century and I a Klingon am the commanding officer of a Federation starship , something that would have been unheard of back in the 23rd Century . I cannot tell you how to feel and how not to feel , however if you are going to be a member of society you must learn to interact with many different people peacfully weather you happen to like them personally or not . I have discussed what happened with Taurin and and Nurse Joran , and we have decided not to press charges against you for your crimes , you instead will be released into your parents custody , and undergo counseling with Couselor Johnathan Styles , if you wish to . If not we can always drop you off at the nearest penal asteriod and never look back .” Kor’Tar said watching the young man’s face .

Willy looked at Kor’Tar, Taurin , and Nurse Joran . “I accept your terms,” he said quietly. He paused for a moment closing his eyes and swallowing .

He took a deep breath and began to speak again “I would like to apologise to all 3 of you for my actions . It was a foolish mistake and I will endevor to do what I must in order to correct my actions in the future .” Willy said sticking out his hand at Taurin , who took it and shook his hand firmly . He then stuck out his hand to Kor’Tar who repeated the motion . He stick his hand out to Nurse Joran and she slapped him across his face , “You tried to murder my fiance! Forget it!” she screamed as she stormed out .

Willy clutched his face still hot from the sting of the slap as Taurin followed after her .

“Commodore’s Log, Stardate 2387.47 . New Romulus is taking in more and more Romulan survivors everyday . I have fully recovered from my injuries , and Mr. Terrel-Smith is corooperating with his Parents and Counselor Styles . It is hoped that one day he will be able to see past his pre-concieved notions , and see people for what they are on the inside . End Log .”