Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dis-Honorable Vengence

“Ambassadore’s log , Stardates 2387.08 . In the 4th month of searching , sensors have detected a star system near the Bassan Rift with an M-Class planet in orbit . I have been ordered to investigate it’s suitablity for colonization with Nurse Joran,” Sub-commander Taurin paused his log recording after he mentioned the Orion Nurse’s name and smiled in spite of himself. He and the Nurse have been attached at the hip during that time , and he never thought that after the destruction of his homeworld and losing everyone he cared about he could ever find happiness again , but D’Raako had done a lot to help him lift his spirits by just being with him .

“End log.” He tells the terminal . He goes to grab his duffle bag and packs a few changes of clothes , and essentials that would be needed .

The door chime rings . “Come in .” Taurin says . D’Raako enters carrying the sensor equipment they’d need for the trip .

“Are you just about ready ?” She asks him as she walks over to give him a kiss .

He returns the kiss and nods . “I’ve got everything we’ll need packed .”

He gazed into her smokey eyes , as she took her green left index finger and traced the tip of it along the edge of his right ear , from the earlobe to the tip and back down . His heart began to pound as he became intoxicated by her presence .

“You know Commodore Kor’Tar is giving us this time to be together, but he also wants us to get some work done.”

“Yes , and we will get plenty of work done, and have plenty of time for play as well .” She said biting her lower lip while holding on to her lover .

Taurin smiled again , “Come on , we don’t want to be late to the shuttle .”

The type 9 speedboat shuttle arced away from the U.S.S. Kahless’s aft engineering section shuttlebay toward the planet below .

A comm signal blinked on the console . Taurin opened a channel . Commodore Kor’Tar’s voice come on over the comm system .

“Sub-Commander Taurin , we’ll come back to pick you up in 3 days . I expect this mission should be very vaulable to the future of your people . And very enjoyable for our Nurse and Romulan Ambassadore . Don’t have too much fun while your down there together!”

“Oh don’t worry sir!” Nurse jorna said with an impish grin and wink at Taurin .

“See you in three days sir , Taurin Out !” he said as he closed the comm signal .
The Shuttlecraft Benbrook continued it’s decent down toward the planet .

The Kahless leaped to warp to continue it’s search for Romulan refugees , Terla looked up from the sensor console , “Kor’Tar , sensors are picking up a debris field of a Romulan starship , with no survivors .”

“Onscreen.” The main viewer’s image shifted to the floting bodies and ship shards .

Kor’Tar looked at the screen with concern , “Did they destroy the ship themselves or were the attacked ?”

Terla made the inquiry on her console and read the results . “They were attacked , the weapon’s signature seems to be Klingon . Sensors show the attack happened less than 5 hours ago .

“Yellow alert! Put the shileds and weaopns on standby. “ Kor’Tar ordered .

“Aye sir!” Lt.Cmdr . Terrel replied .

Lisa looked at her console , “Sir , we are receiving an Alpha-One priority from Starfleet Command . It’s Admiral Haslet .”

“Onscreen!” Kor’Tar ordered .

The image of an older human woman with greying hair appeared on the Main Viewscreen .

“Commodore Kor’Tar , the Klingon Empire is on the verge of civil war . Since the destruction of Romulus , there have been rouge factions emerge within the Empire bent on destroying what’s left of the Romulan population .” She said .

Kor’Tar nodded , “Yes, we have just come across a debris field of a Romulan Warbird that had Klingon weapons signatures .”

“This faction calls themselves “Honorable Vengence” It is made up of a handfull of starships , led by General Koraga . Reports are they have destroyed at least 16 Romulan starships in the region so far . Keep an eye out for them , The Kahless may be too tempting a target for them with the amount of refugees that are carried abaord her . I want you to set a course for Starbase 375 to offload the Romulans , and I’ll order the Memphis , the Sitting Bull , the Carswell, and the Lexington to join the Kahless in patrolling the sector . Hopefully with more eyes and ears out there more refugees can be saved , and it will make the Klingons think twice about firing upon any Romulan vessels . Haslet out!”

The screen went back to the floating debris field .

“Lt. Mendez , set a course for Starbase 375 .” Kor’Tar ordered .

Rosa keyed in the cooridnates and replied in her thick Brooklyn accent as she smacked her gum , “Course layed in , Sir .”

“Engage at warp 8.5 !” Kor’Tar ordered .

“Aye!” Rosa replied as the Kahless leaped into warp .

Taurin set up the tenth and final sensor platform on the planet’s lush surface and pressed in the codes to activate the the data gathering , so weather , edible plants and lifeforms , and water and oxygen content of the planet would be measured and analyzed . He stood back from the sensor plat form and looked at it proudly , satisfied with the days work finally being done . He pulled out his communicator and pressed a button on it .

“Taurin to D’Raako , I have finished setting up my group of sensor platforms .” he said with a grin .

D’Raako sighed and chuckled , “Well I have 3 more left to go !”

Taurin shook his head “Would you like some help so you can get finished quicker?” He asked with a laugh .

“You’d like tha-“ Her voice cut off .

The sounds of disruptor fire followed by her screaming then silence followed .

Taurin’s eyes widened at the sounds and he stowed his communicator on his belt and pulled his disruptor pistol and began running to the section of the jungle where D’Raako had been working .

He had a case of tunnell vision as he ran and saw her small frame crumpled on the ground , out cold .

He went toward her with concern , until he was pistol whipped with the butt of a rifle and collapsed on top of her losing consiousness .

D’Raako came around slowly an opened her eyes , the room she was in was very dark aside from the light from a few computer consoles along the wall , giving off a reddish orange glow .

She tried to move but was restrained to a cold metal chair . Her head pounded from the disruptor blast , and her mouth was very dry . A sudden wave of nauesa hit her and she leaned over to the right to attempt to vomit , but only dry heaved as her stomach was empty .

The sounds of footsteps echoed from far away and got closer . A door on the opposite side of the room slid open and a Klingon warrior stepped through . He hit a control on the wall and the lights switched on , temporarily blinding D’Raako .

The Klingon walked over to D’Raako and opened a thermos of water , giving her a quick drink , then quickly takes it back away from her .

“I see your finally up , good!” He said .

“Allow me to introduce myself , I am General Koraga ,”

“Am I supossed to be impressed with that?” D’Raako said with disdain.

Koraga walked up to her and backhanded her across the face , splitting her lip , she spat out dark green blood and allowed the look of her hate for him to rise .

“First of all , Miss Joran , you will need to learn proper respect for those over you , I only slapped you , your new master would quite probably do a lot more if you were to speak to him in such a tone .” Koraga said .

D’Raako heard what he said , “You mean you going to sell me into slavery ?” she said with a hint of concern in her voice , having flash backs of her chilhood in the Orion Slave Trade before she was rescued by Starfleet .

Koraga stepped closer to her his hand touching her cheek , “Yes , if you do not give me what I want .”

“So you want sexual favors from me?” she asked with a scrunched nose .

Koraga laughed loudly “My dear , I have no want or need for your services in that department , I am more than happy with what I have already .” He got down and looked her eye to eye , “What I want to know is the fleet movements for the Federation starships for this sector .”

“I am a Nurse trained in medicine , I have no knowledge of any fleet deployments .” she responded dryly .

Koraga picked up a painstick off the wall and turned it on the tip of it crackeled with red electricity , “Then I hope you enjoy pain!” He stuck the hot tip of the painstick to her ribs.

“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed in agony before passing out .
Kor’Tar looked out the window of Starbase 375’s bar area while having drinks with Admiral Callahan and Admiral Haslet , discussing the issue of the renegade Klingon faction .

“Thanks to your help Kor’Tar ,you saved the lives of 48 Romulan men women and children , but Gen. Koraga is increasing his reign of terror across the sector , 5 more starships have been destroyed , and they have resorted to using escape pods for target practice , he and his followers must be stopped do you have any ideas?” Admiral Haslet asked as she sipped on her glass of whiskey .

Kor’Tar nodded “Admiral Callahan do you recall about 10 years ago when the were at war with the Cardassian and Breen factions after they developed their own cloaking technologies?”

Callahan nodded , “Yes , I do remember that .”

Kor’Tar smiled , “And how as my first mission as Captain of the El Dorado I was ordered to put down many sub space bouys that were altered to put out a tacheon field to detect cloaked ships along the Cardassian and Romulan borders?”

Callahan smiled , “Damn I do recall that now!”

Kor’Tar continued , “And as far as I know none of those bouys have been moved since they were deployed , so they are still active .”

Callahan grinned wide and clapped Kor’Tar on the back , “Kor’Tar , how’d you get to be so damned smart?”

Kor’Tar laughed , “I had a lot of help! As much as I’d love to take credit for the sensor bouys along the border , that was an idea brought to me by Janis Alicea , I could tell she would go far in her carreer from that day forward.”

Admiral Haslet said , “Well, we’ll have to contact Fleet Admiral Janeway’s office to thank Lt. Alicea for her ingenuity , in the mean time you are to leave with the fleet within one hour .”

Taurin awoke with a start on the cold dirty floor of a Klingon holding cell on board a Bird of Prey , his face was swollen and battered , his green blood was dried and caked on his dirty face . They had beat the hell out of him asking him about fleet deployments . Taurin’s only concern was for D’Raako , but everytime he’d ask about her they’d only beat him more severely , he finally learned to play posum and act as if he was knocked out , which would cause them to leave him alone .

He sat and waited to either be killed or released , not really caring which came first as long as it happened quickly .
The Kahless arrived in the planetary sector near the Bassan Rift and they began orbiting the planet which was being considered for a possible colony site .

“Any contact from the away team?” Kor’Tar asked .

Commander O’Dell looked up from his console and shook his head no , “Sir I am detcting the sensor platforms and the shuttle , but they appear to be abandoned , no signs of Nurse Joran or Ambassadore Taurin , but there does appear to have been some disruptor fire down there … with a Klingon signature .” He said with concern .

Kor’Tar listened to his XO’s report , “Shuttlebay two , lock onto to the shuttle with the crago transporter apllaett and beam it back on board . Cmdr . Terrell activate the tap into the Tachyon bouy network see if there have been any hits in the area ,” He stood from his chair and walked over to the Andorian security officer , S’Vinn, “Come with me.” He said as they both walked off the bridge .

“Wake up you Romulan P’Tak!”

Taurin began to stir only to be backhanded across the face by a gloved hand . He spat out green blood .

“We have found a Romulan ship in distress ,” Koraga stated with an evil smirk as he activated the veiwer in the interrogation room .

“Now tell me the defense plans of the Federation and remaineder of the Romulan Fleet ,” Koraga said to Taurin in a threating tone .

“If I’ve told you once , I’ve told you one hundred times , I have no knowledge of such things .” Taurin said with his parthced throat .

Koraga sighed , “Very well then … weapons officer lock disruptors onto the ship’s warp core . “

The weapons officer hit the controls “Weapons locked .” he replied .

“Fire!” Koraga ordered .

Three bright green streaks of glowing energy left from the disruptor cannon of the BoP , finding their target at the warp core of the Romulan Warbird , making it erupt into a bright orange explosion .

Taurin squinted at the explosion on the screen as tears fell down his cheeks in mourning of the officrs who were just killed as the deck beneath his feetshuddered from the shock wave of the explosion .

“You are a monster, Klingon! You have no honor!” Taurin spat at Koraga .

“FOOL!!!” Koraga erupted and backhanded him again knocking him to the ground , he pulled out a rag and wiped the green blood off his hands .

Two of his officers came into the room with him “Throw him into the cell with his mate , he should at least be able to enjoy his last few hours alive before I excute him .” He said.

The two Klingon officers picked up the limp romulan and dragged him into the cell where D’Raako layed asleep on a bench , and they threw him into the cell on the cold dirty floor and they reactivated the red glow of the force field .

D’Raako awoke with a start as he lover was thrown to the ground . she ran over to him .

“Taurin? Taurin? Oh I am so glad to see you!” She hugged him hard , not knowing the extent of his injuries .

He cried out in pain “Oh sorry , they’ve beat they everloving hell out of you!” she said .

Taurin smiled and laughed , “Well you look better than I am , what have they done to you?” he asked concerned .

“Aside frome a few painsticks to the ribs , and some of the gaurds making passes at me , I’ve done ….ok.” she said on the verge of tears .

Taurin wiped her tears away, “What’s wrong?” he asked .

“Koraga said he is keeping me alive to sell back into the sex trade of the Orion Syndicate, I still have nightmares of that god forsaken life from what I endured as a child , I don’t want to go back to that life!” she sobbed into Taurin’s arms .

“Don’t worry , I won’t let them do that to you my love, we’ll find away out of here” he said as he held her .

The deck beneath their feet began to shudder and rock .

On the bridge Koraga sat down heavily in his captain’s chair “Report !” he screamed above the alarms .

“We are cloaked but somehow the federation has found away to pnentrate our cloaking shields ! We are under attack by the U.S.S. Kahless .” The gunner reported .

Just then a hailing signal from the Kahless crackeld through the speakers , “Klingon Vessel , surrender your prisoners and stop your attacks in the sector or your ships will be diabled and you will be taken into custody on behalf of the Federation and the Klingon Empire . Respond.” Kor’Tar’s voice said .

Koraga thought about it for only a amoment and then said “Decloak the fleet around the Kahless and open fire , destroy her !”

Six Klingon ships decloaked around the the Kahless and opened fire .

Kor’Tar gripped the arms of his chair as the bridge shook and sparked around him , “Open a channel to the Federation fleet ! Tell them to decloak and come out firing !”

Eleven Federation vessels decloaked and disbaled the weapons on the 6 Klingon ships with volleys of phaser fire and Quantum torpedo fire .

Kor’Tar looked over at S’vinn as he got up from his chair “Now!” was the only word he said as they both went to the weapon’s locker at the bulkhead of the bridge , they both grabbed phaser rifles , and were beamed off the bridge onto Koraga’s damaged ship .

They walked through the cooridoors and shot any warrior that challenged them with heavy stun force . They finally reached the holding cell where D’Raako and Taurin were being held , “Stand back!”Kor’Tar ordered as they both went to the opposite wall .

Kor’Tar aimed at the door controlls and fired , causing the controlls to spark and the force field to fall He went in and scooped up Taurin in his arms as S’vinn scooped up D’Raako in his .

“Kor’Tar to Kahless , four to beam to Sickbay , Energize!” Kor’Tar ordered as they were all beamed away from the Klingon ship .

“Commodore’s Log , Stardate 2387.19 . We have been success full in stopping the rouge Klingon faction’s progress , and have apprehended the ones responsible for the crimes , we are now on a course for Qo’nos where they will stand trail for their actions . We have recovered our Nurse and the Romulan Ambassadore , they are recoving in sickbay . the data their sensor platforms have gathered suggests the planet they were surveying would make a prime canadate for colonization by the Romulan survivors . End log .”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Damn you "Heroes" for influancing my dreams! LMAO!

So, last night I was watching the latest episode of “Heroes” and there is a scene where Peter Petrelli goes to see the blonde deaf woman (whose name escapes me at the moment) and she let him in her apartment and he proceeds to smash her cello , because he had a vision of the future involving the cello that was very bad . And she looks at the broken cello and begins crying and she tells him to get out and never come back and he leves as she looks over the broke shards of it and sobs .

So earlier I was asleep and dreaming apparently , and from what I could see of my surroundings I was in the lobby of movie theater during after hours , it was dark except for light coming though the glass dors of the exits . The carpet was marroon with what looked like beige diamond pattern in it .

So I see this guy walking with what looked like a rather large cardboard half cello mock up , that looked like it was to be mounted to a wall in order to advertise a film or concert . The guy gets closer and it is none other than Johnathan Frakes , the director and former TNG star .

I stopped him for a minute and thanked him for signing autographs and taking pictures with me and my girlfriend in Las Vegas a few years back. He stoped and smiled , said it was my pleasure , he shook my hand , and he kept on walking .

Well I continued loitering around in this lobby , it almost felt as if I was waiting for someone , who I can not say though , as the dream didn’t get into that . But a little while later Johnathan Frakes comes back and this time he is carrying a real cello and he just gives it to me out of the blue!

Well I stand there in shock and tell him thank you , looking at the wood tone and wondering where the bow is , when another random guy comes up and hands me a violin to go with it .

So needless to say , I am confused as hell LOL