Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Damn you "Heroes" for influancing my dreams! LMAO!

So, last night I was watching the latest episode of “Heroes” and there is a scene where Peter Petrelli goes to see the blonde deaf woman (whose name escapes me at the moment) and she let him in her apartment and he proceeds to smash her cello , because he had a vision of the future involving the cello that was very bad . And she looks at the broken cello and begins crying and she tells him to get out and never come back and he leves as she looks over the broke shards of it and sobs .

So earlier I was asleep and dreaming apparently , and from what I could see of my surroundings I was in the lobby of movie theater during after hours , it was dark except for light coming though the glass dors of the exits . The carpet was marroon with what looked like beige diamond pattern in it .

So I see this guy walking with what looked like a rather large cardboard half cello mock up , that looked like it was to be mounted to a wall in order to advertise a film or concert . The guy gets closer and it is none other than Johnathan Frakes , the director and former TNG star .

I stopped him for a minute and thanked him for signing autographs and taking pictures with me and my girlfriend in Las Vegas a few years back. He stoped and smiled , said it was my pleasure , he shook my hand , and he kept on walking .

Well I continued loitering around in this lobby , it almost felt as if I was waiting for someone , who I can not say though , as the dream didn’t get into that . But a little while later Johnathan Frakes comes back and this time he is carrying a real cello and he just gives it to me out of the blue!

Well I stand there in shock and tell him thank you , looking at the wood tone and wondering where the bow is , when another random guy comes up and hands me a violin to go with it .

So needless to say , I am confused as hell LOL


  1. Wow. Very odd dream. I wouldn't read anything more into it than the fact that you were watching heroes and you are a Trek uber-nerd. LOL

  2. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that they don't use a real cello for the soundtrack (while it is playing)... really bugs me that a synthesized cello sound is used instead of just hiring a cellist to play a few melodic lines. Maybe it's bugging your subconscious as well! LOL...