Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Loyal to the Damned

“Commodore’s Log . Stardate 2387.44 . After weeks of working and efforts by the surviving Romulans and with the aide of the Federation Colonization Team, New Romulus is nearing completion . In fact it is just lacking one last step .” Kor’Tar ended the log recording .

“Heave!” Kor’Tar screamed as he and the senior crew erected the final wall of the New Romulan Senate Chamber and secured it into place . Much of the buildings were canabalized from the colony ships used to transport the 180,000 + Romulans and others were built from scratch , by the FCT who also provided the water purification systems , the food replicators , and the power generation units .

Kor’Tar wiped the sweat off his ridges and walked up to the stage set up at the foot of the New Romulan Senate Chamber . Along with his entire senior staff . The crowd of Romulan Digniatries parted and allowed Ambassadore Taurin through along with his fiance Nurse D’Raako Joran . Taurin and Joran Joined Kor’Tar and the crew on the stage and the mass of people erupted in applause . Kor’Tar walked to the crystal podium with the seal of the United Federation of Planets on it .

“Thank you! Thank you! Please take your seats!” his voice boomed through the speakers echoing through the canyonous space between the tall new buildings . The crowds applause quieted as they sat down .

Kor’Tar adjusted the mic causing it to sqeaul a bit “ 6 months ago , a terrible tradgey befel the peoples of Romulus and much of their civilization was destroyed by the Hobus Supernova . 5 months ago, we discovered the escape pod of Taurin , who was the Sub-Commander of a Romulan Starship which met with an unfortunate demise . With his help and a fleet of ships , we found not only the remaining survivors who were left , but we also found this planet which was deemed a suitable spot for colonization . My crew and I help lay the keystone for this senate on the jungle floor , and it is only fitting that we set in the final wall .”

The crowd cheered enthusiastically , “Thank you! Now I’ll turn over the podium to Ambassadore Taurin ., “ Kor’Tar said as he stepped back with his officers . Ambassadore Taurin kissed Nurse Joran and walked up to the the lectern .

“Thank you Commodore!” The Ambassadore said as he took the podium .

Commodore Kor’Tar listened to the speech only halfway while scanning the crowd with his eyes carefully , when he spotted a hooded figure in the back aiming a weapon at the Ambassadore . Kor’Tar sprung into action leaping up to shove Taurin out of the way as the bright greean beam streaked from the back . “Look out!!!” Kor’Tar screamed as shoved Taurin to the ground . The beam struck Kor’Tar in the chest , throwing him back to the senate wall . He impacted the wall hard and bounced to the ground with smoke rising from the wound . His eyes clamped shut and his teeth beared . The crowd screamed and scattered .

Commander O’Dell , and Commander Terrell and the rest of the senior staff took cover and fired their phasers at the gunman while Nurse Joran and Doctor Binion scanned Kor’Tar . 6 orange beams fired at the gunner two found their target , causing the hooded figure to drop . Commander O’Dell holsetered his phaser , “Commander Terrell , go check on that gunman , find out who he is .” He walked over to Marcus Binion who was busy working on Kor’Tar . “How is he?” Billy asked dreading the reply .

“Not good , I’ve managed to stabalize his condition for now , but I need to take him into emergency surgery immedatly if he is to survive , the damage to his arteries is severe . If not for all his redundant Klingon organs he would have been killed instantly.” Marcus said with concern .

Billy slapped him on the arm “Get him to sickbay now!” Marcus nodded “Binion to Kahless , 2 to transport to sickbay!”

The Doctor and the Commodore were beamed away , while Billy looked on at his commanding officer as he was taken away .

His concentration was broken , when Commander Terrell signaled “Sir , we have the assassain , you had better come down here .”

Billy took out a hip flask of vodka and downed the contents , grimancing at the bite from it , and placed the flask back in his hip pocket . “I’m on my way ,” he said in a gravelly voice .

Billy walked down the row between the folding chairs and followed the line of officers to a secluded back room which would eventually be used as one of the offices for a Romulan Senator . Commander Lisa Terrell , had the gunman tied down into the comfortable leather clad desk chair , while she and Svinn held their phasers on him , they kept the hood in place .

Billy came barging into the room and grabbed the gunman by his shirt lifting him up from the chair and he head butted him causing red blood to drip from the hood which covered the assassain’s head .

“Who the hell are you and why did you shoot Kor’Tar?!” Billy asked as he tore the hood off the gunman , revealing a young Klingon officer , which Commander Terrell seemed to recognize with astonishment , she holstered her phaser as walked over to the young man as her fingers felt around the jawline for a mask seem , she found it and she ripped off the mask , revealing the face of a young african american man with his hair tied into cornrows .

“Willy! What the hell is the meaning of this young man?” she asked .

He looked away , “You look at me when I’m speaking to you , I am still your mother!” she screamed .

A few years back Willy as he was known was a resident of the U.S.S. Kahless living with his parents and going to school in the ship board classes , but the older he got the more rebelous he became towards them .

Eventaully when he became old enough , he moved off the ship to an apartment on a planetiod near the Klingon Border , once there he stopped writing and calling his parents and never answered any calls from them .

As much as they worried about their son they they didn’t allow it to affect their duties . Lisa shook her head , her lips pursed , like she was ready to start a profanity laced lecture to him , but she closed her eyes and took a deep breath instead , “Fine , you don’t wish to explain your actions , S’Vinn , lock him up in the brig , we’ll have Commander O’Dell question him later when he has time .” she marched out of the room and stifled her tears .

She hit her combadge , “Lisa to Teydroc , we need to talk about something , NOW!” she said .

Teydroc looked up from his work , hearing his wife’s all business tone , “I’m on my way!” he said .

Billy and Terla paced in the waiting room outside of Sickbay waiting for word . Marcus had been in surgery for 5 hours working on Kor’Tar . The door ro the surgical bay opened and Marcus emerged in his red floor length scrubs and cap as he unmasked him self and removed the red gloves .

“He is stable for now , and I have had to induce a coma until his cardial and pulmatory systems are recovered fully , how long that will take is anyones’s guess . It seems the beam that struck him was a modified Tetrion beam with Nadyion properties . Like someone jerryrigged a phaser to put out a more powerful disruption beam . I’ve never seen damage like that in all my years of medicine , thankfully we were able to stabalize him and operate quickly , if we hadn’t he would have been dead in matter of hours .” Marcus said looking therough the surgical bay’s windows at the unconsious Kor’Tar on the bio bed with the surgical frame still in place .

Terla stared at her mate “Where is the P’TaQ responsible for this? I’ll rip his heart out!” she said with a growl .

Billy looked at her leaning against the glass “We’ve got him in custody , I am going to handel his interrgation personally after I discuss things with his parents aand get the results back from the investagtion into activites for the past few years he’s been away from his parents.”

Terla sighed , “Federation proceedures and rules always in the way of honor,” she paused at the statement and smiled “Kor’Tar would have it no other way .”

William sat in the small interrigation room in a black tank top and black slacks , his Klingon gear having been confiscated when he was taken into custody . The room was far too cold and far too bright for his liking and he had been waiting in this cold room sitting at a back table with a chair on either side of it .

He heard footsteps echo down the coridoor outside and Commander O’Dell appeared as the source of the noise at the door , he pressed in a code to drop the force field while a security officer raised back up behind him as he stepped through . He carried something about 3 foot long in a brown stachle and he placed it next to his chair as he sat down with a PADD in his hand .

“William Latrice Terrell-Smith. 24 years of age and according to the tattoos on your forearms a member of the Kuv’Lok gang on Frocus III,” he said pointing out the Klingon characters on his arms .

“Tell me , have you reached the Right of Accension yet?” Billy asked coldly .

“That the thing where that hit you in the ribs ?” He asked .

“Yes , it is . I only ask because if you truly wish to be a Klingon like members of your gang do , first you’ve got to go through the traditions of the Klingon people.,” he stood and picked William up by his arm .

He picked up the brown cloth satchel and untied the cord at the top and allowed the fabric to fall off it and to the floor , revealing a Klingon painstick , he hit the control button causing the end of it to crackle with red electricity .

He placed the painstick to Will’s ribs and turned it on “AARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!” he screamed being brought to his knees and making his veins bulge from his neck .

“That was setting number one , lets try setting number two.” He said adjusting the settings .

“Wait!” Will said sticking out his hand and attempting to catch his breath .

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know .” He said holding his side where the painstick had struck him .

Kor’Tar awoke looking up at the ceiling of sickbay , he looked around confused and still bleary eyed , and in pain .

“Ugh , what happened ?!” he asked no one in particular . As soon as the words left his lips the memories came flooding back to him .

Nurse Joran came into the room swaying her hips with each step , she smiled her unintentionally seductive smile at Kor’Tar , with her red lipstick painted lips contrasting with her green skin .

She hugged Kor’Tar tightly “Thank you for saving my fiance’s life .” she said. The door to the sickbay opened and Billy and Terla walked in . D’Raako quickly broke the hug as Terla stared daggers into her .

She walked out of the room swaying her hips with each step as she left .

Terla approached Kor’Tar’s bedside and she kissed him deeply , when Marcus called from his office “Now now! None of that in my sickbay, you hear! This is a place for healing the sick and injured , not for two lovers to get their rocks off! Besides his heart won’t be able to take any strenous activites for at least a week! Keep it in your pants! Doctor’s Orders!” he said glaring at them both .

Kor’Tar and Terla broke their kiss and chuckled . Kor’Tar looked up at her from the bed and smiled “Becareful , or you’ll get us both in trouble love!”

Terla smiled and nodded , gently kissing Kor’Tar’s ridges , “I shall restrain myself , but it will be a challenge .”

Kor’Tar nodded , “I happen to know you enjoy a challenge , which is why you took me for a mate!”

Billy sat and watched the exchange patiently while shaking his flask which was now empty “I’m gonna need to refill this after today .”

Kor’Tar and Terla both stopped their discussion , Kor’Tar said , “I’m sorry for being rude Billy , what have you found?”

Billy handed Kor’Tar a PADD with all the data from the investigation , Kor’Tar read it and his mouth dropped “Little Willy? I was there for his birth , his Christening , his graduation . What made him want to attack Romulans?”

Billy shook his head , “When he moved to Frocus III , he became friends with members of the Kuv’Lok gang . A gang of young aliens who aspire to be like Klingons but have no true sense of honor or loyalty . apperantly in the past few months they have been contacted several times by the rouge Klingon faction Honorable Vengence and they were taking orders from them . the disruptor which you were shot with was kitbashed together from multiple weapons’ to create a Frankenstiened super weapon . Teydroc and Lisa have taken it aprt and they report that there are parts from at least 7 different weapons all forced together into an unholy matromony .”
Kor’Tar nodded as he took all this in and looked down at the mugshot of the young man on the PADD .

“Understood , where is William now?”Kor’Tar asked .

“He is spending the night in the brig until we can reach the nearest Federation Penal Colony , which we will reach in 12 .4 hours.” Billy said .

“Perhaps that won’t be necessary,” Kor’Tar said .

“Commodore , with all due respect , that young man attempted to assassinate a Roumulan dignitary and nearly killed you in the process , and now you decide not to press charges to have him locked up in Penal Colony? Have you lost your mind?” Billy asked distressed .

Kor’Tar gave him a dirty look , “Billy , he is a young man who made a few wrong chioces . He you read the amount of repeat offnders go in and out of those Penal colonies? Many of the have wrap sheets longer than you are tall . Those place do nothing to rehabilitate the criminals , they only amplify their faults and they go back out and do the same things and wind up having a permanent home in the system after awhile .”

Kor’Tar sat up on the bio-bed , “Now just where do you think your going? I haven’t cleared you to go back on duty yet!” Marcus said as he came out from his office .

Kor’Tar smiled at him as he put on his uniform jacket, “Relax Marcus , you said no strenous activites for a week. The boy is so interested in Klingon culture he joins a gang or aliens who aspire to be Klingon? I’ll give him a crash course on what it truly means to be Klingon . With any luck he’ll learn a thing or two , or just become sick of all things Klingon for awhile. Now I have a cirriculum to construct!” Kor’Tar said as he left sickbay .

Willy awoke to blinding lights and a figure standing on the outside of his cell , he blinked a couple of times as he woke up more , and broguht his vision into focus . There before him was Commodore Kor’Tar standing in front of the force field looking in at him with small parcel in his hands , he pressed a button dropping the force field and threw him the package . Willy caught it with a confused look at Kor’Tar .

“What time is it?” he asked as he opened the package which contained gym clothes .

“Zero five hundred hours. You have 10 minutes to get showered and dressed out in the clothes I’ve provided you . Well, what are you sitting around for? Get a move on!,” Kor’Tar said to Willy firmly in a tone ; so harsh Willy felt fear and jumped at the order , running to the sonic shower and quickly washing himself and putting on the gym clothes quicker than he had ever gotten ready in his life , when he came back out in the the public area of the brig cell Kor’Tar was there along with the Andorian security officer S’Vinn who was dressed in similar gym clothes attire .

Kor’Tar dropped the force field . “William , as you know this is S’Vinn he is one of our ship’s top athletes , you are to go with him and do all the exercises he orders you to do and report back here in one hour to study for your test .”

Willy nodded , “Yes sir .,” he stepped out of the cell and S’Vinn sprinted past him at an amazing speed , “You must keep up with me!” S’Vinn called back to him .

Willy did his bext to keep up with him but felt as if S’vinn was getting further and further away . Jogging around the circumfrence of the ship’s saucer section on deck 10 was enough to zap anyone’s energy , and yet that Andorian just kept going at a steady pace making sure to stay far enough behind to allow Willy to just barely catch up to him . They finally reached the brig where they had began and Kor’Tar was there waiting on them . S’Vinn stood by the door at parade rest while Willy crouhed down with his hands on his knees attempting to catch his breath .

Kor’Tar allowed him to sit while his breathing settled , “Good, you seem to have recovered , now hit the showers once more and be out here in 10 minutes dressed and ready to study .” Kor’Tar said to him firmly .

Willy complied and 10 minutes later was sitting down at a school desk that was placed inside the cell .

Kor’Tar handed him a PADD with all historical interations between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet , from the first contact incident known as “Broken Bow” to the discovery of the Sword of Kahless by Captain Dax of the USS Aventine which she presented to Martok which helped settle the decades long civil war within the empire .

“You have one hour to study , then you will take the quiz . Get to work!,” He ordered .

Willy began scanning over the historical text furiously , trying to get all the info to stick inside his head . Reading and re-reading passages till his eyes nearly crossed . Before he knew what happened the PADD was being taken out his hand and replace with the quiz PADD .

“There are 100 questions , 60 multiple choice , and 40 word problems . Make sure to check your answers and show your work when necessary . You have 2 hours . Begin .” Kor’Tar commanded .

Willy filled in the answers and after an hour and forty-seven minutes he handed in his PADD . Kor’Tar pressed a button to check his work .

“Out of a possible 100% score , your grade is 86% , which isn’t bad .” Kor’Tar said .

“Change back into your gym clothes , I will instruct you in Klingon Tai-Chi .” Kor’Tar ordered .

Willy changed back into his gym clothes and followed Kor’Tar to the ship’s gym as he did his best to mimic the poses and moves of Klingon Tai-chi , failing miserably . Kor’Tar assited him find the correct postures and eventually he was able to hold the poses fine without assistance .

Kor’Tar grabbed a towel off the hook and threw one at Willy and took the other for himself as he wiped the sweat off his forehead and face , “Computer , Time?” Kor’Tar asked as he sat back on a bench . “The time is ten hundred hours.”

Kor’Tar looked over at Willy , “ If you’d like to eat lunch now you may , I have arranged for your mother and father to have now off for lunch as well , you may join them in their quarters.”

Willy nodded and smiled . “S’vinn escort Willy to his parent’s quarters for an hour lunch then escort him back here .”, Kor’Tar ordered .

“Aye sir!” S’vinn took Willy into his custody and took him down to eat lunch with his parents .

S’vinn came back and escorted Willy from his parent’s quarters back to the brig area . S’vinn could tell by the look on his face that Willy had been getting a lecture from his parents the entire time he was there .

Willy walked into the brig area with S’Vinn and sitting down at the table with Kor’Tar was Ambassdore Taurin and Nurse D’Raako Joran .

Kor’Tar nodded at him and interlaced his fingers in front of him on the table .

“Welcome back , I thought you should meet the man you attempted to murder , and his fiance .”, Kor’Tar said to Willy dryly .

Willy’s head went down shamefuly , and he mumbled something under his breath .

“What’s that ? I didn’t quite catch it!” Kor’Tar inquired .

Willaim lifeted his head , with rage , “I said , I do not want to be in the same room with that P’TaQ!” He yelled , causing Taurin , and Nurse Joran and back up a bit at the shock of it . Kor’Tar remained firm and steadfast , unflinching at the young man’s outburst .

“So you join a Klingon gang , and now as a result you hate all Romulans , is that right?” Kor’Tar asked of him .

Willy nodded “That’s right , after all the crimes they have committed against the Klingon Empire and the Federation over the years , they have earned their hatered .” He said firmly .

“Do you realize that most if not all those crimes were committed long before you were even born? You are holding this man responsible for the crimes of his forebears .So in order to express your hatred to the Romulans as a race instead of writing an essay or recording a holo recording of your rants you make an assassination attempt on a now endangered race . Tell me , where is the honor in that?” Kor’Tar asks of him .

“In war there is nothing more honorable than victory.” Willy stated dryly .

“That is true , however a gang of wannabe Klingons cannot wage war against an entire race .” Kor’Tar paused .

“You know over a century ago hostilies were still high between the Federation and Klingon Empires , thousands died on both sides needlessly . Now here we are in the late 24th Century and I a Klingon am the commanding officer of a Federation starship , something that would have been unheard of back in the 23rd Century . I cannot tell you how to feel and how not to feel , however if you are going to be a member of society you must learn to interact with many different people peacfully weather you happen to like them personally or not . I have discussed what happened with Taurin and and Nurse Joran , and we have decided not to press charges against you for your crimes , you instead will be released into your parents custody , and undergo counseling with Couselor Johnathan Styles , if you wish to . If not we can always drop you off at the nearest penal asteriod and never look back .” Kor’Tar said watching the young man’s face .

Willy looked at Kor’Tar, Taurin , and Nurse Joran . “I accept your terms,” he said quietly. He paused for a moment closing his eyes and swallowing .

He took a deep breath and began to speak again “I would like to apologise to all 3 of you for my actions . It was a foolish mistake and I will endevor to do what I must in order to correct my actions in the future .” Willy said sticking out his hand at Taurin , who took it and shook his hand firmly . He then stuck out his hand to Kor’Tar who repeated the motion . He stick his hand out to Nurse Joran and she slapped him across his face , “You tried to murder my fiance! Forget it!” she screamed as she stormed out .

Willy clutched his face still hot from the sting of the slap as Taurin followed after her .

“Commodore’s Log, Stardate 2387.47 . New Romulus is taking in more and more Romulan survivors everyday . I have fully recovered from my injuries , and Mr. Terrel-Smith is corooperating with his Parents and Counselor Styles . It is hoped that one day he will be able to see past his pre-concieved notions , and see people for what they are on the inside . End Log .”