Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In Which a Chilhood Dream is Finally Realized

As many of you are already aware, I am a fan of the Star Trek franchise. I have been ever since the 5th grade when I met 2 friends who happened to be Trekkies. They'd bring their TNG action figures to school and the Micro Machine ships, and various books and magaizines on star Trek and the different cultures and technologies. I soon looked in the TV listings and found TNG on weeknights at 6 and 9pm on channel 21 , so I began watching it everynight. It captured my imagination like nothing had before or since. I began collecting action figures and starships, and later when my family got a VCR, VHS tapes of the classic films , and a handfull of episodes. I wanted every episode and film on video, but with them being $15 + each and me only earning $5.00 a week in allowance it didn't seem very likely.

Later as time passed and technology changed and upgraded, we got a DVD player and i bought all the films on DVD, then it was announced they would be releasing the TNG season boxed sets, with a price tag of $100 per season. Much too steep for my blood.

This year I began working again and having some disposable income coming in, I set a goal for myself , to collect all the DVD boxed seasons of all of the Star Treks .

First , found Star Trek: The Animated Series at Wal-Mart for $15.00 , so I snapped it up quickly. Then on the Trektoy.com forum , a member was selling off the seasons of TNG for $30 a pop, so I waited till I got paid and bought them all . He also had all seven seasons of DS9 so i bought those as well.

He had a few seasons of Voyager so i bought those too, which was the last of his trek DVDs.

I then turned my attention to ebay and amazon keeping my eyes peeled for good deals to fill in the missing seasons of Voyager which I was able to do in a few months.

Then I turned my focus to the 4 seasons of Enterprise, Then to TOS . With the two seasons which just arrived , and all my other seasons and films, I now own all of Star Trek ever put on film .

Star Trek: The Original Series Remastered (seasons 1-3)

Star Trek: The Animated Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Voyager (seasons 1-7)

Star Trek: Enterprise (seasons 1-4)

plus all 11 films on 2 disc special editions

And the fan film ....

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

After 15 years of pateintly waiting , I have finally done it!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fortune Favors the Foolish

Regent Kor'Tar pulled upon the chain connected to the collar around the small Vulcan female's neck and wrapped it around his large hand, drawing her closer to him . "Tell me the location of Valentine and his rebel fleet, or die a slow and painful death" The Regent spat at her. T'Bunn stared at the wall, "Yourthreats are illogical," she stated cooly. Kor'Tar laughed aloud at this, "Why? Becuase your well trained mind can suppress your pain receptors?" he said with a sneer.

He went to the console to the left and picked up a control device, and pointed it at her. He pressed a button sending her to the floor screaming and writhing in pain . He let it continue for 30 seconds before stopping and placeing the device on his belt . He crouched beside her, "That was just setting one, now tell me the location of Valentine and his fleet!" Kor'Tar growled as he yanked on her blonde locks.

T'Bunn was in a cold sweat and shaking from the shock of the sudden pain as she attempted to catch her breath, she looked down at the flithy floor of the interrogation room in defeat, "They are located at cooridnates 970 by 431 mark 7" She said in a quiet voice.

Kor'Tar grinned , then his grin hardened into a toothy sneer, "If you are lying, you and your collaborators will be killed"

T'Bunn gave him no reply but simply stared ahead.

Kor'Tar led her back to her cell with T'ruk and lowered the force field and he placed her inside; he raised the force field back up with it's red glow. "Keep an eye on them!" he said to the guard with a hint of warning in his voice as he left.

Kor'Tar stepped upon the smokey dark bridge of the Nehg'Var battle cruiser Imperial Class ship . "Helm, set a course for 970 by 431 mark 7, engage at warp 9!" The Regent ordered.

The large meanacing Cruiser leapt to warp in the vastness.

"Engage the cloak" Kor'Tar ordered. "Aye" one of the warriors replied.

"What is our E.T.A.?" Kor'Tar asked Melota the ship's helm and gunner.

"We will arrive in 2 hours at this speed!" Melota reported as she licked her sharp teeth in a flirtatious way at Kor'Tar.

Kor'Tar smiled at her and picked up her hand grazing his teeth over her palm as he growled lowly , then he noticed that he and Melota had become the center of attention on the bridge.

He got an angry look on his face , and pointed at one of the warriors "You! Quit staring and take the bridge or I will kill you where you stand!" he said with a growl.

The warrior snapped to attention, "Yes Milord!"

Kor'Tar and Melota left the bridge heading to his quarters with her.

T'Ruk studied the scar on T'Bunn's breastbone from where the Klingon doctor had placed the pain the device , she used her telepathic link with her sister to communicate and leave the guards oblivious .

"Are you injured?" T'Ruk asked

"I have been better but I will recover." T'Bunn replied.

"We must escape and get to engineering to lower the shields"T'Ruk said

"We must attempt to meld with the gaurds through the feild and plant a sub-conciouss suggestion" T'Bunn said.

Both Vulcans approached the edge of the fleid nearing the two guards and they focused their mental powers on them.

The guards lowered their disruptors and and deactivated the field.

T'Bunn and T'Ruk stepped outside the cell and nerve pinched the guards, and took their Dk'taghs and Disruptors, "This way!" T'Bunn said as she led T'Ruk to the Engineering deck.

Kor'Tar layed on the bed next to Melota as she slumbered . Kor'Tar watched as her chest rose and fell from each breath she took , his concentration was broken by the beep of the com.

Kor'Tar growled at the noise, "What do you want?"

"We arrive at the coordinates in 10 minutes!" the Klingon on the bridge reported.

"Acknowledged!" Kor'Tar got dressed quickly throing Melota her uniform, waking her up.

Kor'Tar and Melota reached the bridge , Kor'Tar sat in his chair and Melota took her station , "Helm take us out of warp, prepare to drop cloak, raise the shields and obliterate the Rebel base!"

Melota studied the scans on her console, "Regent, according to the scans there is no base on the moon , it is just a dead rock in space!"

Kor'Tar stood on his heels "What?!"

Melota looked at her console "15 rebel starships have decloaked and surrounded us."

The Terran vessels led by a commendeered Bird of Prey opened fire with surgical precision taking out the weapons and engines of the battle cruiser.

The bridge shook violently as sparks flew from the consoles and small fires began to appear .

"Where are the shields I ordered?!" Kor'tar asked over the chatter of the alarms and explosions.

"The shields have been disabled from engineering!" Melota reported .

Kor'Tar growled again , and stomped to the engineering deck , where he found all of his officers incapcitated leaving just the two Vulcans . Kor'Tar drew his disruptor and aimed it at them both with a wide dispursal , when the sparkling red confinement feild of a Klingon Transporter appeared before him ,as the man materialized Kor'Tar recognized his old foe.

"Valentine! You P'TaQ! You will pay for what you have done! But I don't need a disruptor to defeat you!" Kor'Tar said tossing the pistol aside, he drew his Dk'Tagh, cliking the button and deploying the two smaller blades.

Valentine drew his "As you like it you Klingon bastard!"

Kor'Tar lunged for Michael which he easily dodged , kneeing Kor'Tar in the gut then kicking him in the face , making him collapse upon the deck plating . Kor'Tar turned himself over painfully "At least let me look you in the eye as the life drains from me!" The regent said as he spat blood.

Michael grabbed Kor'Tar's tangled blood soaked hair and pulled him up in his fist and drew his blade high . Kor'Tar threw his arms out and looked toward the ceiling in anticipation of Sto'Vo Kor. Michael brought the blade down swiftly , slicing Kor'Tar's cheek open.

Kor'Tar felt the pain in his face as blood dripped from the cut , "I thought you would kill me!" he growled.

"I will one day you Targ, But not today! Think of that cut on your cheek as something to remember me by!" Micheal pulled his commnicator "Lock on to my signal and two Vulcan signals! Energize!" Michael and the two Vulcans were transported away.

Regent Kor'Tar looked up at the ceiling and bellowed "VALENTIIIIIINNNNNEEEE!!!"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gowron Action Figure for sale!

This is a Gowron figure put out by Diamond Select Toys with an awesome likeness of Gowron. "Why are you selling it? Are you getting rid of your massive collection of Star Trek stuff?" you might be asking your self. No, stop drooling. This is a surplus figure I got when I wanted the two pack for the Lt.Cmdr. Worf from DS9 season 4 lol

All the acessories are listed and the figure is going for cheap!