Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going Strong

Stardate: 64330.22

Location: Qo'Nos, The First City

Terla walked through the many passages and walkways to the lower sections of the city when her eyes spied Targ Ho"oy with the letters on the front of the dark building flashing in red neon, in traditional Klingon script. The sound of the noise of the ruckus inside poured in from the doors. Klingons drinking, singing, fighting, and generally being much too loud for the ears of anyone but fellow Klingons. Terla walked inside the dark, smokey establishment, and found an empty seat at the bar and sat down. A heavyset Klingon bartender approached her as he polished a goblet with a dirty rag.

"What do you want to drink?" He asked.

"Blood Wine." she replied.

He took the goblet which he had been polishing and set it before her, it was filthy still, both inside and out, and he filled it to the brim with the Blood Wine. Terla picked up the goblet and downed about half of it, "Leave the bottle." she told him.

He set it down on the bar and went on to the next customer.

Terla continued drinking the Blood Wine when she felt a hand on her butt, she swallowed what was left of the blood wine in her mouth and turned around slowly, to see a highly intoxicated Klingon, "You have the the look of a woman looking for a good time, why don't you come back to my place and a good time we both shall have." he slurred as he moved his hand from her butt to her left breast and squeezed it.

Terla grabbed the male's hand and pinched the pressure point sending the man into agony, she twisted his arm behin his back, and she drew her dk'tagh from her belt and held it to his throat.

"The best thing you can do as of right now, is to head back to your home , while you are still able to walk!" she growled into his ear before slamming his head against the bar, knocking him out cold on the floor. She spat upon him, "P'TaQ!", and grabbed her goblet, finishing what was in her cup. She picked up the bottle and moved to a spot further down the bar, as two Klingon bouncers picked up the drunken Klingon and dragged him out the door, depositing him onto the cold wet street.

Terla watched amused , but showed no outer sign of it as she poured herself more wine in her goblet .

A Klingon male appraoched her who seemed to have his wits about him. "I feel I must congradulate you for the way you dispatched that lowly dog!"

Terla nodded, "After the week I had, I have no time for targshit!" she said as she took another sip from her cup.

"What happened?" the stranger asked.

"My house has been tossed from the High Council for not going with their constant peace overtures with the Empire's suppossed allies. I tell you, my house was once a proud house, over a century ago, we had clout, power, but now the Empire is run by burrucrats who have a new definition of honor to fit their beliefs of this century. They are all weak incompetent fools if you ask me!" Terla said adding anger to her voice so she would be more believed.

"Those are bold statements to be made by anyone in public...I'm sorry in all the haste I never caught your name." The Klingon male replied.

"Lomek, House of Dengar the dishonored" She stated over her goblet as she downed what remained of it's contents before pouring herself another glass, emptying the bottle. "What is yours?" she asked as she sipped from the goblet.

"Renkel, House of Meltzer the dishonored. You are among friends here, come I would like to introduce you to someone!" Renkel said.

Terla finished the contents of her goblet, "I would be honored. Show the way!" she replied with a false glee as she fought back the bile rising in her thoat.

Renkel led her through the bar to a back office which had two large doors closing it off from the noise of the bar. Renkel pressed the door chime.

"Enter!" came the answer from inside. The doors slid apart with a whine of metal scraping against metal. Terla and Renkel stepped inside the small office. Inside was a small metal desk which was topped by deck plating which was riddled with holes, behind the desk was an aged graying warrior, former General Koraga he was studying his desktop computer console , and switched it off.

"Renkel, welcome brother!" he smiled a toothy grin.

"I see you have brought a guest!" he said with a smile.

"I am General..." he began.

"Koraga, songs are still sung about your many victories!" Terla said with mock admiration.

"Are they? Since my house was disbanded from the High Council, I thought all 'honorable' warriors were suppossed to treat me as if I never exsisted. Including the songs of my honorable deeds." he said eyeing her with skeptisim.

Terla smiled, "A warrior like you cannot be brushed away like yesterday's refuse. I still sing the songs of your battles, no matter what the high council may think." She said stroking his ego as best as she could manage.

Koraga smiled at this then his face got stone cold serious, "Tell me the story of your house, and how the current goverment has mistreated it."

Terla relayed the tale which she had been practicing on the voyage to Qo'NoS. After she was through relating the tale, Koraga was silent for a moment.

"Another family, dishonored from the misdeeds of the High Council. Tell me Lomek, would you like to not only have your house's name of honor restored, but also regain your seat on the high council?" He asked .

He bought it! Terla triumphantly thought to herself.

"I would like nothing more than that!" She said.

"What if I told you, that if you follow me, you can have all you lost back?" Koraga asked her.

"I would be very interested, what must I do?" Terla asked.

"You will take command of a Bird of Prey, and with the help of my fleet over throw the current High Council, defeat Chancellor Martok , General Worf, and the Federation lap dog Commodore Kor'Tar." He said.

Hearing her mate's name escape the lips of Koraga, sent a surge of rage through Terla, she wanted to rip his throat out and wear it on her belt, but she pushed the urge to kill down into the pit of her stomach .

"They are as good as dead!" she said with a toothy sneer.

"I feel you will be an assest to our fleet Lomek!" Koraga said with pride.

"Renkel, show Captain Lomek to her new command at hanger 22!"

"Yes Milord! This way Lomek!" Renkel opened the door.

They both exited from the office and out the backdoor of the bar, which the large hangar resided. Over 3 stories tall, and nearly a kilometer wide. Renkel took a controller from his belt and hit a button, causing the large door to raise, light poured into the dark hanger, showing many Bird's of Prey in various states of repair and disrepair with matince workers and engineers working furiously on them like warrior ants scrambling after a child kicked the mound of dirt.

Renkel led her through the hangar to the ramp of a Bird of Prey which the workers were putting the finshing touches on with their plasma welding torches. Renkel led her up the ramp, "Welcome aboard the Nunan, she has served the empire for nearly ninety years, until her commander was disbanded from the empire that is." He slapped one of the consoles which respond with a metal clunk sound.

"She is a solid ship, and has a solid crew of 12 warriors, and you are a solid warrior who will lead them into victory or Sto Vo Kor, of course that will be your affair!" Koraga said slapping her on the shoulder.

Terla went to the large captain's chair and sat down, "Victory or death is the vow I take!" she said as the tested out the disruptor's gunsight viewer which dropped from the cieling and over her shoulders , she pressed the same button and sent it back to where it came.

"Good, see that you make good on your vow, for if you should be captured in dishonor, if any of our warriors find you, you be killed on sight! The Nunan has about another 12 hours before she will be ready to take off, that will give you time to gather your belongings and have them transported aboard." Koraga said before leaving.

Terla made her way to her cabin, seeing her luggage had just arrived. She locked the door and sat upon thecold metal shelf of a bed, and reached into her gauntlet at the end of her glove and pulled out a small transponder and plugged it into the side of her desktop computer consoles, which scrambled her outgoing signal to match that of subspace interferreance.

Kor'Tar paced the bridge of the Kahless as it orbited cloaked around Qo'NoS. He didn't like Doctor Binion had so eloquintly put it, "the waiting game".

He walked over to Lt.Cmdr. Lisa Terrell's ops console when it began beeping, she keyed the controls, "Sir, text message from Terla. She has infiltrated Koraga's rank successfully, and has been assigned to the Klingon Bird of Prey Nunan. She has sent the identifing codes of her ship."

Kor'Tar smiled, "Good, transfer the codes to Lt. S'Vinn's tactical console."

"S'Vinn! If we should encounter her ship in the upcoming battles..." Kor'Tar began.

"Damage, but do not destroy! Aye sir!" The Andorian security officer replied.

Kor'Tar sat down in the Captain's chair, "Helm, set a course to rendavous with the fleet, warp 9!"

Rosa Mendez hit the controls with a quickness, "Aye sir, course layed in!"

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The Kahless lept to warp in the darkness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Shape of Things to Come

Stardate: 64327.49

In his ready room, Commodore Kor'Tar finshed the last of the reports from the fleet of captains under his command and from his own department heads . He reached for the cup of Raktigeno which went cold a long time ago, and poured out the contents of the cup in the sink in his private head, then he sat back down behind the desk and poured himself a steaming hot cup of the Klingon Coffee. He took a wiff of the strong aroma as the heat of the coffee warmed his hands, he took a sip, allowing the coffee to sear his lips, tounge, and throat on the way down, warming his innards from the assault of the ships cold enviroment controls. He stood from his chair and stepped closer to the floor length window of his ready room, watching the stars streaking past, losing himself in the thoughts of their current mission, went his train of throught was broken by a comm signal.

"Commodore, we are less than 2 minutes away from the Briar Patch." Commander O'Dell reported from the bridge.

Kor'Tar finished his mug of Raktageno and set the empty mug on his desk. He headed out to the bridge and sat down in his chair, "Bring us out of warp Lt. Mendez, and take us to one third impulse power." Kor'Tar ordered.

Rosa keyed the commands into her helm console "Aye sir, we have dropped out of warp and are now at one third impulse power. We have arrived at the edge of the Briar Patch, sir." She reported in her thick Brooklyn accent.

"Onscreen." Kor'Tar ordered.

The viewsceen shifted to show the opening of the cloud , the swirling matter and remains of supernovae filled the viewscreen with their fluxuating brown and orange hues.

"I'm reading false vacuum fluctuations, metaphasic radition readings are off the scale, nasty place to be holding a rendavous." Commander O'Dell said after reffering to the readings on his side console.

"General Worf is familar with the area, and he decided it would be a good place to start." Kor'Tar replied to Billy.

"Sir, I am reading General Worf's fleet coming into the Briar Patch to our aft, we are receiving a coded message from the lead ship." Lt. Lisa Terrell reported.

"Onscreen" Kor'Tar ordered.

The image of the undulating gases was soon replaced with that of General Worf and Chancellor Martok.

"Commodore Kor'Tar, The Chancellor and I require an audiance with you, and your mate Terla. Permission to beam aboard?", The General asked.

"Granted, sir." Kor'Tar replied.

Kor'tar raised from his chair and he began walking to the turbolift doors with Terla, "You have the bridge, Number One."

Kor'Tar and Terla arrived in the Kahless transporter room , Cheif George Sulu worked on his console, "Recieving the patterns of the General and Chancellor now, sir!" he reported.

"Energize!" Kor'Tar commanded.

The two forward transporter pads illuminated with the sparkling sillouttes of the two Klingons finally materializing them seconds later.

Kor'Tar and Terla both pounded their chests in traditional Klingon salute at the Chancellor, "Welcome aboard Chancellor, General. If you'll come with me, I'll show you the breifing room."

Martok and Worf stepped down from the Transporter pad and went with Kor'Tar and Terla to the briefing room, Chancellor Martok removed his medal filled cloak of office and hung over one of the chairs around the lit table and gazed for a long moment at the painting of Kahless which hung on the wall, then turned back enraged. "These P'TaQ's are twisting Kahless' own words for their own dishonorable ends!" he exclaimed.

"I beg your pardon?" Kor'Tar asked at the outburst.

General Worf sat down at the table across from Kor'Tar and Terla, "He refers to Kahless' statement that We are Klingons , needing no one but ourselves. General Koraga and his followers, believe that in order for the empire to thrive once more, they must revert to the old ways, of conquering , killing the weak innocents and breakiing all peacfull ties with all allied powers. I tell you , he has no honor!" Worf said with anger rising in his voice.

Chancellor Martok looked at Kor'Tar and handed him a Klingon PADD, "14 houses have disbanded from the Empire with a total of 68 starships at their command. We need to infiltrate their ranks, which is why I called you here Terla, I am assigning you to an undercover mission as the member of a defecting house. If you are accepted into their ranks, you will feed us with their fleet movements, warrior numbers, and bases of operation." Martok said.

Terla nodded, "I understand. How will I be implanted amongst these traitorus Ha'DIbaH?" She asked spitting her words out with a growl.

Worf handed her a PADD "On Qo'NoS in the First City there is a bar called Targ Ho"oy. Intellgence sources claim this is a bar frequented by the followers, and a place they seek out new recruits. It is imperitive that you and the crew under you make no mention of your past, you will be going under an alias, that of Lomek, and your ridges will be altered, so no one you may run into who is familar will recognize you." He expalined.

"If she is discovered..." Kor'Tar interrupted.

"Then I hope she dies well!" Martok said.

Kor'Tar waited and paced in his ready room as Dr. Binion preformed his alterations on Terla , while flashbacks of losing his past two mates swirled through his mind.

It is for the good of the Empire. She is a capable warrior. , he kept telling himself, but still the nagging ghosts of the past kept clawing their way to the surface.

"Commodore, Terla is out of surgery if you want to come to sickbay." Marcus said over the intercom.

Kor'Tar stroked his goatee and took a deep breath, "I'm on my way." he said with the slightest bit of apprehension.

Kor'Tar walked into sickbay and saw Terla sitting in a chair in the center of the room with her back to him holding a mirror, and looking at her new ridges, while her fingers poked at the new formations. She heard him come in and she put the mirror down on the biobed beside her and turned around.

Kor'Tar's mouth dropped in awe, "Marcus, it is as if my mate is a complete stranger, well done!"

Marcus shook his head, "Just another day on the job, but it is one of the more interesting proceedures, beyond curing ailments and injuries."

Terla picked up the mirror and looked at her new ridges once more, "You will be able to restore my original brow when I come back, won't you?" She asked as she touched her new forehead again.

Marcus picked up a PADD and shook it in the air triumphantly, "I took the liberty to scan your ridge's original configuration into a file, when you come back, it'll be no problem to restore you back to your orignal look."

"Good! I must go and pack!" Terla said standing from the chair and walking toward the door, with Kor'Tar walked by her side.

"So, are you looking foreward to your mission?" Kor'Tar asked Terla attempting to make small talk.

"Yes, I want nothing more than to bring down these P'TaQ! Isn't that what you want?" she asked.

"Yes...I am just concerned." Kor'Tar said as they arrived at the door of their quarters.

They walked inside, Terla headed to the closet and pressed a button causing the doors to slide back, she took out her duffel back and began packing her uniforms and other outfits into it.

"What about it concerns you specifically?" she inquired as she her uniforms off the hangers and folded them.

"I have spoken to you about my past mates before , Lt. Molly Duer, and Captain Melota, both were killed in action." He said with a sigh.

"Yes, I am aware of that..." she said then paused, she walked over to Kor'Tar, taking his face in her hands, "You fear for my safety. You must realize, if I am killed it will be in the glory of battle which will send my soul to Sto Vo Kor."

"Yes, I realize that, just try not to get yourself killed, I've already lost two mates that way, and I don't want to lose another." he said kissing her.

"Do you not have faith in my abilities?" she said with a mocking chuckle .

Kor'Tar chuckled at this himself, "You need have no doubt in my faith of your prowess as a warrior." he said.

Kor'Tar got serious, "When you get back, you and I should marry and make our union official"

Terla smiled at this "You have just given me even more of a reason to survive!" she said before kissing him again.

The comm beeped, "Terla, the General and Chancellor are ready to leave, they are just waiting on you." Commander O'Dell reported.

"Aknowledged!" she replied.

She kissed Kor'Tar agian, "I've got to go." she said.

Kor'Tar returned her kiss, "Try not to get yourself killed"

"I'll do my very best to, try not to miss me too much!" she said as she left .

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Changing Tides

Stardate: 64317.68

Location: The penal asteriod Rurha Penthea.

Former General Koraga labored intensely in the underground dilithum mines along with his dishonored crew. Months of phaser drilling, and pushing carts of ore on centuries old tracks in the caves. His hands and feet now calloused, his aging joints rebeled with pain with each movement in the sub-zero tempratures. When the gaurds wern't listening he chatted with his fellow inmates, and found many sympathisers to his cause, to bring down the current Klingon Empire's leadership, and break all ties with the Federation, so the Empire could rise and conquer like in the days of old. Koraga struck the frozen rock wall with the pick, causing it it crack open, revealing the dilithum underneath. Koraga struck it again causing the rock to fall away. Koraga pried the crystal out of the rock with his bare hands, and deposited into the cart behind him. Koraga started hitting the rockwall again with the pick when the asteriod began to shudder beneath his feet.

Alarms began blaring, Koraga heard weapons fire and shouting down toward the gaurd complex. Koraga instinctivly reached for his Dk'Tagh, forgetting the fact it had been confiscated when he was incarcerated, finding only the fur underlining of his targskin coat. Koraga took cover and brought his pick axe at the ready and carefully made his way down to the gaurd area, when the shouting got louder, and the green streaks of disruptor fire became visable. Koraga saw the jailer who had taken him in so many months ago, Rentak, get struck by a disruptor beam and vaporized before his eyes, leaving only smoke, and the smell of burnt flesh in wake.

Koraga heard footsteps drawing nearer to him, and he drew the pick axe high ready to die fighting , when the person became visable, it was a Klingon Warrior, and upon seeing Koraga, he holstered his weapon and saluted by pounding his fist to his heart.

"General Koraga, my name is Jarrod, son of Lursa. It is my intent to release you and all the other warriors who were wrongfully imprisoned to overthrow the current Empire and defeat the Federation and the weakiling humans once and for all!" He said proudly.

Koraga studied the young Klingon male for a moment. "You look to be barely 16 turns old, tell me, how is it you made it this far?" Koraga asked him with curiosity.

"Word of your incarceration spread like an infestion of Tribbles through out the Empire. There are many warriors who share our views. I organized them together, we now have a fleet and a means to do what we will." Jarrod stated with confidence.

Koraga took a deep breath, taking all of this in, "They will follow me." He paused and nodded, "Release all the captives on this acursed rock, and invite them to join us, and if any should refuse, kill them where they stand. We will start making plans, to over throw the empire, and to kill that P'TaQ who got us here in the first place, Commodore Kor'Tar." He said through his teeth.


Kor'Tar awoke to the sound of chime going off on his companel in the middle of the night, he tapped the button bleary eyed. "What do you want?" he asked annoyed.

"Sir, you have a subspace communique from Admiral Haslet coming in on a secured channel." Lt. Darden reported.

At hearing the name of the Admiral , Terla awoke and raised beside her mate in the bed, clutching the blanket to her chest.

"Put it through, Phillip." Kor'Tar ordered.

A holo-viewscreen appeared on the wall opposite the foot of Kor'Tar and Terla's bed bearing the insignia of the Starfleet Command , which was soon replaced by an image of Admiral Haslet.

"Commodore Kor'Tar, I'm sorry for waking you at this hour, but there has been an attack in the Klingon Empire less than an hour ago.", The Admiral said .

"An attack? Where?" Terla asked with anger rising in her throat like bile.

"Ruha Penthe, the penal asteriod. It seems that the story of General Koraga's imprisionment has spread like wildfire throguhout the Empire and gained him even more followers. These followers attacked the asteriod, released those who agreed to join them in their cause, and killed those who refused to join." Admiral Haslet said.

Kor'Tar took all this in, "How many followers does he have now?"

"That is uncertain at this point. The asteriod's magnetic sheild was taken down by over a dozen ships, and in the after math of the attack there were only 17 bodies discovered out of over 2,000 prisoners, 7 of those bodies being those of the prison gaurds." She stated.

"The Kahless is under orders to rendavous with General Worf, who is transporting Chancellor Martok of the Klingon Empire with a Klingon fleet at 1700 hours this after noon in the Briar Patch. I am ordering the Memphis, the Aventine, the Sitting Bull, the Okuda , and the Tanigawa to join The Kahless and the Klingon fleet at this rendavous. The Klingon Empire is under extreme risk with this group of malcontents. You are under orders to make certain that the Empire is secured and General Koraga and his followers are stopped by any means neccessary." Admiral Haslet said.

"Understood" Kor'Tar replied.

"Haslet out!" the screen went back to the Starfleet seal.


Kor'Tar and Terla walked onto the bridge from the brifing room along with the senoir staff after brifing them on their mission, and Kor'Tar sat down in the Captain's chair with Commander O'Dell on his right , Counselor Sykes on his left, and the rest of the crew at their respective stations.

"Lt. Mendez, Set a course for the Briar Patch, warp 7" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir, course set!" she said with her thick Brooklyn accent as she smacked her gum.

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The Kahless leapt to warp into a blinding flash.