Friday, September 17, 2010

The Changing Tides

Stardate: 64317.68

Location: The penal asteriod Rurha Penthea.

Former General Koraga labored intensely in the underground dilithum mines along with his dishonored crew. Months of phaser drilling, and pushing carts of ore on centuries old tracks in the caves. His hands and feet now calloused, his aging joints rebeled with pain with each movement in the sub-zero tempratures. When the gaurds wern't listening he chatted with his fellow inmates, and found many sympathisers to his cause, to bring down the current Klingon Empire's leadership, and break all ties with the Federation, so the Empire could rise and conquer like in the days of old. Koraga struck the frozen rock wall with the pick, causing it it crack open, revealing the dilithum underneath. Koraga struck it again causing the rock to fall away. Koraga pried the crystal out of the rock with his bare hands, and deposited into the cart behind him. Koraga started hitting the rockwall again with the pick when the asteriod began to shudder beneath his feet.

Alarms began blaring, Koraga heard weapons fire and shouting down toward the gaurd complex. Koraga instinctivly reached for his Dk'Tagh, forgetting the fact it had been confiscated when he was incarcerated, finding only the fur underlining of his targskin coat. Koraga took cover and brought his pick axe at the ready and carefully made his way down to the gaurd area, when the shouting got louder, and the green streaks of disruptor fire became visable. Koraga saw the jailer who had taken him in so many months ago, Rentak, get struck by a disruptor beam and vaporized before his eyes, leaving only smoke, and the smell of burnt flesh in wake.

Koraga heard footsteps drawing nearer to him, and he drew the pick axe high ready to die fighting , when the person became visable, it was a Klingon Warrior, and upon seeing Koraga, he holstered his weapon and saluted by pounding his fist to his heart.

"General Koraga, my name is Jarrod, son of Lursa. It is my intent to release you and all the other warriors who were wrongfully imprisoned to overthrow the current Empire and defeat the Federation and the weakiling humans once and for all!" He said proudly.

Koraga studied the young Klingon male for a moment. "You look to be barely 16 turns old, tell me, how is it you made it this far?" Koraga asked him with curiosity.

"Word of your incarceration spread like an infestion of Tribbles through out the Empire. There are many warriors who share our views. I organized them together, we now have a fleet and a means to do what we will." Jarrod stated with confidence.

Koraga took a deep breath, taking all of this in, "They will follow me." He paused and nodded, "Release all the captives on this acursed rock, and invite them to join us, and if any should refuse, kill them where they stand. We will start making plans, to over throw the empire, and to kill that P'TaQ who got us here in the first place, Commodore Kor'Tar." He said through his teeth.


Kor'Tar awoke to the sound of chime going off on his companel in the middle of the night, he tapped the button bleary eyed. "What do you want?" he asked annoyed.

"Sir, you have a subspace communique from Admiral Haslet coming in on a secured channel." Lt. Darden reported.

At hearing the name of the Admiral , Terla awoke and raised beside her mate in the bed, clutching the blanket to her chest.

"Put it through, Phillip." Kor'Tar ordered.

A holo-viewscreen appeared on the wall opposite the foot of Kor'Tar and Terla's bed bearing the insignia of the Starfleet Command , which was soon replaced by an image of Admiral Haslet.

"Commodore Kor'Tar, I'm sorry for waking you at this hour, but there has been an attack in the Klingon Empire less than an hour ago.", The Admiral said .

"An attack? Where?" Terla asked with anger rising in her throat like bile.

"Ruha Penthe, the penal asteriod. It seems that the story of General Koraga's imprisionment has spread like wildfire throguhout the Empire and gained him even more followers. These followers attacked the asteriod, released those who agreed to join them in their cause, and killed those who refused to join." Admiral Haslet said.

Kor'Tar took all this in, "How many followers does he have now?"

"That is uncertain at this point. The asteriod's magnetic sheild was taken down by over a dozen ships, and in the after math of the attack there were only 17 bodies discovered out of over 2,000 prisoners, 7 of those bodies being those of the prison gaurds." She stated.

"The Kahless is under orders to rendavous with General Worf, who is transporting Chancellor Martok of the Klingon Empire with a Klingon fleet at 1700 hours this after noon in the Briar Patch. I am ordering the Memphis, the Aventine, the Sitting Bull, the Okuda , and the Tanigawa to join The Kahless and the Klingon fleet at this rendavous. The Klingon Empire is under extreme risk with this group of malcontents. You are under orders to make certain that the Empire is secured and General Koraga and his followers are stopped by any means neccessary." Admiral Haslet said.

"Understood" Kor'Tar replied.

"Haslet out!" the screen went back to the Starfleet seal.


Kor'Tar and Terla walked onto the bridge from the brifing room along with the senoir staff after brifing them on their mission, and Kor'Tar sat down in the Captain's chair with Commander O'Dell on his right , Counselor Sykes on his left, and the rest of the crew at their respective stations.

"Lt. Mendez, Set a course for the Briar Patch, warp 7" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir, course set!" she said with her thick Brooklyn accent as she smacked her gum.

"Execute!" Kor'Tar ordered.

The Kahless leapt to warp into a blinding flash.

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