Monday, November 15, 2010

25 random things about me, decidedly OOC

1) I can't stand to listen to people argue and bicker, I have to listen to my parents do that all the time and makes me tense and my muscels tight. The only reason they got married was because my mom became pregnant with me and my Dad wanted to do the "right thing". But now they are married and can't stand each other, and won't divorce for their religious convictions. I would have much rather them gotten divorced years ago and have visitations with them seperately than have had to endure the constant bitching and mutual loathing they have for each other.

2) Star Trek is my main escape from all that and has been since I was 12 years old. Stories about the human race thriving and getting past it's petty differences, over race, religion, gender, age, and economnic status. Just going out and exploring to learn more about the universe, the vastly different cultures, and to learn something about ourselves in the process vicarously through the characters. I collected every episode of every series on DVD and every film. I have a fleet of starships, army of action figures, several books and magazines on the subject. I even write my own Star Trek fan fiction starring Commodore Kor'Tar a character of my own creation.

3) Reality TV is the scourge of well written drama and comedy IMHO. I would much rather watch a well written story with talented actors and actresses portraying their characters in scenes, than to see idiotic "pretty" people being filmed ala Big Brother or survivor style. They just turn my stomach. Also those games are all about winning so it makes people turn into two faced back stabbers , really turning them into the lowest of the low. There is nothing redeeming or enlightening in reality TV, it is more like the human predilection to slow down in traffic to look at a car accident, or for a crowd to gather around and cheer on two people fighting. It is very basic , very ugly needs that these shows fullfill, that requires very little thought to produce or to watch.

4) Stories about the human condition, that hold up a mirror to society are what really get's my attention, For instance, in Deep Space Nine season 3 there is a two part time travel episode called "Past Tense" Where Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir and Lt. Dax are transported to 2024 in San Fransisco. The not too distant future. Homelessness is a bigger problem than it is today, so the goverment takes low wage housing areas and fences them off, calling them sanctuary districts . so the homless and poor are out of sight and out of mind. Sisko takes the place of Gabriel Bell and the homeless population rises up against the goverment authorities in the "Bell Riots" So their voices can be heard, and the human race as a result learns from the mistake and tries to prevent it from ever happening again. When thatepisode was being produced L.A. was trying to turn ghetto area's in "havens" for the homless, so it was basically happening how they were predicting as they were writing it.

5)Wow, writing paragraphs that are waaaay too long apparently lol

6)I am unusally in that I do not like the sun becuase it is blindingly bright, I'd much rather it be cloudy and rainy. The sound of rain falling is relaxing to me.

7) I can't stand the cold, I will generally wear a coat if its 65 degrees or below outside.

8) I love classic rock, with Led Zeppelin being my timeless favorite. The melody of the songs reminds me of the random humming I used to do as child to lull myself to sleep.

9) Sometimes when trying to sleep I rock myself. It seems disturbing to most people, but it is an unconsouiss thing I have done since before I was born so I am told .

10) I haven't had a hair cut in nearly 4 years

11) The main reason I am keeping my hair long and my beard bushy is becuase it is mother nature's free scarf against the cold wind lol

12) I am nearly 28 years old and still don't know how to drive.

13) If I knew how to drive and if money was no object, my dream car would be a shelby mustang.

14) I need to stop smoking, but I have gotten down to about half a pack a day, which helps keep my emotions in check when I need to.

15) I haven't had a drink since the summer of 2008, only to respect my parents and their wishes that I do not drink while living with them, though I have been tempted to on numerous occasions.

16) I haven't smoked any weed for nearly 4 years now. I had my fun trying it , but after awhile it juat lost it's appeal to me.

17) I have 3 finished tattoos and one that still needs some work done on it

18) I have a cat named Smokey who I saved off the streets over 10 years ago as a kitten, followed soon in the next year by Katie who was saved off the streets by my Mom and Dad.

19) My shoes are over two years old and are falling apart.

20) Anytime I buy new shoes I go for plain black low top shoes for crews work shoes with a slip resistant sole, just so I have one less thing to worry about .

21) First time I tried to play teather ball in the 4th or 5th grade I nearly knocked myself out becuase i didn't step back after hitting the ball.

22) I can cook many food items, thanks to my mother and grandmother, and that is one thing I am thankful for, that I can cook a homecooked meal instead of having to resort to opening a can of soup or top ramen.

23) Sometimes I'll just sit in a room with no radio, no TV just to enjoy the sound of silence.

24) Sometimes all the quiet gets to me and I have to listen to some music or have TV on

25) I log onto facebook when I wake up and log off just before bed, so yeah, waaaay too much time maybe lol

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