Monday, November 8, 2010

Commodore Kor'Tar - The Action Figure!

There is a gentleman who I met on the trektoy forum who makes custom action figures. He has been making Voyager action figures since Diamond Select Toys have basically said that there are no plans to make Voyager figures anytime in the near future. So I got to looking at his work, and I liked it. So I asked him if he could make one of Kor'Tar for me. He asked for a large clear pic of Kor'Tar so I sent him the one above. We discussed price, and it was afforadable for me, so he went to work on his computer to make a greyscale CGI 3D image of it. He sent me 3 angles of the sample , and it looked awesome.

I then sent off a Nemesis Worf to him in order to do a head swap. He got Worf a few days later and a week or two later the head arrived from the company which he submitted the CGI images to, but it was a bit small for the body, so he ordered a larger one.

While waiting for the larger one, he got into a car accident and broke his right shoulder, so he'd be out of commission for a while.

Well he got back to me a few weeks ago and said the new head arrived and it fits the body great, he also said he'd try his hand at touching up a few of his other customs to get his dexterity back, and if he felt confident enough he'd paint Kor'Tar's head.

Today I got a message from him on Trektoy with the following title "Kor'Tar Lives!!!" He told me he got it painted and sealed. He said he was waiting on his camera to charge and he'd take some pics of it, and after letting the paint and sealant cure for 3 days, he'd send it off to me.


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