Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Nerdy and I Know it (Sung to the tune "I'm Sexy and I Know it" by LMFAO)

When I walk on by, girls be looking like damn who's this guy?
I pay to the beat, walking on the street with in my new Ensign Deadmeat, yeah
This is how I roll, phaser on stun, I patrol,
It's Kor'Tar with the big ass fro
And like Borg in the dark I got the glow
Girl look at that outfit (x3)
I-I-I I geek out
Girl look at that outfit (x3)
I geek out

When I walk in the spot, this is what I see
Everybody stops and they staring at me
I got a phaser in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it

I'm nerdy and I know it (x2)

When I'm at the mall, security just can't fight them off
When I'm at the beach, I scan for alien tail
This is how I roll, come on ladies it's time to go

We headed to Quark's bar, baby don't be nervous
No latinum, no Phasers, and I still get service

Girl look at that outift (x3)
I geek out
Girl look at that outfit (x3)
I geek out

When I walk in the spot, this is what I see
Everybody stops and they staring at me
I got a Phaser in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it(Show it show it)

I'm nerdy and I know it (x2)


Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, Yeah
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, Yeah
Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah yeah

Girl look at that outfit (x3)
I geek out
Girl look at that outfit (x3)
I geek out

Friday, July 15, 2011


Kor'Tar sat in the smaller Captain's chair on the narrow, triangular battle bridge of the U.S.S. Kahless. Commander Rebecca Marshall was at the forward unified helm/ops crescent shaped console, while Commander Lisa Terrell was standing at the small tactical console behind Kor'Tar's chair on a one step platform.

"Distance?" Kor'Tar asked.

"General Koraga's fleet is less then 100,000 kilometers away and are traveling at one half impulse power. Sir, it should be noted for the record, that we may be outnumbered, but they are outgunned. Imagine if General Santa Anna and his troops were trying to raid the Alamo armed with simple ball and powder muskets, and Col. James Bowie and Col. James Neil were armed with semi-automatic side arms and rocket launchers." Commander Marshall said.

Kor'Tar nodded, "I see your point... 80 enemy ships against our 45? I like those odds."

"Disengage docking latches," Kor'Tar ordered.

The docking latches nosily uncoupled putting a slight tremor through the deck plating.

"Docking latches disengaged." Commander Terrell reported.

"Drop the cloak, raise the sheilds!! Arm phasers and quantum torpedoes!! Separate the saucer section!!"

The Klingon Planetary Defense fleet along with the Enterprise-E, the Kahless, the Prometheus class U.S.S. Memphis, the Defiant class U.S.S. Tanigawa , and the U.S.S. Titan all decloaked. The loyal Klingon ships opened fire on the rebel fleet in fierce volleys of disruptor fire and torpedoes as the Enterprise-E and Kahless separated their saucers, and the Memphis separated into multi-vector assault mode, turning the once 4 nacelled battleship into three smaller 2 nacelled strike fighters. The Starfleet ships flew in formation along side the loyal Klingon fleet striking at the rebels with surgical precision .

In sickbay Doctor Marcus Binion worked on a sedated Terla to surgically remove Kor'Tar's infant son from her womb before the both die from internal injuries.

"Laser scalpel." Doctar Binion said with his gloved hand extended. Nurse Draako Joran handed him the tool, "Laser scalpel." she said as her eyes grew wide with anticipation. Dr. Binion noticed the look she had in her eyes, "Have you ever assisted with a delivery before, D'Raako?" He asked her as he tested the laser scalpel and adjusted the beam's sharpness.

Her green cheeks lit up, embarrassed, "Never other than in simulations Doctor." She said shyly .

"Well you are about to gain experience in this area. I am making an incision of the lower abdomen..." He said lowering the scalpel to the flesh of Terla's stomach when the deck shook from weapons impacts and the lights flickered in sickbay. The back-up generators flipped on and the lights and equipment beeped back to life.

Marcus pulled back his scalpel took a deep breath and braced himself against the side rail, making his first incision.

"Sir! The Titan and Tanigawa are taking heavy damage!!" Commander Marshall reported.

"Tell them they are ordered to fall back to Starbase 375 for repair!" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye Sir!" she replied, and after a few keystrokes on her console, "The Titan and Tanigawa are retreating as ordered."

"You know that's gonna stick in Riker's and Valentine's craw, don't you?" Commander Terrel said from her tactical console with a smirk.

"They'll get over it once they realize they still have a ship to command and not a pile of debris." Kor'Tar said with a laugh as the deck shook again.

"Sir, I am detecting General Worf's fleet dropping out of warp!" Commander Marshall said triumphantly .

"Onscreen!!" Kor'Tar said standing from the chair and holding onto the railing.

The viewer showed many Vor'Cha and Negh'Var attack cruisers dropping out of warp and picking off the old Birds of Prey and K'T'Inga class battlecruisers one by one leaving the rebel fleet badly damaged or destroyed.

"Sir, we my be celebrating victory too soon, looks as if one Bird of Preys has broken through the line unscathed and it is on it's way to the First City of Qo'NoS!" Commander Lisa Terrell said.

Kor'Tar walked over to the small half sized battle-ready room and pulled his bat'leth off the wall, "You have the battle bridge Commander Terrell, Have Lt. S'Vinn and Tedra meet me at the Captain's Yatch. Recconect the saucer while I am gone."

"Aye sir!" she said.

Kor'Tar walked down to the launch bay stopping at a small locker on the wall, he opened it up and put on the Klingon armor over his chest, back, shoulders over his Starfleet uniform .

S'Vinn the Andorian security officer and Tedra the Klingon who brought Terla back arrived shortly there after, both armed for hand to hand combat.

They all loaded up into the Yatch and flew through the cloudy green atmosphere of Qo'NoS trailing the rouge Bird of Prey. It had set down outside the Klingon Capital building. The ramp left open in the back of it. The Yatch landed next to it on thrusters.

Kor'Tar stood by the door as S'Vinn stood ready with his phaser rifle aimed. Kor'Tar counted down quietly with his fingers so S'Vinn and Tedra could see "3...2...1...." clenching his hand into a fist S'Vinn opened the hatch and went out first surveying the perimeter and the Bird of Prey, "Clear!!" he reported a second later, Tedra and Kor'Tar made their way up to the doors of the Capital . Dead Klingons littered the path and the inside .

They made their way to the High Council Chamber, more dead warriors. They made their way around to the Chancellor's office and found the door was cracked opened when it should have been sealed , they quickly glanced inside, and saw no one there but it had been ransacked .

They made their way to cloned Emperor Kahless's office and saw the door standing wide open Koraga was taking the sword of Kahless off the wall with a satsified grin.

Tedra and S'Vinn drew their rifles, but Kor'Tar put his hands out pushing the barrels down.

"We will settle this, in our own way!!" Kor'Tar growled low, through his sharp teeth as he raised his bat'leth before him.

Koraga wheeled around on his heels to face Kor'Tar, his eyes wide with rage "You are not worthy of this sword! This is a sword for a Warrior King, not a traitor in a child's costume!!"

Kor'Tar raised his own bat'leth "We shall see!!" and he swung the blade at Koraga which was easily deflected. Kor'Tar swung again striking the cold steel blades together with a loud clang . Again and again the blades locked till finally Kor'Tar overpowered Koraga knocking him back, over Kahless's desk sending the Sword of Kahless clattering to the ground. Kor'Tar head butted Koraga to ensured he stayed down long enough, and he bent down and picked up the Sword of Kahless raising it high above his head , with one swift motion, the sunk the blade into Koraga's chest. Koraga's breath rattled as the blade dug it's way through his heart and lungs. He felt his life begin to drain away as he heard the rocking of the Barge of the Dead and the cries of the damned honorless souls on their way to Gre'Thor.

Kor'Tar put his boot on the now dead Koraga's ribcage and used it for leverage to withdraw the bloodied Sword of Kahless. Kor'Tar hung the sowrd back in it's place pf honor on the wall, with Koraga's blood still dripping from it.

Tedra and S'Vinn looked into the office as Kor'Tar exited. "Let's go home," he said exhausted as he gathered his bat'leth.

The Yatch made it's way beyond the atmo of Qo'NoS and past the debris of the rebel fleet, a shining beacon of hope, the U.S.S. Kahless, battered but in one piece again.

The Yatch docked as the comm went off. "Dr. Binion to Kor'Tar come in!!" he said as the sound of a baby crying flitered in over the speakers. "That would be your son, Commodore, his has a strong set of lungs, and ten fingers, and ten toes, and the looks of his Mother thankfully, who is resting comfortably. " Dr. Binion said.

"I'm on my way Marcus!!" Kor'Tar said proudly.

Kor'Tar entered sickbay, noting it was darker than he was used to hen seeing his mate Terla resting he understood why, he saw the tiny bio-crib with a small readout screen above it giving the baby's vitals . Kor'Tar looked in the crib and his son stirred and looked him in the eyes for the first time, he had pronounced ridges and brown eyes like his mother. Kor'Tar gently stroked his tiny hands with the tips of his fingers when his son grabbed ahold of his fingers.

Kor'Tar smiled, "You are a strong little warrior!!" he said to him.

Later .... in the conference room .....

"The Klingon Rebellion has been crushed once and for all and the Houses are finally stable for the first time in decades." Commander Rebecca Marshall reported .

"Yes, everything is finally good with the Empire. Now if you don't mind Becca?" Commander O'Dell said hopefully.

She smiled and produced an old butane lighter in a battered copper case with a brass cutout of Texas on it from a pocket, "Here it is, now you promised me one, remember?" She said slyly.

Billy nodded and pulled out 3 cigars in blue paper with the Klingon seal in red on them. They unwrapped the paper from them and poked a hole in the end of them then all three officers lit their cigars as they looked out over Qo'NoS.

Friday, July 1, 2011

All Along the Watch Tower

Commander Teydroc and his engineering crew worked feverishly. Almost two weeks after finding Terla and no attack. He had to keep the engines running at top efficiency. Crewman Thorton handed him a PADD with the latest report on it. Teydroc read it and shook his spiked head. "Chris, this isn't good enough. We need the engines at 97.9 % and this shows they are only at 94.5 %." He said in frustration.

"But sir, this is well within flight tolerances according to the technical manuals.", Crewman Thorton protested.

Teydroc slapped the PADD on the crewman's chest. "I don't care what the tech manuals say, it's not up to MY standards! Purge the duterium filters, and the anti-matter injectors and seal off the the starboard and port anti-locks, get it done!!" He said as he picked up his tool case and began crawling inside the Jefferie's tube.

"Aye sir!" Crewman Throton replied.


Kor'Tar paced the bridge, going from station to station. Stopping every now and then to stare at the viewscreen, seeing Qo'NoS from orbit.

"Sir, you'll wear a hole in the carpet if you keep that up." Commander O'Dell said.

Kor'Tar glared at him and then gave him a small smile, "Thanks Billy."

Kor'Tar sat in his Captain's chair and leaned back, straightening his baldric chain.

"This puzzles me, Commodore. The reports we got from Terla and Tedra said the attack was supposed to happen last Sunday, but the whole day went by and nothing. Here it is nearly two weeks later and we have nothing to show for all our sitting and waiting cloaked. What sort of game is Koraga playing?" Commander O'Dell pondered aloud.

"I happen to know Koraga is no fan of games, he will attack when he is ready to attack and not before." Kor'Tar said stroking his goatee.

The comm beeped a signal. "Bridge to Commodore Kor'Tar, come in!" It was Doctor Marcus Binion.

Kor'Tar hit a button on the arm of his chair "Kor'Tar here. Yes Marcus, what is it?"

"Sir, you need to come down to sickbay immediately, Terla is having a medical emergency. I need you down here to make a decision." He said with a concerned voice.

Kor'Tar rose from his chair quickly, "I'm on my way Marcus! You have the bridge Billy!"

Everyone on the bridge looked on after Kor'Tar as he left. "Now, now, let's keep an eye on your duties people!" Commander O'Dell warned.

All the bridge crew went back to work as Billy cast his own worried glance at the now closed turbolift doors.

Kor'Tar arrived in sickbay and saw Terla on the central biobed the the surgical cover over her.

Dr. Binion met Kor'Tar at the console. "Kor, Terla came in about 15 minutes ago complaining of abdominal discomfort. I examined her, if we do not surgically remove your son now, both Terla and he will die. If I do remove him there is a chance I can save them both."

"Make it so, Marcus!" Kor'Tar said.

Marcus nodded and went to go scrub in. Kor'Tar walked over to the biobed next to Terla and took her hand. She stirred a bit.

"Hey..." she said softly.

"Hey, Doc says your in rough shape, but he'll get you and our son fixed right up, in no time." He said as he held her hand.

She smiled at him, "Good," She paused for a moment, "I've finally decided on a name for our son, but I want to run it by you first."

Kor'Tar grabbed a nearby chair and pulled it next to the biobed, and sat down taking Terla's hand in his again.

"What name?" Kor'Tar asked.

"I think we should name him after your father, B'Roq." She said.

Kor'Tar nodded and kissed her ridges, "B'Roq it is then."

"I hate to interrupt this touching moment, but I have surgery to perform, now shoo!!" Marcus said.

"Keep me advised, doctor." Kor'Tar said on his way out of sickbay.


Kor'Tar arrived back on the bridge as the alarms began to blare and the red alert lights began to flash.

"Report!" He said over the noise.

"Koraga's rebel fleet has begun decloaking, I read 80 enemy starships, comprised of K'Tinga class battle cruisers, and D'Rel Class Birds of Prey. The fleet is out numbered 2 to 1." Commander Rebbecca Marshall reported.

"Not necessarily. The Kahless, and the Enterprise can separate their saucer sections, and the Memphis has a Multi-Vector-Attack mode. Send a coded transmission on a carrier frequency to the Enterprise and the Memphis. When we decloak, we separate the ships and fire everything we have at the rebel fleet along with support of the Klingon Planetary Defense force. We must hold the line until General Worf and his forces arrive." Kor'Tar said.

"Aye sir, transmission sent." Commander Marhsall said.

"Marshall, Terrell, you're with me. You have Command of the saucer section Commander O'Dell." Kor'Tar said.

"Aye sir" they all said.

Kor'Tar headed to the emergency turbolift, with Lisa Terrell and Rebecca Marshall.

"Battle Bridge!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No Quarter

"Sir, we have arrived at the rendevous coorodinates near Starsbase 375." Lt. Cmdr. Marshall reported.

"Drop us out of warp, Lt. Mendez and bring us along side." Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye sir!" She replied .

The Kahless dropped out of warp and at impulse moved near the Enterprise, Titan, Tanigawa, and Memphis in orbit of the station.

"Sir we are recieving a signal, it's Admiral Callahan." Lt. Cmdr. Marshall reported.

"Put him onscreen." Kor'Tar replied.

"Turtlehead, did I hear it right? That your mate is with child?" The old wrinkled Admiral asked with a wry grin.

"You heard right, sir!" Kor'Tar said proudly.

"If he's anything like his daddy, the universe will tremble in fear!", Admiral Callahan said.

"Thank you, sir." Kor'Tar replied.

Admiral Callahan's face grew serious, "Now, on to business. I want to brief all the Commanding Officers in the next hour in the Ward Room."

"Understood, sir. I'll be there. Kor'Tar out." The screen switched back to the view of that station and the ships.

Kor'Tar stood from his chair, "Billy, you have the bridge, I need to go gather some things for the briefing."

"Aye sir." Billy said as he took the chair and Kor'Tar made his way to the turbolift.

Kor'Tar arrived in the Transporter room an hour later with a PADD in hand, studying the data as he walked. He finally stopped long enough to look up and step on the Transporter pad.

"Energize." Kor'Tar said to the cheif.

The pad above and below Kor'Tar lit up and the annular confinement beam washed over his body with a hum till all he could see was the sparkle of the beam then as the beam began to fade he saw he was no longer on the Transporter room of The Kahless, but the Transporter pad in Ops on Starbase 375.

"Permission to board the station?" Kor'Tar asked.

Admiral Callahan shot out his hand and shook Kor'Tar's firmly, "You know you don't need my permission, son!" He said grinning.

"Come on, this way to the Ward Room" Admiral Callahan led the way past the officers doing their station duties.

Kor'Tar entered the Ward Room with the Admiral and noted a long confrence table with several chairs on either side of it, a large viewer on one wall and a series of windows on the opposite wall through which could be seen the Starships and various shuttles, workbees, and support craft buzzing about.

Captain Picard was chatting with his former First Officer, Captain Riker. Captain Valentine was chatting with his wife, T'Bunn, while T'Ruk observed the ships outside. She heard him come in and turned to face Kor'Tar.

"Commodore, it is agreeable to see you again." She said cooly.

Kor'Tar smiled, "It's good to see you too T'Ruk!"

Admiral Callahan cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. "If you would all please be seated, so we can begin."

Kor'Tar and the other officers quickly found their seats and turned to face the Admiral.

"I thank you all for showing up on such short notice. We now know where the rebel Klingon Fleet will strike next thanks to Terla's covert mission." Admiral Callahan stood and walked over to the viewer and actvated it showing a representation od Qo'NoS the Klingon Homeworld.

Kor'Tar bristled at this, "What is their plan?" he asked.

"They plan to assassinate the Chancellor, the Emporer, murder the heads of the High Council, and take the Sword of Kahless from it's place of honor on the Emporer's wall. Then they intend to rebiuld the empire from the ground up, and begin campaign of conquering all planets that refuse to become part of the new Empire." Admiral Callahan explained.

"However, since we now know this Chancellor Martok, Emporer Kahless, and the heads of the High Council are in heavily fortified undisclosed location, and the Sword of Kahless is under armed gaurd.We know that this attack is planned for a week from now. This is where we come in. The Empire already has a small reserve fleet in orbit of Qo'Nos but it won't be enough to withstand an invasion of this maginitude. They have recalled their ships from more distant ports, but they will need support until those ships arrive. Commodore Kor'Tar, as the highest ranking officer you will be in command of the fleet." Admiral Callahan continued.

Captain Riker looked troubled, "Sir, if I may say something?" He asked the Admiral.

"Go ahead Captain." Admiral Callahan replied.

"With all due respect, if a fleet of Federation starhips are seen warping to Qo'NoS during a tine of hostility between the houses, what's to say they can't just pick us off one by one?" He asked.

"That is a very valid question Captain Riker, which brings me to my next point. Captain T'Bunn, Starbase 375's Captain of Security, will now take the floor." Admiral Callahan said as he sat down. The slender, blonde Vulcan woman walked up to the viewer with her hands clasped behind her. "Thank you, Admiral."

"We have been given a small selection of Klingon Cloaking devices. Commodore Kor'Tar's ship, and Captain Valentine's ship has already been outfitted. The Enterprise, The Titan, and the Memphis are to be fitted today before you leave."

Captain Picard pulled down on the front of the uniform shirt at the waist, "Admiral, is a direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron."

"Ambassador Taruin of New Romulus has given us special dispensation for use of the cloaks during this mission, Captain." Admiral Callahan explains.

"The fleet is ordered orbit Qo'NoS cloaked , and when the Rebel Fleet delcoaks and begins the attack, drop cloak, raises shields, and come out with all phasers and torpedos firing along with the Klingon Empire's planetary defense fleet. The Klingons are our allies and it is important that they are defended at all costs. Any questions?" Admiral Callahan asked.

The room was silent, "In that case, as soon as the cloaking devices are installed, cloak and set your course for Qo'NoS. Dismissed!" Admiral Callahan ordered.

-Several hours later-

"Sir, The Memphis, Titan, and Enterprise report that their cloaking devices have been installed and are fully functional." Lt. Cmdr. Marshall reported.

"Thank you, Becca. Open a channel to the fleet." Kor'Tar said.

"Channel open, sir." Lt. Cmdr. Marshall replied.

Kor'Tar stood from his chair and walked down the steps just behind the helm and ops officers looking at the ships on the screen.

"Set you course for Qo'NoS and engage at warp 9, as soon the fleet is at warp, we will engage the cloaking devices. Kor'Tar out!" Kor'Tar headed back for his chair.

"Engage, Lt. Mendez!" Kor'Tar commanded.

"Aye, sir!" She replied.

The fleet, lead by the U.S.S. Kahless jumped to warp, each into a flash.

"Cmdr. Terrell, Engage the cloaking device!" Commander O'Dell ordered.

"Aye, sir!" she replied.

One by one the ships rippled out of view.

-several hours later-

"Sir we have arrived in orbit of Qo'NoS" Lt. Cmdr. Marshall reported.

"Put us into standard orbit with the Klingon Defense Fleet." Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye, sir." Lt. Mendez replied.

"Status of the cloaking field?" Kor'Tar asked looking over at Lt. Cmdr Terrell.

"Stable sir." She replied looking at ther console.

"Now we wait." Kor'Tar said.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Time

"Sir, we are approaching the coordinates for the next sweep.", Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Marshall, the ship's Operation's officer reported.

"Drop us out of warp Lt. Mendez. Commander Terrell, arm 4 Tachyon Flash probes to fire at the following cooridinates." Commodore Kor'Tar ordered as he input the locations into the arm console of his chair.

"Aye sir!" They replied nearly in unison.

The U.S.S. Kahless dropped from warp against the black of space with small white and blue pinpricks of light in the distance.

"Tachyon Flash probes armed, sir." Lisa Terrell reported.

"Fire!" Kor'Tar commanded.

Four probes fired from the U.S.S. Kahless, two forward , two aft. They silently departed upon their trajectories till they reached their targets.

"Detonate!" Kor'Tar commanded.

Commander Terrell keyed the command into her tactical console. The probes exploded in a blinding white flash. Many of the bridge crew sheilded their eyes from the explosion, while Kor'Tar simply stared into it unflinchingly.

"Lt. Commander Marshall, begin your sensor sweep of the sector. We will stay here for the next 12 hours, and if nothing is found we will move on to the next sector, and begin the the next sweep." Kor'Tar instructed.

"Aye sir." Lt. Cmdr. Marshall replied.

Commander Billy O'Dell leaned forward in his chair to the right of Kor'Tar and sighed wearily then glanced over at Kor'Tar "Commodore , a moment of your time please." he said cautiously.

Kor'Tar nodded, "Commander Terrell, you have the bridge." Kor'Tar said as he and Billy left the bridge for his Ready Room.

Kor'Tar sat behind his desk and pressed a button on the replicator "Raktagino, hot." The mug materilized and Kor'Tar grabbed it by the handel and sipped it without blowing on the steaming liquid, searing his tounge and roof of his mouth, Kor'Tar didn't care he relished the pain as well as the flavor. He set the mug down on the glossy table. "Can I get you anything, Billy?" Kor'Tar asked.

Billy shook his head, "No sir, but I would like to know what exactly we are doing here? We've been at this for months, searching every inch of Klingon space and surrounding sectors for the rebel Klingon Fleet, and we haven't heard as much as a peep from them. It's my opinion that this is a waste of resources and time. You must see this, sir. Or are you too blinded by the fact that you haven't heard from Terla in all that time? Have you considered that maybe she now sympathies with their cause to take over the Klingon Empire?"

Kor'Tar stared at Billy, hearing his words and began seething in rage, "I must have Marcus check my hearing, because I am sure I didn't just hear you call Terla a traitor, did I?" Kor'Tar said in a low growl.

"Sir, you must open your mind to the possibility..." Billy began.

"Your opinion has been noted. Dismissed!" Kor'Tar said over him.

"But, sir!"

"I said GET THE FRAK OUT!!" Kor'Tar bellowed at him.

Billy jumped at this, and quickly left. Kor'Tar picked up his PADD off his table and reviewed the data from the previous, sectors scans, nothing but space dust a few comets, no Tachyon emissions at all.

Kor'Tar set the PADD down on the table and picked up his mug of Raktagino, stood and walked over to the long floor length window of his Ready Room, looking past his own reflection in the transparent aluminum. His eyes scanned the darkness and stars as he sipped his coffee.

"Where are you?" he asked.

He continued starring out the window for what seemed like hours, when his train of thought was interrupted by a comm signal.

"Commodore Kor'Tar to the bridge! We've detected a cloaked vessel!" Commander O'Dell reported.

Kor'Tar stood and raced to the bridge, taking his chair.

"Sheilds up, red alert! All hands to battle stations!!" He commanded.

The red lights began flashing as the klaxons of the alarms blared.

"Sir, there is a ship decloaking! Klingon Bird of Prey!!" Commander Terrell reported.

"Arm phasers and photon torpedoes." Kor'Tar said as he glared at the ship of traitors charging at them.

"Sir, I am detecting somthing odd, they appear to be on a build up of some kind..." before Lt. Cmdr. Marshall could finish her sentence the Bird of Prey was engulfed with an explosion, destroying the ship, sending shards of debris in all directions.

The Kahless was rocked by the shockwave, all the bridge crew held onto their chairs and consoles as the deck vibrated.

"What happened? Were they attacked?" Kor'Tar asked walking up beside Lt.Cmdr. Marshall's station.

"Sensors indicated no damage on the ship before the explosion, this may have been an auto-destruct." She said as a blip appeared on the sensor board, coming from the debris feild.

"Sir, there is a shuttle approaching" Lt. Cmdr. Marshall reported, "They are hailing us, sir."

"Put it onscreen." Kor'Tar said lookingh up at the main viewer.

The screen changed from the floating debris, to that of a bloodied and beaten Klingon woman, "U.S.S. Kahless, this is Tedra house of T'Var! Terla is badly injured and needs immediate medical attention!!"

"Open the main shuttlebay! Dr. Binion, take a medical team down there, Cmdr. Terrell bring a security team, let's go!" Kor'Tar said heading to the turbolift.

Kor'Tar exited the turbolift and ran to the shuttlebay, he walked in just as the Klingon shuttle breached the force field and landed on thrusters. The security team approached with their phasers ready, Kor'Tar waved them off, and drew his own phaser. He pressed the button, causing the door to slide aside, and aimed his phaser in front of him, when his eyes spied Terla, with a stab wound to the chest, and very, very pregnant. Kor'Tar's mouth dropped open at this, "Doctor!!" Kor'Tar called out.

Dr. Marcus Binion came with his Tricorder and medkit in hand.

He scanned her " The baby appears to be stable for the time being. She has a stab wound to the chest, and it has knicked her artery, I'll have to do surgery to stop the bleeding." Marcus ripped open her uniform top, exposing her breasts, the wound between them, and her pregnant belly. He began to work on her wound.

Kor'Tar left the shuttle with Tedra, "What happened?" He asked her.

"She has been showing for the past month, she was finally ordered to the medical bay so the ship's Doctor could examine the health of the fetus, when it was discovered who the father was ..." She said .

"Who is the father?" Kor'Tar asked.

"You are, that was the problem. She was marked as a traitor and the crew mutanied against her, We finally killed most of the P'TaQ's and were able to set the self destruct , when the ship's gunner stabbed her. After I killed him with my Dk'Tagh, I carried her to the shuttlebay and we escaped." She said, watching as Dr. Binion worked on Terla.

"What caused you betray your crew so easily?" Kor'Tar asked.

Tedra turned away from Dr. Binion as he worked on Terla to face Kor'Tar. "I was placed by the Empire to keep an eye not only on the crew, but Terla as well, if she showed any sign of being converted by them, I was to kill her. Oh you may want this..." she said reaching into the open cleavageof her uniform shirt pulling out a Klingon PADD and handing it to him.

"That PADD has all the recent data of the rebel fleet's movemnts for the past six months and future fleet movements projected for the next six months."

Kor'Tar reviewed the data, when he Doctor Binion said, "I've stablized her condition, but I suggest she rests in sickbay overnight so I can monitor her readings. Bring that anti-grav gurney here Nurse Joran." Marcus said. The Orion nurse brought the gurney . Kor'Tar took Terla's legs as Marcus took her shoulders and they carefully placed her on it.


Terla awoke bleary eyed with a start sniffing the air and trying to familarize herself with her surroundings, "Where... where?" she began to ask. Her eyes finally focused and she saw her mate, Kor'Tar over her, and felt him hold her hand.

"You are back with me, dear, and our son is fine as are you." He said with a proud glance at her belly as he placed his hand gently upon it, he felt the child kick.

"Our son... he will be a warrior, like his father." Terla said with a grin.

"Like his mother as well." Kor'Tar smiled and kissed her restored ridges.

"The data that you and Tedra gathered may well turn the tide in this war against the rebels in our favor!" Kor'Tar said.

"Good, all those heartless P'TaQ's must be stopped." She said.

"They will be, be'nal. Soon too, after all, we have a wedding to plan." Kor'Tar said smiling.

"Yes we do." she smiled back and squeezed his hand.

Billy entered sickbay. "Sir, may I speak with you, in private?"

Kor'Tar nodded, "This way." Kor'Tar motioned for Dr. Binions office.

The door closed behind the men and Kor'Tar sat down behind the desk.

Billy looked at the glossy surface of the desk then up at Kor'Tar.

"I feel I owe you an apology, sir. I was out of line earlier." Billy said.

"Yes, you were out of line... but you were doing your duty as a first officer. But if you should ever question the loyalty of my mate, or myself again..." Kor'Tar began.

"Understood sir. May I be the first to say, I'm glad I was wrong, and congradulations." Billy placed a cigar in a light blue wrapper with the Klingon seal printed in red on it.

"A cigar? I don't understand" Kor'Tar said perplexed.

"An old Earth tradition, sir." Billy explained.

"I see." Kor'Tar said picking it up getting ready to unwrap it.

"Sir, you don't smoke it now, you gotta wait till after she gives birth." Billy smiled.

"You Earthers have some odd traditions." Kor'Tar said eyeing billy as he held the cigar.

"That we do sir, that we do." Billy said.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

25 Random Facts About Yours Truly

1. I have a habit of cracking my knuckels, as much as it may creep people out I feel that if my joints get stiff I must relieve the pressure on them.

2. I am 28 years old and have never learned to drive, or gotten my driver's licence.

3. I have been to North Carolina, Maine, and Las Vegas, Nevada in my travels.

4. When I first got a computer and had the internet, I quickly made myself a myspace account, with the goal of finding old friends from high school, finding people with similar interests, and perhaps maybe a few of my favorite celebs. The last one of course didn't pan out, but I did find most everyone I was looking for from High School and beyond and I found a plethora of people who enjoy Star Trek as much as I do.

5. For me coming online and discussing Star Trek with my like minded friends is like attending a daily Star Trek Convention. We can discuss the things we enjoy about the franchise, what bugs us about it, and we can have a generally intellegent debate about things we have different opinions on.

6. I grew up being raised on country music but quickly found myself getting bored with it, then I discovered a local rock station, 97.1 The Eagle and my mind was opened to the wild and wonderful world of Rock and Roll music of the 1990s, 1980s, and 1970s.

7. One time while listening to The Eagle with my buddies, they played "Stairway to Heaven". I must have been 17 or 18 at the time and had never heard it before then. The beauty of the song brought tears of joy to my eyes, while the solo near the end made me have an uncontrollable urge to headbang. My friends in formed me it was Led Zeppelin and I made it a personal goal to buy every album I could find on CD. Now over 10 years later I have nearly completed that mission.

8. I became a Star Trek fan when I was 12 years old during season 5 or 6 of TNG's run on TV. From that time forward I watched every episode I could of all the different series when they were brand new.

9. After Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled I gave myself a new goal in life, to collect every Trek series on DVD. It took me well over a year searching Amazon, Ebay, and for deals, but I finally accomplished my mission in August of last year.

10. I am an out of practice artist, mainly because for one, I am my own worst critic, and for two I have simply been too distracted but I am trying to get back into drawing but my muse rarely strikes like it used to.

11. I used to go for long distance walks, one day roughly about 10 years ago I walked from my home to a point about 16 miles away and back agian.

12. Red is my favorite color, it is bold and powerful and it crackles with the energy of life.

13. When opening a pack of cigarettes, I take one out and turn it upside down and put it back in the pack, and save that cigarette for the last.

14. I once was Babtist, then we began going to Christian church, before we stopped going at all. I quickly became jaded and angry and became an Athiest, and I stayed that way for a long time. Then I spent 9 months in jail for assulting my father in an altercation we had and I had time to think. I rediscovered my faith I had lost, and learned about myself a bit more than I had known before.

15. I wouldn't describe myself as a "true" Cristian, but more of an agnostic with Chirstian leanings.

16. I have 3 tattoos and want more.

17. When opening a new pack of smokes, I use a patterned system to pack them. 5 hits on the filter end, flip it around and give 5 hits to filter end again, then 4 and 4, 3 and 3, 2 and 2, and 1 and 1.

18. My hair has gotten so long I generally will keep it tied back unless I'm sleeping or about to jump in the shower.

19. I've always wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar, but have never had one.

20. I keep my keys on a keyring attached to my wallet, as result I haven't lost my keys for 5 or 6 years running.

21. I have a chair I can sit in when I go outside to smoke, but generally I will pace back in forth through our apartment's breezeway.

22. I tried some Earl Grey tea once, and found out that it wasn't my cup of tea.

23. I take my coffee black with 3 sugars.

24. When typing out the number for this answer, I typed 14 instead of 24 at first .

25. I once appeared in a play as a kid called The War with Grandpa.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star Trek: Designing the Toys, A Behind the Scenes Documentary

Had a thought earlier. To me it would be fascinating to see a documentary film crew go and spent months and or years, how ever long it would take, to see the items we all collect and admire go from the first preliminary pitch, to the design phase, using whatever mediums they use, to the sculpting, hand painting of the prototype.

Then in a quick break area give a quick break down of the history of Trek toys, from the early parachuting Kirk and Spock figurines, to the Mego empire, to Galoob, Playmates, Art Asylum, and finally DST.

See something like a starship go from an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to what would become the finshed product. Visiting the facotries over seas and seeing the plastic being poured into the molds and and the curing process (sped up of course). Seeing just how adding the paint apps is done. The wiring of the electronics inside.

Interview the people at DST ask them about what they love, how they got into making toys and what their hopes are for the future.

Then show the desinging of the packaging and show the items being loaded into the boxes, show the people who tie the amazingly long twist ties which hold our items in place. Then show the cases being loaded onto the ships and the tell the real length and time it takes for the vessels to go from foreign shores to the U.S. Customs area, and how long it takes to clear that. Then to the distrubuters which the ships begin their journeys to the comic shops, and to the online retailers to fulfill the orders.

Then begin interviewing the adult collectors. Get into their mind, How long have they been trek fans for? What was their first Trek toy? What possesses a grown up to collect toys? I am reminded of a message I got from a truth box app on my facebook page last month. Some one said annonymously to me on it, that I needed to stop collecting Star Trek dolls, and start being responsible and "grow up". I am very responsible, I take care of my disabled mother, cook our meals , clean the kitchen afterward, take out the trash, do the laundry, and countless other things.

Sometimes people don't undertsand us Trekkies/Trekkers , and they understand thoseof us who collect toys based off of it even less. To me Star Trek has always represented a hopefull view of what mankind can achieve if we put our minds to it and get beyond our petty differences in order to get to our common future. Nobel characters doing heroic deeds, using well designed weapons and tools in order to do their jobs. Walking down well designed sets to represent the even better designed starships.

Then after years of waiting show the collectors who have been anxiously awaiting the ships, figures, or role play items and show them accepting the package from the postal workers and tearing into the box to see their item finally as a tangible piece of their collection. Show the people who keep the Items Mint in the Box , show the people who can't wait to free the items from the packages.

Then take everything back to AA/DST with some closing remarks from DST Chuck for us fans, if this is to be the last few breaths of life from our favorite company as many of us suspect, give us a peek inside just this once. I know Non Disclosure Agreements may prevent this right now, but they could film this and later after the items are released , release the film. It'd make for an interesting two hours I think for us collectors, though it is mostlikely not very likely to happen, it is something interesting to consider.