Sunday, February 13, 2011

Star Trek: Designing the Toys, A Behind the Scenes Documentary

Had a thought earlier. To me it would be fascinating to see a documentary film crew go and spent months and or years, how ever long it would take, to see the items we all collect and admire go from the first preliminary pitch, to the design phase, using whatever mediums they use, to the sculpting, hand painting of the prototype.

Then in a quick break area give a quick break down of the history of Trek toys, from the early parachuting Kirk and Spock figurines, to the Mego empire, to Galoob, Playmates, Art Asylum, and finally DST.

See something like a starship go from an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper to what would become the finshed product. Visiting the facotries over seas and seeing the plastic being poured into the molds and and the curing process (sped up of course). Seeing just how adding the paint apps is done. The wiring of the electronics inside.

Interview the people at DST ask them about what they love, how they got into making toys and what their hopes are for the future.

Then show the desinging of the packaging and show the items being loaded into the boxes, show the people who tie the amazingly long twist ties which hold our items in place. Then show the cases being loaded onto the ships and the tell the real length and time it takes for the vessels to go from foreign shores to the U.S. Customs area, and how long it takes to clear that. Then to the distrubuters which the ships begin their journeys to the comic shops, and to the online retailers to fulfill the orders.

Then begin interviewing the adult collectors. Get into their mind, How long have they been trek fans for? What was their first Trek toy? What possesses a grown up to collect toys? I am reminded of a message I got from a truth box app on my facebook page last month. Some one said annonymously to me on it, that I needed to stop collecting Star Trek dolls, and start being responsible and "grow up". I am very responsible, I take care of my disabled mother, cook our meals , clean the kitchen afterward, take out the trash, do the laundry, and countless other things.

Sometimes people don't undertsand us Trekkies/Trekkers , and they understand thoseof us who collect toys based off of it even less. To me Star Trek has always represented a hopefull view of what mankind can achieve if we put our minds to it and get beyond our petty differences in order to get to our common future. Nobel characters doing heroic deeds, using well designed weapons and tools in order to do their jobs. Walking down well designed sets to represent the even better designed starships.

Then after years of waiting show the collectors who have been anxiously awaiting the ships, figures, or role play items and show them accepting the package from the postal workers and tearing into the box to see their item finally as a tangible piece of their collection. Show the people who keep the Items Mint in the Box , show the people who can't wait to free the items from the packages.

Then take everything back to AA/DST with some closing remarks from DST Chuck for us fans, if this is to be the last few breaths of life from our favorite company as many of us suspect, give us a peek inside just this once. I know Non Disclosure Agreements may prevent this right now, but they could film this and later after the items are released , release the film. It'd make for an interesting two hours I think for us collectors, though it is mostlikely not very likely to happen, it is something interesting to consider.

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