Friday, July 1, 2011

All Along the Watch Tower

Commander Teydroc and his engineering crew worked feverishly. Almost two weeks after finding Terla and no attack. He had to keep the engines running at top efficiency. Crewman Thorton handed him a PADD with the latest report on it. Teydroc read it and shook his spiked head. "Chris, this isn't good enough. We need the engines at 97.9 % and this shows they are only at 94.5 %." He said in frustration.

"But sir, this is well within flight tolerances according to the technical manuals.", Crewman Thorton protested.

Teydroc slapped the PADD on the crewman's chest. "I don't care what the tech manuals say, it's not up to MY standards! Purge the duterium filters, and the anti-matter injectors and seal off the the starboard and port anti-locks, get it done!!" He said as he picked up his tool case and began crawling inside the Jefferie's tube.

"Aye sir!" Crewman Throton replied.


Kor'Tar paced the bridge, going from station to station. Stopping every now and then to stare at the viewscreen, seeing Qo'NoS from orbit.

"Sir, you'll wear a hole in the carpet if you keep that up." Commander O'Dell said.

Kor'Tar glared at him and then gave him a small smile, "Thanks Billy."

Kor'Tar sat in his Captain's chair and leaned back, straightening his baldric chain.

"This puzzles me, Commodore. The reports we got from Terla and Tedra said the attack was supposed to happen last Sunday, but the whole day went by and nothing. Here it is nearly two weeks later and we have nothing to show for all our sitting and waiting cloaked. What sort of game is Koraga playing?" Commander O'Dell pondered aloud.

"I happen to know Koraga is no fan of games, he will attack when he is ready to attack and not before." Kor'Tar said stroking his goatee.

The comm beeped a signal. "Bridge to Commodore Kor'Tar, come in!" It was Doctor Marcus Binion.

Kor'Tar hit a button on the arm of his chair "Kor'Tar here. Yes Marcus, what is it?"

"Sir, you need to come down to sickbay immediately, Terla is having a medical emergency. I need you down here to make a decision." He said with a concerned voice.

Kor'Tar rose from his chair quickly, "I'm on my way Marcus! You have the bridge Billy!"

Everyone on the bridge looked on after Kor'Tar as he left. "Now, now, let's keep an eye on your duties people!" Commander O'Dell warned.

All the bridge crew went back to work as Billy cast his own worried glance at the now closed turbolift doors.

Kor'Tar arrived in sickbay and saw Terla on the central biobed the the surgical cover over her.

Dr. Binion met Kor'Tar at the console. "Kor, Terla came in about 15 minutes ago complaining of abdominal discomfort. I examined her, if we do not surgically remove your son now, both Terla and he will die. If I do remove him there is a chance I can save them both."

"Make it so, Marcus!" Kor'Tar said.

Marcus nodded and went to go scrub in. Kor'Tar walked over to the biobed next to Terla and took her hand. She stirred a bit.

"Hey..." she said softly.

"Hey, Doc says your in rough shape, but he'll get you and our son fixed right up, in no time." He said as he held her hand.

She smiled at him, "Good," She paused for a moment, "I've finally decided on a name for our son, but I want to run it by you first."

Kor'Tar grabbed a nearby chair and pulled it next to the biobed, and sat down taking Terla's hand in his again.

"What name?" Kor'Tar asked.

"I think we should name him after your father, B'Roq." She said.

Kor'Tar nodded and kissed her ridges, "B'Roq it is then."

"I hate to interrupt this touching moment, but I have surgery to perform, now shoo!!" Marcus said.

"Keep me advised, doctor." Kor'Tar said on his way out of sickbay.


Kor'Tar arrived back on the bridge as the alarms began to blare and the red alert lights began to flash.

"Report!" He said over the noise.

"Koraga's rebel fleet has begun decloaking, I read 80 enemy starships, comprised of K'Tinga class battle cruisers, and D'Rel Class Birds of Prey. The fleet is out numbered 2 to 1." Commander Rebbecca Marshall reported.

"Not necessarily. The Kahless, and the Enterprise can separate their saucer sections, and the Memphis has a Multi-Vector-Attack mode. Send a coded transmission on a carrier frequency to the Enterprise and the Memphis. When we decloak, we separate the ships and fire everything we have at the rebel fleet along with support of the Klingon Planetary Defense force. We must hold the line until General Worf and his forces arrive." Kor'Tar said.

"Aye sir, transmission sent." Commander Marhsall said.

"Marshall, Terrell, you're with me. You have Command of the saucer section Commander O'Dell." Kor'Tar said.

"Aye sir" they all said.

Kor'Tar headed to the emergency turbolift, with Lisa Terrell and Rebecca Marshall.

"Battle Bridge!"

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