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Kor'Tar sat in the smaller Captain's chair on the narrow, triangular battle bridge of the U.S.S. Kahless. Commander Rebecca Marshall was at the forward unified helm/ops crescent shaped console, while Commander Lisa Terrell was standing at the small tactical console behind Kor'Tar's chair on a one step platform.

"Distance?" Kor'Tar asked.

"General Koraga's fleet is less then 100,000 kilometers away and are traveling at one half impulse power. Sir, it should be noted for the record, that we may be outnumbered, but they are outgunned. Imagine if General Santa Anna and his troops were trying to raid the Alamo armed with simple ball and powder muskets, and Col. James Bowie and Col. James Neil were armed with semi-automatic side arms and rocket launchers." Commander Marshall said.

Kor'Tar nodded, "I see your point... 80 enemy ships against our 45? I like those odds."

"Disengage docking latches," Kor'Tar ordered.

The docking latches nosily uncoupled putting a slight tremor through the deck plating.

"Docking latches disengaged." Commander Terrell reported.

"Drop the cloak, raise the sheilds!! Arm phasers and quantum torpedoes!! Separate the saucer section!!"

The Klingon Planetary Defense fleet along with the Enterprise-E, the Kahless, the Prometheus class U.S.S. Memphis, the Defiant class U.S.S. Tanigawa , and the U.S.S. Titan all decloaked. The loyal Klingon ships opened fire on the rebel fleet in fierce volleys of disruptor fire and torpedoes as the Enterprise-E and Kahless separated their saucers, and the Memphis separated into multi-vector assault mode, turning the once 4 nacelled battleship into three smaller 2 nacelled strike fighters. The Starfleet ships flew in formation along side the loyal Klingon fleet striking at the rebels with surgical precision .

In sickbay Doctor Marcus Binion worked on a sedated Terla to surgically remove Kor'Tar's infant son from her womb before the both die from internal injuries.

"Laser scalpel." Doctar Binion said with his gloved hand extended. Nurse Draako Joran handed him the tool, "Laser scalpel." she said as her eyes grew wide with anticipation. Dr. Binion noticed the look she had in her eyes, "Have you ever assisted with a delivery before, D'Raako?" He asked her as he tested the laser scalpel and adjusted the beam's sharpness.

Her green cheeks lit up, embarrassed, "Never other than in simulations Doctor." She said shyly .

"Well you are about to gain experience in this area. I am making an incision of the lower abdomen..." He said lowering the scalpel to the flesh of Terla's stomach when the deck shook from weapons impacts and the lights flickered in sickbay. The back-up generators flipped on and the lights and equipment beeped back to life.

Marcus pulled back his scalpel took a deep breath and braced himself against the side rail, making his first incision.

"Sir! The Titan and Tanigawa are taking heavy damage!!" Commander Marshall reported.

"Tell them they are ordered to fall back to Starbase 375 for repair!" Kor'Tar ordered.

"Aye Sir!" she replied, and after a few keystrokes on her console, "The Titan and Tanigawa are retreating as ordered."

"You know that's gonna stick in Riker's and Valentine's craw, don't you?" Commander Terrel said from her tactical console with a smirk.

"They'll get over it once they realize they still have a ship to command and not a pile of debris." Kor'Tar said with a laugh as the deck shook again.

"Sir, I am detecting General Worf's fleet dropping out of warp!" Commander Marshall said triumphantly .

"Onscreen!!" Kor'Tar said standing from the chair and holding onto the railing.

The viewer showed many Vor'Cha and Negh'Var attack cruisers dropping out of warp and picking off the old Birds of Prey and K'T'Inga class battlecruisers one by one leaving the rebel fleet badly damaged or destroyed.

"Sir, we my be celebrating victory too soon, looks as if one Bird of Preys has broken through the line unscathed and it is on it's way to the First City of Qo'NoS!" Commander Lisa Terrell said.

Kor'Tar walked over to the small half sized battle-ready room and pulled his bat'leth off the wall, "You have the battle bridge Commander Terrell, Have Lt. S'Vinn and Tedra meet me at the Captain's Yatch. Recconect the saucer while I am gone."

"Aye sir!" she said.

Kor'Tar walked down to the launch bay stopping at a small locker on the wall, he opened it up and put on the Klingon armor over his chest, back, shoulders over his Starfleet uniform .

S'Vinn the Andorian security officer and Tedra the Klingon who brought Terla back arrived shortly there after, both armed for hand to hand combat.

They all loaded up into the Yatch and flew through the cloudy green atmosphere of Qo'NoS trailing the rouge Bird of Prey. It had set down outside the Klingon Capital building. The ramp left open in the back of it. The Yatch landed next to it on thrusters.

Kor'Tar stood by the door as S'Vinn stood ready with his phaser rifle aimed. Kor'Tar counted down quietly with his fingers so S'Vinn and Tedra could see "3...2...1...." clenching his hand into a fist S'Vinn opened the hatch and went out first surveying the perimeter and the Bird of Prey, "Clear!!" he reported a second later, Tedra and Kor'Tar made their way up to the doors of the Capital . Dead Klingons littered the path and the inside .

They made their way to the High Council Chamber, more dead warriors. They made their way around to the Chancellor's office and found the door was cracked opened when it should have been sealed , they quickly glanced inside, and saw no one there but it had been ransacked .

They made their way to cloned Emperor Kahless's office and saw the door standing wide open Koraga was taking the sword of Kahless off the wall with a satsified grin.

Tedra and S'Vinn drew their rifles, but Kor'Tar put his hands out pushing the barrels down.

"We will settle this, in our own way!!" Kor'Tar growled low, through his sharp teeth as he raised his bat'leth before him.

Koraga wheeled around on his heels to face Kor'Tar, his eyes wide with rage "You are not worthy of this sword! This is a sword for a Warrior King, not a traitor in a child's costume!!"

Kor'Tar raised his own bat'leth "We shall see!!" and he swung the blade at Koraga which was easily deflected. Kor'Tar swung again striking the cold steel blades together with a loud clang . Again and again the blades locked till finally Kor'Tar overpowered Koraga knocking him back, over Kahless's desk sending the Sword of Kahless clattering to the ground. Kor'Tar head butted Koraga to ensured he stayed down long enough, and he bent down and picked up the Sword of Kahless raising it high above his head , with one swift motion, the sunk the blade into Koraga's chest. Koraga's breath rattled as the blade dug it's way through his heart and lungs. He felt his life begin to drain away as he heard the rocking of the Barge of the Dead and the cries of the damned honorless souls on their way to Gre'Thor.

Kor'Tar put his boot on the now dead Koraga's ribcage and used it for leverage to withdraw the bloodied Sword of Kahless. Kor'Tar hung the sowrd back in it's place pf honor on the wall, with Koraga's blood still dripping from it.

Tedra and S'Vinn looked into the office as Kor'Tar exited. "Let's go home," he said exhausted as he gathered his bat'leth.

The Yatch made it's way beyond the atmo of Qo'NoS and past the debris of the rebel fleet, a shining beacon of hope, the U.S.S. Kahless, battered but in one piece again.

The Yatch docked as the comm went off. "Dr. Binion to Kor'Tar come in!!" he said as the sound of a baby crying flitered in over the speakers. "That would be your son, Commodore, his has a strong set of lungs, and ten fingers, and ten toes, and the looks of his Mother thankfully, who is resting comfortably. " Dr. Binion said.

"I'm on my way Marcus!!" Kor'Tar said proudly.

Kor'Tar entered sickbay, noting it was darker than he was used to hen seeing his mate Terla resting he understood why, he saw the tiny bio-crib with a small readout screen above it giving the baby's vitals . Kor'Tar looked in the crib and his son stirred and looked him in the eyes for the first time, he had pronounced ridges and brown eyes like his mother. Kor'Tar gently stroked his tiny hands with the tips of his fingers when his son grabbed ahold of his fingers.

Kor'Tar smiled, "You are a strong little warrior!!" he said to him.

Later .... in the conference room .....

"The Klingon Rebellion has been crushed once and for all and the Houses are finally stable for the first time in decades." Commander Rebecca Marshall reported .

"Yes, everything is finally good with the Empire. Now if you don't mind Becca?" Commander O'Dell said hopefully.

She smiled and produced an old butane lighter in a battered copper case with a brass cutout of Texas on it from a pocket, "Here it is, now you promised me one, remember?" She said slyly.

Billy nodded and pulled out 3 cigars in blue paper with the Klingon seal in red on them. They unwrapped the paper from them and poked a hole in the end of them then all three officers lit their cigars as they looked out over Qo'NoS.

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